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He SUCKS (mxm ddlb) by inner_child_2020
He SUCKS (mxm ddlb)by Inner Child
an enemies to lovers in which Vincent is stuck in a house with his long time enemy yet family friend Xavier how will they get along
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†The Burning Shadows Of Silence† by 666Ancient_Queen666
†The Burning Shadows Of Silence†by Banshee
Draug and Faust have had the hots for each other forever, the question is who will make the first move? Bård Faust x fem oc
- oneshots / multi by tearluvv
- oneshots / multiby tearin
oneshots! requests always open explicit content warning.
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Omnipresent [Male Xenophanes reader x Hazbin Hotel]  by Darkness64x4
Omnipresent [Male Xenophanes Kyoki'no yami
You are a "Hellborn" demon with seemingly no trace of a family with a multitude of abilities. Some try to think and theorize where you come from. Some say you...
Would You Run? Crankiplier high school AU by Boku_no_plier_1020
Would You Run? Crankiplier high Boku_no_plier_1020
Ethan is a badass emo, Mark is a bully Jock, and shit happens man idk read more to find out TW: homophobic slurs, mentions of self harm and smut #1 in crankiplier on 7/2...
The Strangest Family Meeting. by Morning_Reaper
The Strangest Family Morning_Reaper
Peter's phone is an old stark model, so he decided to update it a bit. His updates were a success and he was able to use a better working phone that glitched less and lo...
Alt.Gabriel x Reader "My little Snowflake" by yidhraloves
Alt.Gabriel x Reader "My little œ
Alternate Gabriel x Gender Neutral Reader! This is a re-upload from my Gabrielx Reader series that I originally uploaded on Tumblr. It is a cold night in Mandela county...
♪ 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑠 𝐴𝑔𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑂𝑛𝑒𝑆ℎ𝑜𝑡𝑠🖍 by Dumbkai_
♪ 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑠 𝐴𝑔𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑂𝑛𝑒 zero ★
The Boys on YouTube Agere !!100% Sfw!! !!No Nsfw!! Please leave your request in the request chapter! !!I also do PetSpace!! I hope you enjoy this book ♡
And They Were Roomates by WerewolvesOfLondon
And They Were Roomatesby Zander Kahalion
Goth/grunge girl X femboy
𝐘𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐈 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 ʲᵒʰⁿⁿⁱᵉ ᵍᵘⁱˡᵇᵉʳᵗ ² by Chuckler_
𝐘𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐈 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 ʲᵒʰ ☆𝔣𝔞𝔶𝔢☆
𝘐𝘯 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘤𝘩₊‧.°.⋆•˚₊‧⋆. Nᴏᴡ ʙᴏᴛʜ Jᴏʜɴɴɪᴇ ᴀɴᴅ Rᴏsʟʏɴ's ᴄᴀʀᴇᴇʀ ʜᴀs sᴋʏʀᴏᴄᴋᴇᴛᴇᴅ, ᴡɪʟʟ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴄʜᴏᴏsᴇ ғᴀᴍᴇ ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴇᴀᴄʜᴏᴛʜᴇʀ? 🅁🄴🄰🄳 🄱🄾🄾🄺 🄾🄽🄴 🄾🅃🄷🄴🅁🅆🄸🅂🄴 🅃🄷�...
Judd birch x reader  by Ace186
Judd birch x reader by Yall.are.girlypop
You are Andrew Gloubermans second cousin and you just moved in to the Glouberman house and going to a new school because you did some pretty hardcore shit in your last s...
short, scary, Vampire girl (alax x f!reader)  by -UrGay-
short, scary, Vampire girl (alax bread
y/n l/n, a short, alt, vampire girl. most the students at her old school were scared of her so her parents transferred her to nevermore. will y/n scare the students at n...
The Soul Must Sleep - Jerry Cantrell X Layne Staley  by CornellsPowerchild
The Soul Must Sleep - Jerry Grunge Moment..
just a quick little story about Layne and Jerry. TW⚠️: Domestic Abuse, Rape.
Her name, written in cursive (gxg) by forever_my_innocence
Her name, written in cursive (gxg)by Kris
Soul mates is so familiar yet so foreign to Carly. Here she was, letting someone take a peek into her life- letting someone -a girl- control how she felt, holding her ha...
☾ username ideas ☽ by dantastical
☾ username ideas ☽by dantastical
use them for whatever app (part 20 is alt <3)
˖ ᡣ𐭩 ⊹ ࣪ 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐌𝐀 𝐊𝐎𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐄 .𖥔 ݁ ˖ - 𝗂𝗇 𝗐𝗁𝗂𝖼𝗁 𝖺 𝗌𝗈𝗇𝗀 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝖺𝗇 𝗂𝗇𝖿𝗅𝗎𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾𝖽 𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗌𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 𝖻𝗋𝗂𝗇𝗀𝗌𝗍𝗐𝗈 𝗍𝖾𝖾𝗇𝗌 𝗍𝗈𝗀...
Rodrick x Reader by scottyisuncool
Rodrick x Readerby scottyjane
u and rodrick meet at a beach town rest stop on your way to the boardwalk. turns out, you both go to the same hotel, and some cool stuff happens lol. notes: hi! whenever...
Alt. Archangel Gabriel x Reader (gn) by yidhraloves
Alt. Archangel Gabriel x Reader ( œ
Alternate Archangel Gabriel x Reader (Gender Neutral) As the top researcher of the suddenly cancelled alternate research you couldn't just let all of your research go to...
G5 Adventures in Air Buddies by AshleyPeoples158
G5 Adventures in Air Buddiesby AshleyPeoples158
Violette Rainbow is so excited to stay an entire weekend with the Mane 6 in the Crystal Brighthouse before school in Bridlewood starts that next week, but little does sh...
A Saiyan's Dilemma by No_Body_Home
A Saiyan's Dilemmaby Stranger_On_Earth
Gohan and Kakarot are sent to another universe. Where Ninjas exist. Until they find a way home. This is their temporary home. What adventures they will go on? What alli...