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Too different  » Kendall Jenner × You  by bluuuem
Too different » Kendall Jenner × roslé
A story where a ran-away princess met the untamable bitchy supermodel. - Special thanks to @canola-jauregooey for an amazing cover!
Have Hope by JReezyyyy
Have Hopeby JReezyyyy
Y/n Grant is called up by Jill Ellis to be the starting Goal keeper for the 2019 World Cup. At first, the team isn't a huge fan of the cocky player, but she starts to wi...
Her Co-Star by JReezyyyy
Her Co-Starby JReezyyyy
Y/n, one of the biggest actors in hollywood, meets her long time celebrity crush, Angelina Jolie. The two of them meet for the first time on the set of their new movie...
Trust issues  by bigtwofucks
Trust issues by bigtwofucks
Y/n x Megan thee stallion G!p y/n
The Princess by UnicornRawrrr
The Princessby uni-wow
An intersexual Princess, What could go wrong? Book Cover Design: HerParamour
Sub/Dom Billie | G!P Y/N by BillieNoName
Sub/Dom Billie | G!P Y/Nby BillieNoName
Info: ⭐All of it is converted⭐ Warning: 🔞This is Mature Book🔞 Billie Smut/Fluff Imagine. Mostly Bottom Billie Highest Ranking #1 - gp | 04/29/2021 #7 - patrick | 05/05...
Sleepover | Billie eilish by Dancinginthestarz
Sleepover | Billie eilishby Alienbae
It all started when you got invited to a sleepover with the bully
Off Limits ∥ ᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴀ ᴄᴀʙᴇʟʟᴏ ✓  by shadesofveins
Off Limits ∥ ᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴀ ᴄᴀʙᴇʟʟᴏ ✓ by shadesofveins
Y/N Y/L/N, was the freestyling boxer with a cocky attitude and a focus for being the best, but at the right time, you could catch her nervous. But on the surface she pre...
Undercover  by bigtwofucks
Undercover by bigtwofucks
You and mullato are just friends that like to fuck, but one of you catch feeling fucking it up
Smile by Alllfredh0oe
Smileby 🌚
"I've been through a lot of shit and something you'd think would give me a break is love, but nope That's kicking my ass too." - (G!P You)
devyn winkler (gxg) by puta0623
devyn winkler (gxg)by
y/n hall moves into sway with her brother bryce and makes a lot of friends... maybe a relationship
You Can Run! But You Can't Hide! by ouat_recipes
You Can Run! But You Can't Hide!by HBC_Is_Wifey
Gwendolyn works at the White House as a custodian, struggling to keep food on the table, pay rent for the apartment, and keep custody of her 7 year old daughter. But all...
Wonderwall [Vanessa/you]  by UnAmericanTeen
Wonderwall [Vanessa/you] by 📍☁️
College freshman Y/n Y/ln has worked her entire life to attend Stanford University and now that she's got that chance, she won't let some "party girl" distract...
A Different Side [Camila/You] by Tubes24
A Different Side [Camila/You]by Tubes24
Y/N Y/LN, she's 19 but she has some disorders. Social anxiety, anger issues, depression. She's had one friend/best friend her entire life. His name Shawn Mendes. One day...
met-a-noia by DasOneBigBoi
met-a-noiaby DasOneBigBoi
Metanoia -(met-uh-NOI-uh)• Greek -Noun -Meaning; The journey of completely transforming one's body, mind, soul, or way of life. -------------------------- Tarian Silas...
Lonely by JReezyyyy
Lonelyby JReezyyyy
Y/n Y/l/n is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is signed with capitol records and is on tour for her new album 'Changes'. Her manager and best friend Conner i...
Envy | Vanessa/You by UnAmericanTeen
Envy | Vanessa/Youby 📍☁️
honestly I suck at descriptions but it's a Vanessa Moe/You book. Just read it yo. G!p you Highest rake: #34
Flavor of the Week  by YahTheDon
Flavor of the Week by glacier boy❄️.
7 days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes. What will you do with yours?
Motivation by Lol_itzNicki
Motivationby Lol_itzNicki
NormanixYou G!P You
Dirty Little Girl (Marvel Girls Smuts) by Nadine_Mendes04
Dirty Little Girl (Marvel Girls Wandasimps
This is a smut book a marvel girls smut , it will be mostly g!p , it's my frist book , im portugues so sorry for any mistake! hope you like it