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Where Is Jared

Where Is Jared

19.4K Reads 180 Votes 32 Part Story
Rhonda By rhonda_lynn Completed

Jessie and Jared have everything they've asked for: love, friends, high school. But Jared is suspiciously killed in a car accident, and Jessie must work to find his killer. Tim loves Jessie, but cannnot fathom why she loved Jared and not him. When he tries to help, she rejects him, but maybe there's hope after all for the two of them?

xxKARMAxx xxKARMAxx Jun 30, 2010
I like it, but I was a little disappointed because I already know whats going to happen because of the summary before I even read the actual story. Other than that, awesome!
Shelley2594 Shelley2594 Jun 16, 2010
wow i REALLY liked this and cant wait to read more.......oh wait there is more well here i go.,.,.
woodkid woodkid May 09, 2010
                              Yeah, they liked each other pretty fast...
                              But who am I to talk, I get crushes at least two times a day, lol!
LadyOfTheNight LadyOfTheNight May 06, 2010
                              it's bad that's already late here in germany so i can't read much today but at least i began reading it^^
                              post part 15 soooooooooon xD
AE_KIrk AE_KIrk Apr 06, 2010
aw bless her-love at first sight! And I love the name Jared. it reminds me of a South Park episode when Jared loses 400 pounds eating at Subway lol.
                              I like the story and poor Tim feeling for her like that...he must be upset =(
silly-sophie silly-sophie Apr 06, 2010
omgg. jared soundss sooooo hott! aahahha
                              i love iit!