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Willy Wonka: A Story Within the Factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) by Ranting_life
Willy Wonka: A Story Within the Fa...by Ranting_life
Willy Wonka Fan fic. Read to find out. Please give it a shot. You won't regret it. \-------/ Jack is the girl whom grew up with Willy and helped him on every step of the...
Willy Wonka x Reader by StevinStrange
Willy Wonka x Readerby Ehryn King
(Y/n) found Charlie when you were only 16, he was 5, and adopted him as your own. Although you're poor in money, (as cheesy as it is) you're rich in love. I do not own...
Falling for a wonka(Mike Teavee X Reader) by PhoenixBTS
Falling for a wonka(Mike Teavee X...by PhoenixBTS
What if there was no special prize? What if Mike Teavee loved chocolate? What if Charlie Bucket did not have a bad life?What if Charlie Bucket was the one who misbehaved...
Mrs.wonka (Willy Wonka X Reader) by its_mrs_wonka_bitch
Mrs.wonka (Willy Wonka X Reader)by Willy's bitch
Your (Y/N) Wonka as you can see your willy wonka's wife you've been there for willy since you two just have a little store in the cherry street until you both have enoug...
Daddy wonka smut by savage2006hotmail
Daddy wonka smutby Jhonnydepplover13
He's gonna make you beg for it until you can't talk anymore he's gonna make cum all over his dick
Daddy wonka smut by willywonkababygirl
Daddy wonka smutby willywonkababygirl
Summary : he will have you on your knees begging for him to make you his he loves when you take all of him even when he pounding into you with no mercy He makes you feel...
Willy wonkas bad baby  by willywonkaswifeyx
Willy wonkas bad baby by deppgrandebostick
Hoiii this is the johnny depp willy wonka not the tiktok one x if u like willy wonka tiktok more imagine its him or even duke depp x i hope u like it and enjoy it my tik...
Ghosted - Luke | Julie and the Phantoms  by tvshowfanfic3112
Ghosted - Luke | Julie and the Pha...by tvshowfanfic
Six months ago she died. Now she's a ghost haunting her family home. Sophie thought she had nothing left. At least until a ghost boy band turns up with a certain lead si...
WILLY DILLY CULT by katnotmore123
WILLY DILLY CULTby Cammy Chameleon
Join me and wall_flower_wild cult! WILLY DILLY. Join all. We don't own Willy Wonderland
Clementine x Fem!Reader | TWDG by Happy_me16
Clementine x Fem!Reader | TWDGby Happy_me16
After coming to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth, you were faced with the apocalypse. After around eight years, you were settled into the place you now calle...
Julie and the Phantoms One Shots  by pottah-writer
Julie and the Phantoms One Shots by ur new dad
One-shots from the Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms. I will take requests. - - - - - - - Characters I will use (And Actors/Actresses) - Julie (Madison Reyes) - Luke...
ᗯOᑎKᗩ'ᔕ ᘜIᖇᒪ  (Willy Wonka x Reader) by uncannyclementine
ᗯOᑎKᗩ'ᔕ ᘜIᖇᒪ (Willy Wonka x Reade...by Uncanny Clementine
(A/n) slow updates You live with the dreaded Salt family, being Veruca's pet and playmate. You were sold to their family several years ago the help your family who were...
Hats And Swords | Clementine | by spicy_dino
Hats And Swords | Clementine |by spicy_dino
"I searched for a long time, just when I gave up hope...I found him. We were searching together then, for a place we can call home. I thought I had it all, but I w...
Jhonny depp imagines  by savage2006hotmail
Jhonny depp imagines by Jhonnydepplover13
Imagines of jhonny depp characters
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These|Willy Wonka DDLG by SadBoy_Haven
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These|Wil...by SadBoy_Haven
[I DO NOT OWN WILLY OR ANYBODY ELSE IN THE STORY, BUT NAOMI IS THE ONLY THING THATS MINE]Willy Wonka DDLG fanfiction. There will be 18+ content in here
The Broken Sweet Tooth by Lazy_Rain
The Broken Sweet Toothby Lazy_Rain
Willy Wonka broke Lily Bucket's heart a long time ago and when she buys her nephew a Wonka bar with a golden ticket, old wounds open up... I don't own anything accept fo...
The Walking Dead Game Groupchat by milkingzalex
The Walking Dead Game Groupchatby MilkingZalex
Says it all in the title👁👄👁
Clouis/louistine -;《 smut,, fluff 》One-shots by imcuteunlikeyou
Clouis/louistine -;《 smut,, fluff...by ✓𝑪𝑬𝑹𝑻𝑰𝑭𝑰𝑬𝑫 𝑭𝑹E𖧇𝑲...
idk if we still on the clouis train but hey im finna start it back again if no one was updating or anything or hasnt been any clouis action happening im here, all the cl...
His sweet chocolate drop🎩🍫 by willywonkababygirl
His sweet chocolate drop🎩🍫by willywonkababygirl
Y/n and her little brother Charlie has always wanted to go inside willy wonka's chocolate factory it's been there dream to go since they were little kids there grandpa j...