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Her Cursed Monster (Mad Protector Series #1) by fearsome_hamster
Her Cursed Monster (Mad fearsome_hamster
She became a wicked monster's obsession. He was whispered to be the most cruel of them all. Cursed to roam the world without a soulmate, his insanity overtook and he was...
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Coalesce In Darkness ♡ Frerard by vampirexchild
Coalesce In Darkness ♡ Frerardby ♡
At a young age, Frank Iero is exposed to the hidden world of vampires. After never finding or seeing the man who saved his life one night again, Frank is on a desperate...
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Magia Posthuma by inkmagpie
Magia Posthumaby Ink
When the Empress appoints Irina's father as the new Governor of Transylvania, the young Duchess is swept away from her glamorous life at court in Vienna to the mysteriou...
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A New Estate - Crimson Peak by DarkHell616
A New Estate - Crimson Peakby Hell
Odd happenings have been going on at Allerdale Hall, perhaps there's more to the mysterious quitting's of scaffolders and builders than father is willing to let on.
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A Vampire's Ideal Girl (COMPLETED/PUBLISHED BY PHR) by LushEricsonPHR
A Vampire's Ideal Girl ( LushEricsonPHR
Wala na yatang mas ordinaryo pa kay Jane. Iyon ang dahilan kaya hindi siya napapansin sa campus. At mukhang wala rin siyang pag-asa sa crush niyang si Jeffery--o Jep. Pe...
goth angel sinner by peep_shawty
goth angel sinnerby shania
"princess?", they tell me. "daddy?", i respond. "come here before i spank you", he demands.
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The Last Empress by Kainingwen
The Last Empressby Kaizen22
A romance mystery set in the fictional Empire of Korea. Oh Sunny is just an ordinary girl who has harboured a crush on the fascinating and charming Lee Hyuk, the Emperor...
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Moonlit Dinner by lumierutsuki
Moonlit Dinnerby lumierutsuki
#1 Paranormal/Supernatural Mystic Awards 2017 Highest Vampire rank #47 "You seem to enjoy coming here at your own will and peril." "Leon, pleas...
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Witchcrafts🔮 by _BlackkGirl_
Witchcrafts🔮by _BlackkGirl_
Witchcraft isn't like you imagine. Witchcraft is a life style, witchcraft is spiritual, witchcraft is pureness. Everyone thinks that witches are devils. Here you can fin...
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Lost in the castle by SilviaKrpatova
Lost in the castleby Silvia Krpatova
The first chapter of this story is my entry (winner) for @WattpadTimeTravel Travel in the dark contest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Weekly updates~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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abused by my sister....(Continuing) by LilyChanIsLesbian
abused by my sister....(Continuing)by Lily
This story involves a 15 year old lesbian girl getting abused by her bisexual 17 year old sister. -EXTREMELY SLOW DEVELOPMENT- (Chpater 16 = in March 2020 I promise) (15...
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Inexorable[ Wang Yibo × Xiao Zhan] by nomynn
Inexorable[ Wang Yibo × Xiao Zhan]by Nomyn Tarcea
အ​ေမွာင္​ထုရဲ႕ ခ်ီး​ေျမာက္​ျခင္​းကို ခံရတာက ​ေကာင္​းကင္​ဘံုက ေကာင္​းခ်ီး​ေပးျခင္​းခံရျခင္​းထက္​ ပိုၿပီးျမင္​့ျမတ္​တယ္​။ ​ေကာင္​းကင္​ဘံုက လူ တစ္​သန္​းကို​ေရြးခ်ယ္​ရင္​ အ​...
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Cursed and Sealed (ONC 2020) by ElizaLedet
Cursed and Sealed (ONC 2020)by Eliza Ledet
"I always come to collect what's mine, be sure of that." Mother Ludham's words rang in Alice' ears as she questioned if selling her soul to a witch was the bes...
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Eve The Soul Reaper by Leoscore
Eve The Soul Reaperby Leonard Clifton
After the Queen of the Fairies is murdered by an ancient enemy. Raven, the Fairy Warrior rushes to the small town of Wonderwood to check on Eve Summers, the dead queen's...
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Touch by VVSoup
Touchby Soup
The greatest mistake vampires ever made was letting us believe in them. England, 1887. All vampires have been enslaved. Kept in silver chains, they live in eternal p...
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Run Away from the Sun - Ville Valo x Mige Amour by xundeadaheadx
Run Away from the Sun - Ville 𝔤𝔬𝔱𝔥 𝔨𝔦𝔡
"Children of the night... what music they make."
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The Courtship of Anneliese Lemieux by Misherellu
The Courtship of Anneliese Lemieuxby Michelle Fong
The strict parents of the young French-Neathian monster huntress Anneliese Lemieux have got word of her being in the Neath, against their very wishes, and have promised...
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Rapture [ PUBLISHED: Sample Only ] by NataliaBritt
Rapture [ PUBLISHED: Sample Only ]by N. N. Britt
She is a grieving mother. He is a spoiled rock idol. The only thing they have in common is a flashy tabloid headline. Or so they think. Running away from her tragedies a...
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Pearls of Aphrodite by 1JCFay
Pearls of Aphroditeby JC
Adventurous Young Adult Fantasy full of mythology, magic, masquerade balls, creepy creatures, exotic missions, demigods, epic love, and a little good ol' fashioned high...
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