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Catradora One Shots by bisexualluz
Catradora One Shotsby ✨natasha✨
Just one shots about our favorite lesbian duo. - - [art on cover is not mine. credits to the owner] - - Started: May 24, 2020 Ended: ??? #115 - Bow - July 22nd, 2020 #6...
★she-ra oneshots★ by OfficialFrosta
★she-ra oneshots★by ☃ 𝐄𝐥𝐬𝐚 𝟐.𝟎 ☃
★Heyo★ ➫literally anything that comes to mind. ➫any ships in she-ra...ANY! ➫fluff n angst, you've come to the right place. ➫a bunch of mumbo jumbo that people might enjo...
◇serendipity◇ by finnapplesauce
◇serendipity◇by cowlover
Two little girls encounter themselves in the woods and immediately become friends, they see each other every day until one suddenly stops going but then what happens...
She-Ra One Shots by That_weirdPerson
She-Ra One Shotsby 🕷Connie Maheswaran🕸
One shots for She-ra! Feel free request anything. I pretty ship anyone with whoever.
Rockstar Of The Past - Catradora by OfficialNetossa
Rockstar Of The Past - Catradoraby Boom Nets
Catra is the lead singer of the Horde, a rock band. One day Glimmer & Bow bring Adora to one of their concerts where Adora & Catra's relationship starts. However, before...
How did we end up as soulmates ( a catra x adora high school au / soulmates au by miraculousladybug95
How did we end up as soulmates ( <3catradora<3
What if on your seventeenth birthday everyone got the name of their soulmate on their right wrist. Well it just so had been adoras seventeenth birthday that day...
i wanna be with you {catradora} by bisexualluz
i wanna be with you {catradora}by ✨natasha✨
[lowercase intended] adora was a new student to brightmoon high. she had just been taken in as a foster child to the richest family in all of brightmoon, and she was ner...
♥︎ 𝚈𝙾𝚄 & 𝙸 ♡︎ by officialbow
♥︎ 𝚈𝙾𝚄 & 𝙸 ♡︎by crop top
♡runways♡ by finnapplesauce
♡runways♡by cowlover
'when two young women find themselves running into each other in an abandoned ruin far far away from their hometown after being rejected fall in love.' (human au)
Catradora Oneshots by SpitefulQueen
Catradora Oneshotsby Michael Scarn
Catradora oneshots with maybe a few other ships sprinkled in between This is my first fic so don't be afraid to give me any tips or leave comments on my work UPDATE: THI...
Sty Fr Th Ftr; Catradora High School Au by pebble_life
Sty Fr Th Ftr; Catradora High ur moms favorite
COVER ART IS NOT MINE Ms Weavers foster home has never been a place for happy memories. Only that didn't matter because as long as Catra and Adora stuck together, nothi...
Stay Together   ~Catradora~ by Gay_Dandere-Chan
Stay Together ~Catradora~by Gay_Dandere-Chan
Catra and Adora were adopted by the same women. Shadow Weaver. You could say their life is normal, they play together, talk to together, they do everything together. Bu...
The fall of the firefly (She-Ra 2018) by DeadpoolShelly
The fall of the firefly (She-Ra Timothy Minga
This is the second book in Ballista's story. The first book is called the beginning of a weapon. This is a fanfic on She-Ra and the princesses of power (2018). I only ow...
Etheria: The Story After It All Changed by ssssdfgv
Etheria: The Story After It All She-Ra-and-Hamiltrash9917
We see into the lives of all our favorite characters after the war of Hoard Prime. Bow and Glimmer begin dating. Catdora intensifies. Mermista and Seahawk begin a relati...
♥ catradora one shots ♥ by asuijade
♥ catradora one shots ♥by jade
cover credit: carvi🌞 on twitter pretty self-explanatory, just catradora one shots. probably background glimbow and scorfuma but mostly catradora REQUESTS: OPEN
Voltron Never Have I Ever  ||  CROSSOVER by MiaDark11
Voltron Never Have I Ever || Mia
Ok so I have decided to bring back an old story I deleted this will be a crossover with My Hero SHIPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allurance,BakuDeku,KiriKami,And Klance (...
Out of This World (A Catradora FanFiction)  by BeowulfX7
Out of This World (A Catradora BeowulfX7
Story cover is not mine. Takes place after season 5. The best friend squad is back, in space! And they're traveling the universe restoring magic to the galaxy! (includes...
She-ra Incorrect  by catraownsmysoul
She-ra Incorrect by Ha-How You Like That
none of these quotes belong to me
Future in the Stars | Catradora  by QueenieCalista
Future in the Stars | Catradora by QC
The war's over. Adora, Catra, Glimmer, Bow, and Melog are on a quest to restore magic to the universe, but after a problem on a new planet, Darla malfunctions and sends...
She-RaXPercy Jackson  by Ke07Nguy
She-RaXPercy Jackson by Ke07Nguy
After the defeat of Horde Prime in Etheria the Best friend squad decide to go to Earth and restore magic but recent events make them stay on Earth longer than planned. ~...