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Broken(13 Reasons Why) by MagconProperty
Broken(13 Reasons Why)by Danni☁️
"Don't go for him" She told me "Why not?" I asked "He's um, a little broken I guess you could say" Was her answer I simply nodded, my eyes...
  • fanfic
  • montgomerydelacruz
  • fanfiction
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The Kissing Booth Again (Fan Fiction) by head-in-the-clouds-
The Kissing Booth Again (Fan head-in-the-clouds-
What happens next for Elle and Noah, do they stay together through their long distance relationship? Whats next for Elle and Lee as they navigate their last year of high...
  • drama
  • thekissingbooth
  • romance
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Multi-Fandom Oneshots: Timeless, NCIS LA, Chicago Fire by TheAngelBlinked
Multi-Fandom Oneshots: Timeless, Angela Mason Stone
Oneshots for the shows Timeless, NCIS LA, and Chicago Fire. All your favorite ships, all your craziest imagines, all your wildest dreams, and most definitely all your...
  • dawsey
  • ncisla
  • stellaride
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Secret Sister by books_n_boots
Secret Sisterby books_n_boots
Maria was adopted by the third in her pack. She doesn't know that her brothers are the Alpha's sons, or that the Alpha himself was her father. Everything is normal. Noth...
  • sister
  • shortstory
  • flynn
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Watching The Big Seven: Seasons Awaken by TriforceDragons
Watching The Big Seven: Seasons Triforce Dragons
You already read the story, now read the reactions as The Big Seven and everyone else watch their future.
  • toothless
  • jamie
  • jamiexoc
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Watching Their Movie (ROTBFTD + BH6)(On Hold) by DarkWolfy_08
Watching Their Movie (ROTBFTD + Shadow Ace
  • merida
  • rapunzel
  • anna
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Spirit School by Flaming-Darkness
Spirit Schoolby Luna
So the Drama After getting shoved in a sack and through a portal, Jack Frost arrives in the best of the best school for heroes--Spirit School. Being the new guy, Jack m...
  • elsa
  • kristoff
  • astrid
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The Kissing Booth by humioka
The Kissing Boothby Tricia Townsend
With Noah away at Havard Elle is not really looking forward to her Senor Year luckily she still has Lee. The Flynn house hold is about to be shaken up a little bit when...
  • thekissingbooth
  • noahflynn
  • leeflyn
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Babygirl  • Noah Flynn by snazziikay
Babygirl • Noah Flynnby Kay ∞
@terryncamply ; I just saw to dogs and I'm so happy → @noahflynn ; two, terr, two → @terryncamply ffs suck an egg
  • kissingbooth
  • thekissingbooth
  • tuppen
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The Big 4 Girls meets The Big 4 Boys (in highschool) by LilacJackFrost
The Big 4 Girls meets The Big 4 ᴀʙιɢᴀιʟ
The Big 4 Girls- consists of 4 beautiful and wonderful girls from Disney; Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa. The Big 4 Girls are famous because of their intelligence. Elsa...
  • big
  • jelsa
  • arendelle
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Watching The Big Four!! by UNDERTALE-AU05
Watching The Big Four!!by AU/Kiki
I know a lot of people are doing this but I want to give it a try so here ya go!!!!!! First page is just the explanation on who or what I'm going to be doing. So enjoy t...
  • brave
  • hiccup
  • jackfrost
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TITANS 2: The Monsters Kingdom (Moana / Kong - Disney Moana / Monsterverse) by darklordi
TITANS 2: The Monsters Kingdom ( darklordi
Second story of my Disney / Monsterverse crossover saga. Two years have passed since Moana restored the heart of Te Fiti, and has now become chief of the Motunui tribe...
  • monsterverse
  • drama
  • moana
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Meeting Varian by quezzieee
Meeting Varianby єmíkσ-chαи♡
[COMPLETED] It was hard for her. It was hard for him. Living in the world where she is hiding for the sake of herself. And living in a world where he is hated. If their...
  • tangled
  • portals
  • flynn
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in between ; noah flynn by 2amthovghts
in between ; noah flynnby 2amthovghts
noah flynn and natalia aquino have been best friends for life. while lee had elle, noah had natalia. they've been together through anything and everything, yet still rem...
  • fanfiction
  • thekissingboothmovie
  • wattys2018
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The Big Seven: Seasons Awaken by TriforceDragons
The Big Seven: Seasons Awakenby Triforce Dragons
When darkness and evil returns, seven teens will take a stand. They are the only hope to save everything good. A Prophecy that was made since the Dark Evil Fours defeat...
  • merida
  • jamiexoc
  • rapunzel
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adore you // lee flynn by etherealillis
adore you // lee flynnby 𝕤𝕖𝕡𝕙𝕚𝕖
a lee flynn x reader story
  • leeflynn
  • elleevans
  • love
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NOAH'S MISTAKE by humioka
NOAH'S MISTAKEby Tricia Townsend
Elle and Noah worked hard to stay together after he left for Harvard. Well at least until right after Christmas Break.
  • leeflynn
  • elleevans
  • flynn
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Hiccup x Reader Dragon Tales by MHA_Reads
Hiccup x Reader Dragon Talesby Baka-chan
You were very skilled with the Bow and Arrow; you have a Dragon named Silvertooth. You were very excited. But, the problem starts with a new competing with Drago. Drago...
  • hiccupxreader
  • astrid
  • toothless
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Scars To Your Beautiful [Justin Foley]  by HeirofRav3nclaw
Scars To Your Beautiful [Justin Dark Canary
Bella Shay is new to Liberty High. She used to live in Crestmont when she was younger. Hanging out with her cousin Hannah and her best friend Justin Foley. ...
  • dating
  • gomez
  • justinfoley
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Watching Their Movies by PixieWho
Watching Their Moviesby Evane-Joy
Rise Of The Big Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons. In this story some Disney and Dreamworks characters watch their own movies, some have lived theirs already and some are ju...
  • flynn
  • romance
  • hans
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