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A God's True Justice: RWBY x Male Goku Black Reader by Shadow_Eureka
A God's True Justice: RWBY x Male...by ShadowEureka
This is a story I've been wanting to work on for a while, this who'll have something different than from the Dragon Ball Super show. As well as the story. It happened on...
Goku Black?! by StarrDakota
Goku Black?!by StarrDakota
The ZFighters need one more for the tournament of power. Who will it be?
Goku Black X Future Trunks by DBZ_Vegeta_2002
Goku Black X Future Trunksby Prince Vegeta
Goku Black comes back and ruins Trunks timeline and they entwine. Black wants revenge but notices what he's missing and figures out sex isn't only for reproduction it al...
A New Life by jojoeyg
A New Lifeby Jo
Darkness around him. He wakes up from his slumber wondering why he was here. All he remember was getting killed by Trunks and then his memories were gone. He though knew...
My Saiyan Academia: God among Primates (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
My Saiyan Academia: God among Prim...by DeathInstinct25
Izuku Yagi, awakening his True Saiyan Power and more
+10 more
The father of a rose. Goku black x rwby by insanewolfie0
The father of a rose. Goku black x...by insane wolfie
Goku black is a dad... that's pretty much it
SMG4: When Two Universes Collide - Part 1 by ItsTacoBlack
SMG4: When Two Universes Collide...by The 7th Taco
Everything happens to be normal in the world of SMG4, right until there was a bang and now, they're fighting against enemies who are to happen to be, themselves.
Wakfu GT by Doodleboy565
Wakfu GTby Dimenlin
Goku's time as Earth's protector was over. After finally defeating the Shadow Dragons, he merged with the Dragon Balls and departed with Shenron to parts unknown. Now, f...
Goku Black X Hazbin Hotel by RadioAL
Goku Black X Hazbin Hotelby Al
I've seen a similar story to this, but it was never finished. I was inspired and decided to give it a shot. Major grammar mistakes, and bad plot points, and lemons. Hazb...
Goku x Reader - Suffering by wiredmarrow4001
Goku x Reader - Sufferingby Dragon Sanity
You and Goku are amazing friends but when he takes training too far, does he loose your trust? You never knew how much faith you needed to have in others until you are s...
Goku Black's revelations Book One (Goku Black x RWBY) by Spector45
Goku Black's revelations Book One...by Spector45
Its Goku Black - sickest bad guy ever - in RWBY - where everything is also a gun.....or a weapon- I do not own Dragon Ball super or RWBY those go to their respective cre...
Abused Goku Black Reader x Female Broly by RoseGokuBlack
Abused Goku Black Reader x Female...by KawaiiGokuBlack
I mean if you want a story description, read the story to figure that out heheh. I don't own any of the content of Dragon ball, Dragon ball z, Dragon ball gt, or Dragon...
Dbz oneshots & lemons by jaysaybye
Dbz oneshots & lemonsby Jay
Request status: Open -2,000 to 6,000 words hopefully -Anything is fine by me, just let me know if you want anything specific -I hope it is to your liking so please enjo...
Discovering Roots by DBZExpert
Discovering Rootsby Expert
Young Expert has always wanted to do one thing in her life, to prove herself. And when an enemy from the future threatens all mortal life in existence, she takes it as a...
Dragon Ball Oneshots by Titanarmor1
Dragon Ball Oneshotsby Titanarmor1
A book of Oneshots featuring your favorite Dragon Ball boys. A/N: I will do any boy from any saga. I just won't do the Moro and Merus. I will also not do Character X Cha...
Cheater RWBY X Saiyan Abused Male Reader X Female Goku Black X Female Zamasu by Silver_B657
Cheater RWBY X Saiyan Abused Male...by Silver_B657
+Hate, I was always hated without any reason, abuse, humiliation, betrayal was what I suffered all my life and when I thought that everything was over when I arrived at...
God of Dimensions (MHAxmale Goku Black Deity hybrid reader) by Cybergigan134
God of Dimensions (MHAxmale Goku B...by Cybergigan134
After the events of Goku Black, Gods that oversaw these events began to fear that more threats would come. So they created a God to defend themselves with. By using th...
Dragon Ball Super: The Multi-Timeline Tournament by JimmyBobby2020
Dragon Ball Super: The Multi-Timel...by Jimmy Bobby
The Omni-Kings from different timelines manage to meet each other and organise a timeline tournament to see which Zeno is the best. In this story we get to see a variety...
Dragonball Mae by kadenzajinx
Dragonball Maeby Dragonball Mae
*Completed* Mae is the daughter of Goku and twin to Gohan. All her life she has worked hard to keep up with her father. Spending a large amount of time training with Veg...
The Only Exception - Goku Black X Reader X Zamasu by AshliKiwii
The Only Exception - Goku Black X...by AshliKiwii
What happens when two mortal hating beings fall in love? What if the person they love was a mortal themselves? Can this so call 'love' last forever? And most importantly...