Anarchy In Our Veins

Anarchy In Our Veins

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jawaring By jawaring Updated Nov 14, 2018

"She's gotta come with." Juice said with a finality that she hadn't heard from him before, as he jabbed his thumb in her direction. 

"No," she shrugged and took Juice's shot for him as she stood up.

"No?" Tommy, Juice and the unknown biker questioned her simultaneously.

"Sweetheart, listen, I know you can take care of yourself but if Clay gave the orders, then you can't go against it." Tommy tried to reason with her.

"First of all, I've never met Clay and I don't fear him like you all do. Second, he gave the order that he wants you there, not me." 

"You're coming. I don't care what you say." Juice snapped at her as the biker blocked her exit. "You've been affiliated with the club through me and the bar. You aren't safe without us." 

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