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Siblings (Michael Clifford) by Half_a_heart_niall
Siblings (Michael Clifford)by 1D & 5SOS ❤️
Michael Clifford has a twin sister. The one and only thing about her is that Michael has gone his entire life without ever knowing about her existence. That comes crashi...
Came Here For Love (Love Island AU 2018) by Liv_Chris
Came Here For Love (Love Island Liv Chris
Lexi is 24 from Melbourne, Australia and is looking for love. What better way to find it than sign up for the first Aussie season of Love Island? Follow her journey in t...
Stand Up (1D - Zayn Malik Fan Fiction) by Liams_Princess
Stand Up (1D - Zayn Malik Fan Sammy
Violet might just be the happiest person alive—and that's without hot young pop-stars interfering. When Violet keeps literally bumping into THE Zayn Malik, things heat u...
Brothers • Brooks Brothers Fanfic • by BrooksTwinsx
Brothers • Brooks Brothers Fanfic •by Bella ♣︎
Jai has lived with his dad for as long as he can remember. But his dad doesn't even deserve that label with the way he treats him. Luke has lived with his mum and older...
When we first met [Charles Leclerc] by neversleepinbeauty
When we first met [Charles Leclerc]by neversleepinbeauty
"And you must be Caroline, Max's sisters best friend, right? I'm Charles" he said with his thick French accent that she so adores. But doesn't he remember last...
One CEO by muddywaters95
One CEOby Krystal Waters
Isla Collins just lost her life; Her fiancé, best friend and her mum all within a three day hit. She sits in Mr. Hack's office staring out the window, while he talks to...
We Found Love In A Homeless Place《COMPLETE》 by lilnickyc
We Found Love In A Homeless Place《 Nicky
Years of Aria's life has been spent on the street. Each day she visits the local shelter, hoping they have had a bed become available for her. When she's at the end of h...
Famous Kpop Idols born/raised in Australia || Completed ✔️ by Jiminismarriedtome
Famous Kpop Idols born/raised in MEONLETTE
Who are these Aussie idols? I was raised in Australia from the age of 5. I'm curious as to know who was born or either raised in Australia.
Author: Lina ✔️ by Jiminismarriedtome
Author: Lina ✔️by MEONLETTE
Haiiii In this book, I'll be talking bout myself Enjoy! (By the way, that's me in the book cover ahaha :3)
Two CEO by muddywaters95
Two CEOby Krystal Waters
Isla Collins has found out big news in her life. Even more bigger than Kim and Kayne's wedding. She thought she could trust people and have a happy life, but that's been...
Switch ~ jake brooks by AussieJanos
Switch ~ jake brooksby el
Jai brooks. Theres nothing particularly special about him, he's not smart, yet he's not dumb, he's not popular but he certainly isn't unpopular. He's just average. Well...
Rest Of My Life by lunaaahsx
Rest Of My Lifeby lunaaahsx
Story #1 of the "BROTHERHOOD SERIES". *Although the story is fiction, there are some real life events that happened* Charlie had no plans on giving up his bach...
30 Days inside a mind of a Lesbian Woman  by AloWijesinghe
30 Days inside a mind of a Aloka
Aloka Wijesinghe, a South Asian spoken word, freestyle lesbian poet currently based in Melbourne, Victoria found a totally random collection of prompts on the net, where...
Being Invisible by muddywaters95
Being Invisibleby Krystal Waters
Madison Rose St. Winter has always been the invisible girl at school, at home and around her own family. Her brothers, Lucas St. Winter and her twin brother Nicholas St...
One Stop Property Maintenance Group by onestoppropertyau
One Stop Property Maintenance Groupby Hardy Singh
One Stop Property Maintenance is a reputable property maintenance company in Melbourne.
Night Queen by AJHLing
Night Queenby Aimee
"Human one minute, werwulf the next. What does this mean for Zera Adams in a world where werwulves are seen as second-class citizens?" Zera Adams was a human...
IMPORTER, WHATSAPP +62 81318585085 Monstera Albo For Sale in Melbourne by MonsteraAustralia
IMPORTER, WHATSAPP +62 Monstera Albo For Sale in Aus...
IMPORTER, WHATSAPP +62 81318585085 Monstera Albo For Sale in Melbourne, Albino Monstera Importer in Melbourne, Monstera Albo seller in Melbourne, selling Monstera Plant...
A camp. Two schools from different parts of Australia. What could possibly happen?
Food To Avoid During Pregnancy by drstevenhatzikostas
Food To Avoid During Pregnancyby drstevenhatzikostas
During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid dairy products, including milk, eggs, and cheese, which are not pasteurized. The pasteurization process kills harmful bacteria...
Wishful Thinking by cherry_chic
Wishful Thinkingby Frances Galea
Paige De Luca is seventeen years old and in her final year of school. With all the pressure that comes from being on the verge of adulthood can Paige handle the stress o...