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Guns and ships [Lafayette X Reader] by 1aspiringauthor
Guns and ships [Lafayette X Reader]by Angelica
Lafayette X reader fanfic Y/N lee has snuck off to join the revolution with her brother Charles lee but little does she know she will fall for Americas favourite fightin...
Fearless // Lafayette x Reader by newtselvish
Fearless // Lafayette x Readerby ash!
When (Y/N) joins the rebellion, she has no idea what she's in for. She'll meet her best friends. She'll meet the bravest soldier she ever knew. She'll meet the love o...
redcoats || lafayette by semiip
redcoats || lafayetteby вαggυεττε (нιατυs)
"I'll wait for you. I'll always wait for you, (Y/N)." He looked down at me, and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed back, wrapping my arms around his torso. "I...
undeniable • lafayette x reader by deja-you
undeniable • lafayette x readerby my darling
"Y/N was hopelessly, undeniably falling for the Frenchman." • War meant conflict. Fighting. Battles. Loss. Death. For Y/N Hamilton and her brother, war was jus...
How Dare You (Lafayette x Reader) by FandomLyrics
How Dare You (Lafayette x Reader)by FandomLyrics
Y/N Washington was captured by the redcoats and forced to join the revolution. All she wants to do is get revenge on the king and make her father proud, but she keeps ge...
Lost In France! LafayettexReaderxJefferson  by pinkmoonleaf
Lost In France! Emi
quote, "Back off Jefferson!, the madame talked to moi first!"-Lafayette ? warning: there will be smut
miss captain y/n [m.l] by exulansis_writes
miss captain y/n [m.l]by Exulansis :]
y/n hamilton has been a pirate ever since her dad took her from her mom, older brother, and her twin. alexander hamilton. y/n hamilton is the most known pirate on the 7...
Fallen Angel: !Demon! Lafayette X !Angel! Reader by Fantique
Fallen Angel: !Demon! Lafayette Fantique
Angels and devils. There's a clear difference between the two. They may never befriend each other or fall in love. That's why they're always separated. Except for the sh...
A Strong Girl In A Weak Mans World(lafayette x reader) by astrid_star_05
A Strong Girl In A Weak Mans Bird boi
"Y/N Hamilton. Famously known as The Hitman Hamilton. Wanted for Murder and piracy. On orders of the British army" To avoid being captured by the British army...
Hamilton One-Shots by Wizardwriter101
Hamilton One-Shotsby Wizard Writer
So, I'm bored, kind of good at writing, and complete Hamiltrash. So I wrote this book. Any gender, straight or LGBT+, all that jazz, don't be mean, and we're cool. Yeah...
Favorite French Man (Lafayette x reader) by Aphmau_Owner
Favorite French Man (Lafayette x Mel
You are a young women in her 20's who wants to help the revolution. While on a visit to your favorite cousins (the Schuyler Sisters), you come across the genral himself...
How Is This Possible?! (Lafayette x Reader) Hamilton fanfic by Gibo-chin
How Is This Possible?! ( gibooooo
A girl from the 21st century. Y/n was a candid, expressive and an intelligent girl. She's currently working as an art teacher in a highschool at New York. She loved the...
Hamilsquad X Reader (Unofficial Title) by KiwiTheFandomQueen
Hamilsquad X Reader (Unofficial KiwiTheFandomQueen
Y/N L/N is originally from 2018, but a little 'mishap' gets her landed back in history?? What year? The 1700s. Yup thats right, 19 year old Y/N L/N born 1998, gets sent...
hamilsquad x reader headcanons by alienlyaware
hamilsquad x reader headcanonsby alien
[modern au] [gender neutral] alexander hamilton x reader john laurens x reader lafayette x reader hercules mulligan x reader poly!hamilsquad x reader poly!lams x reader ...
Hamilton Oneshots [DISCONTINUED(?)] by SuperHamWriting
Hamilton Oneshots [DISCONTINUED(?)]by Mickey Smith
Welcome to my Hamilton Oneshots! I will only do x readers in this book. Feel free to request if you want! I will write for the following characters: Alexander Hamilton J...
How The World Works by castiel14110
How The World Worksby castiel14110
Everything was perfectly ordinary in my life. I was an ordinary college student living in an overly ordinary apartment. Everything was fine until that damn book showed u...
oneshots » hamilton x reader by singtothesky_
oneshots » hamilton x readerby sicc as fricc
just a collection of oneshots with the adorable boys from hamilton!!
Hamilton X Reader One shots by jeanishorse
Hamilton X Reader One shotsby GeriStrawberry
A series of one-shot lemon fics of the Hamilton Character (Because theyre hotter than actual old ass white haired dead guys). These fanfics are one-shots, but are super...
Soldier in disguise, Lafayette x reader by MimnimSparkle
Soldier in disguise, Lafayette x Mimnim Sparkle
Girls couldn't join the rebellion. It wasn't proper. But then, girls couldn't go to uni, drink or do anything unladylike, could they? And it wasn't like you listened to...
Lafayette x reader lemon by Jinx_Kenway
Lafayette x reader lemonby p a i n
I honestly love him with all my heart so imma make a lemon for him 😍 -French laugh- ohohohoho~