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Hi!Sup?I'm Kate,It's not much to know about me..actually its so much...sooooo muchhh..i'm just a 22 year old girl who LOVES FNAF!x3..i LOVE pewdiepie,markiplier (i love that dork with all my heart <3)and cryaotic(his voice is just.. *-* love him soooo muchhh!!!)and many other youtubers..i LOVE fnaf,BNHA,team fortress 2, yandere simulator and many other games!!,i am moody,shy,book lover(and movie lover),anime lover,romantic,seke(lol),perv,a little yandere ^^ and also..i have many sides..i can read whatever book you suggest me 'cause that makes me happy!!i always dont feel sure about myself when i start a story..well that's all from me for now!!keep reading amazing stories!!*brofist*BUH-BYEE~crazy fnaf lover(i have many ships but i am too lazy to write them all x) Septiplier Awaaay!~x3)


If you have problems with school,parents or generally problems that bother you and you need to talk,i am here,just pm and i will try to reply but the sure is that i will reply!!i have problems too and i am trying so much to cover them with that fake smile..but please,before do anything to yourself..douple think it or speak to someone..i am here.


If you dont like my stories or art,just tell me the truth,i dont mind..i know that i am terrible writer and artist...
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Katerinaki_Styles Katerinaki_Styles Apr 16, 2021 11:01AM
Hello everyone!I am really sorry for the inactivity,as much as I want to update it is hard for me to do so those days.I want to get back to writing about FNAF and even BNHA,but some motivation has...
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BNHA Oneshots.
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Poems,Proses And Thoughts. by Katerinaki_Styles
Poems,Proses And Thoughts.
Please don't judge me.
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Art book...I think xD Part 2
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