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The Forgotten Schuyler - John Laurens x Schuyler!Reader by despacheetos
The Forgotten Schuyler - John HAITUS .
Co-written by Fiona Steinbrenner. May she Rest In Peace. RUNNER-UP IN THE 2018 SECRET AWARDS UNDER THE FANFICTION CATEGORY! I don't care what they say. You're not invisi...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • johnlaurens
  • mariareynolds
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Remember {Jamilton} ~Completed~ by checkers65
Remember {Jamilton} ~Completed~by Angelica!
Alex has memory loss Thomas has to let him go They try to move on with their lives but it seems like fate wont let them get away from one another. Jamilton! Modern AU Co...
  • lafayette
  • jefferson
  • wattys2018
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Pusher | ✓ by Jewlez
Pusher | ✓by Julia
❝Don't cross me, Angel.❞ Slinging dope isn't exactly the kind of extracurricular Angelica Moore would want listed on her college applications, but when her mother's me...
  • projectbadboys
  • jewlez
  • marijuana
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4 a.m. // Jeggy by determinelydepressed
4 a.m. // Jeggyby m :)
Peggy Schuyler: she's always been the forgotten Schuyler. "And Peggy" was practically her catchphrase as this point. The yellow loving, happy-go-lucky insomnia...
  • angelica
  • jeggy
  • theschuylersisters
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The Sweet Little Omega by Purple_Ghost_1782
The Sweet Little Omegaby 🎃
Everyone loves John Laurens, they love what they see. They love the freckles and the silky curls. They love the eyes and the lips. They love the subtle curves and the ey...
  • broadway
  • omega
  • washington
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яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм ☆ adopted by a.ham by Petunia938
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм ☆ ☆petunia☆
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм adopted by alexander hamilton [reader insert] -completed- Y/N a fourteen year old girl living in the 1700s. The revolution against Britain ha...
  • johnlaurens
  • jamesmadison
  • daveeddiggs
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  • laurens
  • lafayette
  • fix
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that would be enough || Lams by KiRafunE
that would be enough || Lamsby semi hiatus
John Laurens was a normal orphan boy who lived a normal life. That is, until the owner of the orphanage died because of sickness. Now the orphans is at the brink of gett...
  • mulligan
  • angelica
  • laurens
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Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton) by GoldsberryDiggs
Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton)by Optimistic Whale
What happens when a university student from Washington, in the 21st century, apparently is plopped into New York City... before the American Revolution? It all started...
  • philiphamilton
  • angelica
  • linmanuelmiranda
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Hamilton x Reader Oneshots by Vocalfangirl90
Hamilton x Reader Oneshotsby Punching Bag <3
A collection of random Hamilton X Reader one shots. Both AU, Modern and Hamiltime (Requests are always open!) Highest Rankings: #1 in Philip, August 5th 2018 #1 in hami...
  • hamilton
  • angelica
  • love
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Call Me Zero [Completed] by laurenskii-
Call Me Zero [Completed]by laurens
"What are you doing?" -Seventh "Eating a bowl of soul."-Zero ".........Well then." -Seventh "I meant SOUP. A BOWL OF SOUP." -Zero...
  • adventures
  • names
  • penpal
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Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens (Lams) by LadyAlvera
Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton Anon
Soulmate AU where you can see every color except for the eye color of your Soulmate, but when you kiss you can see that color. You are also born with the first words you...
  • hamiltonthemusical
  • alexander
  • romance
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Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: An American Musical  by hamilton_stories
Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: hamilton_stories
You wished to meet the characters of Hamilton but you never expected them to turn up at the theatre with you. Join them as they learn about their legacy and venture out...
  • andpeggy
  • hamilton
  • angelica
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The Perfect Lie by greenwriter
The Perfect Lieby Janelle Ruiz
One perfect lie to make her problem go away. One man to make it all happen. One crazy family to make it difficult. One group of crazier friends for backup in case she ne...
  • university
  • cass
  • love
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Hamilton watches Hamilton by CaraMaia62442
Hamilton watches Hamiltonby Cara
Alexander Hamilton and his friends and enemies watch Hamilton the musical! If you want to find out what Jefferson's opinion on most of Hamilton's songs then you will wan...
  • laurens
  • seabury
  • johnlaurens
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Hope for Our Ass After All by MotherCranberry
Hope for Our Ass After Allby im gay for jefferson
#3 in lams #1 in mullette Some Lams, some Mullette, some random stuff in between, and some annoying assholes down the hall (who are obviously Jefferson and Madison). ...
  • lafayette
  • mulligan
  • burr
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Kingdoms In Ruling <Jamilton> by Jack-Hack101
Kingdoms In Ruling by 🐝
Two Kingdoms, brink of War, petty rivalry, stupid friends. Oh, what a great time it'd be.
  • thomasjefferson
  • kinggeorge
  • samuelseabury
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Hamilton oneshots by notforrental
Hamilton oneshotsby [̴s̴t̴a̴r̴r̴y̴]̴
Fluff and smut... Enjoy. 8th in Eliza- 22/02/19
  • meggy
  • thomgelica
  • hamiltonsmut
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Jigsaw ~ R. Black ~ Marauders Era✔️ by ReadAlongRabbit
Jigsaw ~ R. Black ~ Marauders Era✔️by A Social Bookworm
He was a prince, she was a peasant. Both were broken, together they were a whole. Facing challenges and over protective brothers they hope to stay a whole. Angelica Pott...
  • remuslupin
  • slytherin
  • maraudersera
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You Can't Control Me Alpha [ON HOLD] by lovebooknerds18
You Can't Control Me Alpha [ON It's a secret
[UNPUBLISHING TO RE EDIT] I highly doubt anyone's still reading this but, if so I'm going to put this story under reconstruction and try and make it much better than it...
  • luke
  • pack
  • possessive
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