Despised by the Alpha

Despised by the Alpha

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Sophie Griffiths By Goofygirl115 Updated 2 days ago

"Alpha Lucas... she's a rouge." I sat up in the chair and my eyes widened... he wasn't meant to know that. The love in my mate's eyes vanished and they were soon filled with rage, hatred and disgust when he looked at me, then he quickly snapped back to reality and flipped his desk over. My mate snarled and grabbed me by the cuff of my tattered shirt and screamed the six most painful words I have ever heard before. "I can never love a rouge!" he growled in my face, dropping me and walking out.

Emma Greenwood is a rouge who only ever wanted someone to love her. She has spent her entire life as a rouge, well... that's what she likes to think to numb the pain. One thing she does remember is the freak accident that forced her out of her pack and drove everyone that she ever loved out of her life, and out of theirs. Emma and her wolf, Athena, have finally found their mate... well, he found them. Lucas Storm, the Alpha of the most feared pack in the world... the Blood Moon Pack just happens to be Emma's mate. He also happens to hate rouges more than anything in the multiverse, including Emma...

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