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Ella By ella_enchanted Updated 3 years ago
Arianna's life as Poison Tester was never one of choice - but ever since That Night, her life has been haunted by deadly assassins, two handsome Princes, her fight for survival, games of deception and the Court intrigue she's been forced to play. Losing means her life and the King's, as well as the downfall of the kingdom she loves. Arianna is certain of only one thing - there can be no happily ever afters for the Poisoned... but could there be? **INSPIRED BY "POISON STUDY," BY THE AMAZING MARIA V. SNYDER**
Lol nvm I read the note, it's cool that it's inspired by one of my fav books :)
WOA. That blew me away! I love poison in real life too... Lol.
You know EXACTLY how to draw in the reader! This whole idea that she may be innocent, but she' not even sure herself makes it kind of exciting! The brutal guards make me want to cry for her. and, and, and.... it's just fantastic!
I would looooove to read this but I'm not sure if I should because this story hasn't been updated for 2 years and I don't wanna be disappointed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make me change my mind so I can enjoy your awesome story!
You're good, I enjoy your writing style and believe me, I'm very picky.
                                    ITS BEEN OVER TWO YEARS
                                    (I never beg but this story makes me)