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Book 1: The Wrath of The Earthling Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z) by Espeon804
Book 1: The Wrath of The Earthling...by Espeon804
"Didn't Raditz tell you old timer?" Goku growls. "I wasn't born on this planet, I was sent here to destroy it. I'm sure that Gohan dropped me on purpose s...
Dragon Ball: New Life by NoobGamers563
Dragon Ball: New Lifeby Noob Gamers
A person from our world dies and is reincarnated in the Dragon Ball universe as Raditz brother of Goku. The new Raditz is determined to leave his mark on the universe an...
Raditz Z: a new beginning by BKL777
Raditz Z: a new beginningby BKL777
This is the story of the Saiyan warrior Raditz if he had survive his encounter with his brother Goku and instead of being forgotten about in Dragon ball history, he live...
If Goku was the Ideal saiyan  by gogeta6
If Goku was the Ideal saiyan by gogeta6
In this story I basically change a bunch of thing to try to make it different from the source material
Good of Raditz by RaditztheSaiyan236
Good of Raditzby Gyro Zeppeli
After five years of peace a new threat comes to Earth its reveal to be alien and he's not very happy with Kakarot. Whoever this Kakarot person is because he's after him...
The Saiyan Queen by Sovereign343
The Saiyan Queenby Reaper
(Y/N) is a Saiyan who was sent to Earth as a baby. She was found and raised by a young woman in the woods, who decided to teach her the art of fighting. Her life will ch...
A Long Haired Sayains Life by fusoinrebron
A Long Haired Sayains Lifeby legendary super fusoin gotenks
this is my first story so sorry if its badly written but here's the description : as raditz lay in hell he is brought back all of the sudden but he slowly falls into dep...
Back to Square One by Xx_Cocaito_xX
Back to Square Oneby Xx_ThePu$$¥Sl@y€®69_xX
Both Goku and Vegeta got sent back to the past to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, see our two legendary super saiyan gods, back to the age of the Raditz saga.
Oneshots about your favorite dbz or dbs characters! You can request anything you want, except lemon. I won't be writing that, so don't request it. The photos and songs...
Dragon Ball Z/SUPER X Reader Oneshots. by godzamasu5432
Dragon Ball Z/SUPER X Reader Onesh...by _Houaida_KH
✨ It's Dragon Ball Z/SUPER x Reader oneshots~✨ ⚫ you can request anything (Expect Lemons... For now.). ⚠️DISCLAIM⚠️: DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT, DragonBall...
Alternate Timeline- Bardock's Earthly Adventures 2- Adventure in Z by KryMeARiva
Alternate Timeline- Bardock's Eart...by KryMeARiva
*Note- Read the first book. Otherwise this might not make sense. Plus, the number 2 in the title means...sequel. After the future was changed by Bardock helping his son...
Dragon Ball Z  X Male Reader by TheLegendarySSJ
Dragon Ball Z X Male Readerby TheLegendarySSJ
A Male Reader insert of the DBZ Story themed around Y/N, A Half-Saiyan born to Goku and Chi-Chi, and is a year older than Gohan Top Rankings: #10 in Cell #3 in Nappa #5...
A Saiyan Love Story (Goku x Vegeta)(Completed) by Salza_notreally
A Saiyan Love Story (Goku x Vegeta...by salzà
Goku left to beerus planet for three months chichi got mad and decided to divorce Goku he moves in with Vegeta and Bulma what will happen? Warning smut anyways enjoy? Ye...
The half-god saiyan - Part 1 by GodlySaiyanWarrior
The half-god saiyan - Part 1by The Alpha Saiyan
Beerus' dad had a child with a universe 7 saiyan, but Zeno destroyed them both for committing an act of taboo. They named the child 'Alpha', because they knew he would b...
Dragon Ball Reset by KnightNinjaH
Dragon Ball Resetby Knight Ninja H
This Story takes place after Goku has left Broly on Vampa at the End of DBS: Broly He teleports but is out Cold What happens after. Who Knows? This is Basically if Goku...
The sayian prodigy  by izumomolover25
The sayian prodigy by Izumomolover
Izuku was sent to earth because his parents was saving him from dying and ended up being killed and end up being found of what he thought he would call a family
Ask or Dare The Saiyans from: "Of The Earthling Saiyan" Fanfiction Series! by Espeon804
Ask or Dare The Saiyans from: "Of...by Espeon804
This is for the readers of my Dragon Ball Z fanfic series; "Of The Earthling Saiyan" Book I: "The Wrath of The Earthling Saiyan" Book 2: "The Re...
Dragon Ball: Reborn As The Twin Brother Of Trunks. by Dragonlord04
Dragon Ball: Reborn As The Twin Br...by Darktiger003
A nobody who was obsessed with the lore of Manga of its entirely especially with fan-mangas and fanfiction as a whole. Due to circumstances(hopefully you all know the mo...
The Earthling Hero by Dream0625
The Earthling Heroby Love-Link#111CPH
I look down from the cliff where my friends and family are. I remember it like it was yesterday of how I became this. ...