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Willy Wonka X OC by cutebaby1971
Willy Wonka X OCby cutebaby
Lilly bucket is the loving sister to Charlie bucket the pair were like two peas in a pod. They were very similar. they both shared the same kind and friendly attitude a...
  • charlieandthechoclatefactory
  • charliebucket
  • willy
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coffee shop | clouis  by lovelillis
coffee shop | clouis by -ˋˏ ✩ ˎˊ-
"actually... i hate coffee." in which a lonely boy enters a coffee shop. [ modern au ]
  • mitch
  • twdg
  • twdgclementine
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The Girl With A D Marked Hat by BechloeSendrick05
The Girl With A D Marked Hatby BechloeSendrick05
Clementine Everett and her adoptive father Lee just moved from Macon to another area hours away, near Ericson's boarding school. As the new girl, Clementine, being every...
  • willy
  • highschool
  • twdfanfic
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Willy Wonka: A Story Within the Factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) by Ranting_life
Willy Wonka: A Story Within the Fa...by Ranting_life
Willy Wonka Fan fic. Read to find out. Please give it a shot. You won't regret it. \-------/ Jack is the girl whom grew up with Willy and helped him on every step of the...
  • fanfic
  • wonka
  • willy
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The Broken Sweet Tooth by Faith_Sinclair_15
The Broken Sweet Toothby Faith_Sinclair_15
Willy Wonka broke Lily Bucket's heart a long time ago and when she buys her nephew a Wonka bar with a golden ticket, old wounds open up... I don't own anything accept fo...
  • xreader
  • charlieandthechocolatefactory
  • fanfic
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Dancing With the Devil by TaraLynn217
Dancing With the Devilby Tara Holz
All Ivy wanted was love. Her boyfriend of one year, Jake, seemed to be a good option, but he was far too professional for Ivy's liking, and her best friend, Violet, didn...
  • voice
  • closet
  • dance
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Falling for a wonka(Mike Teavee X Reader) by PhoenixBTS
Falling for a wonka(Mike Teavee X...by PhoenixBTS
What if there was no special prize?What if Mike Teavee loved chocolate?What if Charlie Bucket did not have a bad life?What if Charlie Bucket was the one who misbehaved?W...
  • chocolate
  • teavee
  • mike
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The Undead Love... A Walking Dead Game Fanfic... #Clouis by Sh4nDR3ader
The Undead Love... A Walking Dead...by Sh4nDWrit3r
A short story about a young girl called Clementine, this story is kinda like a remake of The Walking Dead Game, season 4 of course! It's more focused on her love life be...
  • asby
  • assim
  • twdg
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Video Games • Mike Teavee by rudyssteiner
Video Games • Mike Teaveeby mabel
Bailee Baker has been a orphan, for as long as she remembers. It's a hard life for her. And then, out of nowhere, shs finds herself friends with technology-obsessed Mike...
  • wonka
  • factory
  • charlie
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His Everything      (WillyWonkaXReader) by SinOfSlothhh
His Everything (WillyWonkaXRe...by Sloth
Mr. Willy Wonka is an extraordinary man of wonders, his candy shop on cherry street was exeptionally splendid and his life was seemingly perfect, Until one of his worker...
  • willy
  • charlieandthechocolatefactory
  • romance
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Black Butler Undertaker x Reader by SarcasticAlien103
Black Butler Undertaker x Readerby 🌟☄Moonchild 🍃🌙
(y/n) ran away from home, because her parents were abusive and mean. She was living on the streets of London until a young man by the name of Adrian had saved her. Disc...
  • alanhumphreys
  • claudefaustus
  • random
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The Creatures Behind The Doors(Treasure Island[Humanized]X Reader) by LoveRandomnessJay
The Creatures Behind The Doors(Tre...by LoveRandomness
A lab crew decide on exploring the mystery behind "Treasure Island", legend say when someone goes in, they never come back.
  • abandonedbydisney
  • distortedmickey
  • willy
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A Collection of One-Shots (Violentine) by ViAndClemAreMyLife
A Collection of One-Shots (Violent...by R
Just a place to put all of my Violentine One-shots. I post a one-shot everyday, unless stated otherwise! Enjoy! :) Requests welcomed! (Cover is my own artwork) I've e...
  • clemxviolet
  • willy
  • wattys2019
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'How Far I'll Go For You'  The Journey Continues  by nl3536
'How Far I'll Go For You' The Jou...by Nathan
3 Years. It's been three years since Gabe was separated from Clementine.Since then she has managed to take care of herself and AJ, before finding a place they might jus...
  • gabentine
  • omar
  • willy
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Make me forget ~ A Clouis FanFic💘 by mill5y
Make me forget ~ A Clouis FanFic💘by mill5y
After meeting new friends at hers and AJ's new home, and still being heartbroken about the deaths of her past protectors, Clementine looks for comfort in any way possibl...
  • ruby
  • twdg
  • dead
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My Candyman by shorty_is_crazy
My Candymanby Sad emo stoner
Read this story how a candy maker and a poor girl met
  • wonka
  • willywonka
  • candy
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INSTAGRAM| STAXXBY| Libro 2 ✔ by xxBlack_Flowersxx
Nuevos personajes , mas celos , separaciones , bodas , noviazgos todo eso en una sola historia, 100% salseo asegurado.
  • rubius
  • salseo
  • instagram
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The future Mrs Wonka by HippieGal321
The future Mrs Wonkaby HippieGal321
When 17 year old Katie wins a golden ticket, she meets Willy Wonka and realises maybe she loves something more than chocolate...
  • blueberry
  • willy
  • wonka
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The lonely man in the Factory by Malfoy_394
The lonely man in the Factoryby Chy Myers
Willy Wonka makes candy for a living but he has never had any love before.He used to have small store on Cherry Street. His candy became successful, and made enough mone...
  • willy
  • wonka
Star Shine *Willy Wonka 2005 Fanfiction* by zaylaXOX
Star Shine *Willy Wonka 2005 Fanfi...by zaylaXOX
This story is about a girl named Alice Welish, she was a lonely girl who bad no friends or family except the Bucket family. They took her in after charlie found her in t...
  • charlie
  • bucket
  • depp
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