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A Slave (Thomas Jefferson x Reader) by HerseyLou
A Slave (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)by HerseyLou
*THIS IS A REWRITE OF THE ORIGINAL STORY* After being given away to a slave owner at a young age by your own father, you were forced to endure the harsh treatment of bei...
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The Story of Tonight by Aussie_Ramos
The Story of Tonightby Aussie_Ramos
When Amy meets her new neighbors, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa Miranda, they introduce her to the Hamilton cast, giving her jobs. Phillipa, her best friend, and Amy are very t...
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undeniable • lafayette x reader by deja-you
undeniable • lafayette x readerby my darling
"Y/N was hopelessly, undeniably falling for the Frenchman." • War meant conflict. Fighting. Battles. Loss. Death. For Y/N Hamilton and her brother, war was jus...
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Hamilton One-Shots by Wizardwriter101
Hamilton One-Shotsby Wizard Writer
So, I'm bored, kind of good at writing, and complete Hamiltrash. So I wrote this book. Any gender, straight or LGBT+, all that jazz, don't be mean, and we're cool. Yeah...
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Friends... Plus a little extra (Lams)  by anotherhamiltonfan
Friends... Plus a little extra (La...by anotherhamiltonfan
Yeah John and Alex are basically friends with benefits. • Highest ranks: #1 in Lams #1 in AlexanderHamilton
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||Shells||A Lams Fanfiction by savi349
||Shells||A Lams Fanfictionby savi349
John has a long past of abuse. After he comes out to his dad in a coffee shop, things changed immensely for him. Alexander has a long past of pain and terror. He wanted...
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Slangin' Love (Daveed Diggs X Reader) || Complete ✔️ by scheetscheet
Slangin' Love (Daveed Diggs X Read...by scheetscheet
~Complete~ - Slangin': /slaNG/ Usually refering to street sales. Mainly drugs but can mean selling any item. - When your bestfriend Skylar gains fame and leaves you beh...
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16 (Jamilton) by peggysfeed
16 (Jamilton)by @peggysfeed
Soulmate au where the age your soulmate will be when you meet is tattooed on your wrist, and you can't see color until you kiss your soulmate. Started: March 21, 2017 Hi...
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What Alexander Killed ✔ | Soulmate Lams | Hamilton by honestlyfrance
What Alexander Killed ✔ | Soulmate...by France. J.
❝ This hurt I'm feeling... it's real; it's not from you. ❞ Soulmates can stray away from their moral compass. And for every bad act they commit, their soulmate...
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Love~ Reader×Lafayette by HAMMYLOVER16
Love~ Reader×Lafayetteby HAMMYLOVER16
So this is basically the title. Y/N is a fiery and passionate daughter of the Virginian general, George Washington. When she meets a charming French man, Lafayette, her...
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Crazy In Love With You (HAMLIZA) by LittleHamlizaElams
Crazy In Love With You (HAMLIZA)by ♡
Alexander Hamilton's father never really did like him. But he never knew he'd go this far. His father puts him into a mental asylum against his will, he's not crazy. But...
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The Future Of America! (A HamilSquad X Reader Fanfiction) by Shortpop2772
The Future Of America! (A HamilSqu...by Shortpop💜
When you get a vauge and mysterious message on your phone, you do what any sensible person would. You ignore it. Well, you ignore it until you hear a thud from upstairs...
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JeffMads Modern AU by hufflepuffwitch4ever
JeffMads Modern AUby Macklemore Lewis
Follow the Ham squad through modern college. It's told from James Madison's perspective and follows his struggles and prevails through his first year of college. ***...
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Broken Boy (lams) by thatmusicalbitch
Broken Boy (lams)by ThatMusicalBitch
That Hamilton High School AU that no ONE asked for Alexander Hamilton grew up in a small island in the Caribbean. when he was 16 he escaped to the concrete jungle of New...
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Our Shot (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) by take_a_shot
Our Shot (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Rea...by Natalie
It was alway you and Lin. Lin and you. Forever, always, a non-stop love. But one fateful day, a deathly gun shot changed everything.
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Hang in there (Jamilton) by GenericHamFan
Hang in there (Jamilton)by GenericHamFan
Alexander had dealt with Jefferson before, he could handle the massive pain in the rear. Hamilton's world goes upside down when Eliza falls ill and he has to take on kee...
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unexplainable • lafayette x reader by deja-you
unexplainable • lafayette x readerby my darling
"I don't know why I feel like I'm remembering you, and not getting to know you. I come to the same conclusion that I've known you before. In another time, another p...
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Wait For It | a Hamilton fanfiction | wattys 2017 by helplesshamiltons
Wait For It | a Hamilton fanfictio...by Eliza Hamilton
When Phillipa Soo gets a call from Lin Manuel Miranda asking her to star alongside him once more in the International Tour of Hamilton, it's an offer she can't refuse. S...
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Hamilton College AU - Junior by jemmymadison316
Hamilton College AU - Juniorby jemmymadison316
The Salt Squad returns to college and the soap opera of their lives. A continuation of Hamilton College AU - Freshman and Sophomore. A new world has opened up for Alexan...
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15 (Lams) by peggysfeed
15 (Lams)by @peggysfeed
Prequel to 16 (Jamilton Fanfic)!!! Lams modern day high school au. Soulmate au where the age your soulmate will be when you meet them is tattooed on your wrist, and you...
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