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She-Ra Texting Au || After war pov by araarasayonar-a
She-Ra Texting Au || After war povby big simp
Not all ships are canon in this one! Whatever ships I mention now will be the ships throughout this, if you do not like a ship please discard your negativity! (omd I sou...
SHERA GROUPCHAT by meganlovesmusicals
SHERA GROUPCHATby meganlovesmusicals
An au where some shera characters are in a gc. Thats it lmao. ps there will be swears in this 👉👈
She-Ra One Shots by That_weirdPerson
She-Ra One Shotsby 🕷Connie Maheswaran🕸
One shots for She-ra! Feel free request anything. I pretty ship anyone with whoever.
Catradora Aftermath by AFrickinWeeb
Catradora Aftermathby AfrickinWeeb
this is a story about Catradora, I don't really know what to say further T^T ⚠︎🆆︎🅰︎🆁︎🅽︎🅸︎🅽︎🅶︎ 🆃︎🅷︎🅸︎🆂︎ 🅲︎🅾︎🅽︎🆃︎🅰︎🅸︎🅽︎🆂︎⚠︎ ❥︎𝕊𝕞𝕦𝕥 / 𝕊𝕖𝕩𝕦𝕒𝕝 �...
She-ra Incorrect by lesyeuxdechloe
She-ra Incorrectby Chloé
none of these quotes belong to me
Future in the Stars | Catradora by QueenieCalista
Future in the Stars | Catradoraby QC
The war's over, and the Best Friend Squad has gotten themselves into trouble thousands of light-years away. They meet new friends, discover new planets, and eventually s...
How did we end up as soulmates ( a catra x adora high school au / soulmates au by miraculousladybug95
How did we end up as soulmates ( <3catradora<3
What if on your seventeenth birthday everyone got the name of their soulmate on their right wrist. Well it just so had been adoras seventeenth birthday that day...
Catradora oneshots by mariethecat12345
Catradora oneshotsby Kat
This is my book filled with Catradora/Catradora family oneshots! These oneshots are based off songs, have songs in them, or they are plots I come up with. If you guys ha...
Babysitting arrows -Catradora & Glimbow- (discontinued, for now) by Swag_Tiger1634
Babysitting arrows -Catradora & 【𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕖】
follow along with the best friend squad as both couples take on life. (some harsh language) (THIS IS NOT ORIGINALLY MINE, the first chapter was from a pre-existing Fan...
Let's Chat! She-ra Edition by OfficialNetossa
Let's Chat! She-ra Editionby Kotton
She-ra After The War Texting Au
Warriors// Catradora  by itsmentalillnes
Warriors// Catradora by ✨Gay Panic✨
College AU (everyone are humans and there is no magic) Catra and adora were best friends until right before highschool. It's 4 years later and they are both on there way...
A New Promise (She-Ra Epilogue Fanfic) by FierreAngel
A New Promise (She-Ra Epilogue xFierrehunterx
"After the war with Horde Prime ended, Adora, Catra, and the rest of the gang went back to their homes and started fixing everything that was broken from the huge f...
I miss you (Catradora) by Catraswife210012
I miss you (Catradora)by Catraswife210012
Adora played guitar but has lost interest in the instrument. Until she meets Catra , who has a broken guitar and a beautiful voice. Tw:suicide Art by MizzFortune Based...
Imperfect Aftermath (An Entrapdak Fanfiction) by uh-huh_yeah
Imperfect Aftermath (An hey there
For pretty much everyone, everything's doing great. Catra and Adora are getting more serious, along with Bow and Glimmer. Scorpia and Catra are making more friends, Merm...
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If We Tried ~ Catradora AU by iwriteaboutgaystuff
If We Tried ~ Catradora AUby deffo straight🕺
A VERY SLOW BURN BECAUSE THIS STORY HAS A SUPER IN DEPTH PLOT. A new year has begun at Bright Moon Academy, and Adora is excited to finally go. She showed promise in her...
TOHxSPOP by thebestusername22
TOHxSPOPby sunnylittledragon
The war is finally over, now adora can rest. or at least she thinks she can. meanwhile, amity is in the deep part of the library and she stumbles upon a book of glyphs...
Catradora One Shots by bisexualluz
Catradora One Shotsby ✨maya✨
Just one shots about our favorite lesbian duo. - - [art on cover is not mine. credits to the owner] - - Started: May 24, 2020 Ended: ??? #115 - Bow - July 22nd, 2020 #6...
Sty Fr Th Ftr; Catradora High School Au by pebble_life
Sty Fr Th Ftr; Catradora High ur moms favorite
COVER ART IS NOT MINE Ms Weavers foster home has never been a place for happy memories. Only that didn't matter because as long as Catra and Adora stuck together, nothi...
The princess of parties  by MistressRoyal
The princess of parties by Lizzy
Adora is what some people will call "the perfect student" during the day. But what if she's the farthest thing from perfect living a double life. At night Ador...
She-Ra One-Shots And Short Stories by NoobToober
She-Ra One-Shots And Short Storiesby Noob Toober
Just a bunch of stuff my head throws at me. Just a little heads up, my stories tend to be more...sci-fi and drama than romance so...sorry about that. P.S COVER ART NOT M...