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Incorrect She-ra Quotes  by A_Horde-Scum
Incorrect She-ra Quotes by Horde Scum
What the title says. None of them are mine, unless I say they are but it will mostly be of one's I find on the internet. I don't own She-ra or any of the characters!!
A New Promise (She-Ra Epilogue Fanfic) by FierreAngel
A New Promise (She-Ra Epilogue Fan...by xFierrehunterx
"After the war with Horde Prime ended, Adora, Catra, and the rest of the gang went back to their homes and started fixing everything that was broken from the huge f...
Blurry Purple Memories (She-ra, an Entrapdak fanfiction) by uh-huh_yeah
Blurry Purple Memories (She-ra, an...by hey there
Hordak was sent to be conditioned. Conditioned. Has this happened before? No, yes, no...he cannot recall. In fact, Hordak cannot recall about anything but voices and blu...
Your Imperfections Are Beautiful. Entrapdak.  by theyaoishipment
Your Imperfections Are Beautiful...by Star 💫 Light 🔆
From the moment Entrapta tells Hordak that his imperfections are beautiful. The feelings he has for her begins to grow. Hordak has no experience with love before therefo...
Moonlight by Hitmelikethatsnare
Moonlightby Fear
"C'mon Kyle! I promise you it's fun." "We never danced in the fright zone... I wouldn't be any good." "You don't have to be good to have fun, ju...
Entrapdak by MichaelOfTheStarz
Entrapdakby Michael
This story takes place after the war with Horde Prime, so I recommend making sure you have watched season 5 for this to make more sense :) Also this is the first time...
Etheria: After War by Viper214
Etheria: After Warby Jay
After the defeat of Horde Prime and the end of the war, this book tells the many stories about the princesses and the other's everyday lives in a now saved and more civi...
Imperfect Aftermath (An Entrapdak Fanfiction) by uh-huh_yeah
Imperfect Aftermath (An Entrapdak...by hey there
For pretty much everyone, everything's doing great. Catra and Adora are getting more serious, along with Bow and Glimmer. Scorpia and Catra are making more friends, Merm...
She-Ra Oneshots by Aesthetic_ugly
She-Ra Oneshotsby 𝑾𝒉𝒊𝒕𝒏𝒆𝒚<3
One shots of she ra! 🌺REQUESTS ARE OPEN🌺
Super Pal Quad by Animeforliiifesister
Super Pal Quadby Lord Starscream
It's been six months since the defeat of Horde Prime. Peace is slowly settling in on Etheria. Of course, there are always still some criminals afoot, so the Princess All...
★she-ra oneshots★ by OfficialFrosta
★she-ra oneshots★by ☃ 𝐄𝐥𝐬𝐚 𝟐.𝟎 ☃
★Heyo★ ➫literally anything that comes to mind. ➫any ships in she-ra...ANY! ➫fluff n angst, you've come to the right place. ➫a bunch of mumbo jumbo that people might enjo...
SheRa One Shots by purplegeekprincess
SheRa One Shotsby TᎾᎽ sᎾᏞᎠᎥᎬᏒ💜🧬💫
She Ra One Shots🏳️‍🌈 Mostly relationships including Entrapta❤️ Mostly Entrapdak🧬 I might also do friendship one shots🌼 Open to requests (-Comment them or dm me them)...
Lord and Lady~(Entrapdak) by Raidioactive-HuMan
Lord and Lady~(Entrapdak)by Raidioactive-HuMan
Entrapdak has been one of the best ships in the she-ra World so- I decided to write a fan-fic about it! :)
Severed [She-Ra 2018] by LunaTiel
Severed [She-Ra 2018]by LunaTiel
When Entrapta makes the spur-of-the-moment decision to leap through a portal after Hordak, she finds herself stranded on Horde Prime's flagship in the middle of open spa...
Impulsive Love by 9animefrxxk9
Impulsive Loveby Idk✌️✨
Hordak was with his brothers and Entrapta was back with the princess alliance but she isn't trusted as she had betrayed them once before.
Entrapdak - Because You Caught Me by VinnietheFandomTrash
Entrapdak - Because You Caught Meby Vinnie
This was originally just a oneshot, but my sister wanted me to post it as a full story. Welp!
She-ra lemon fanfic! by Catra_dxddy
She-ra lemon fanfic!by EntraptasThighs
Uh hello! This will be my first ever book so I hope you enjoy it! Anyways! This is a fanfic about my favourite She-Ra ships! :D Anyways uh this will include Lemons and m...
She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power: A New Best Friend Squad Mission! by x_king_e_x
She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power...by ehk_2018
{MAJOR SEASON 5 SPOILERS} After the threat of Horde Prime is gone forever, Etheria is finally at real peace. The Best Friend Squad is more powerful than ever, especially...
She Ra Headcanons by AGhostStoleMyStories
She Ra Headcanonsby Kiers
She Ra headcanons, mostly taking place after s5 so beware of spoilers. I may also do one shots, for which I take suggestions :) #1 in entraptdack, July 1st-19th
Opposites attract | Entrapdak by Entrapdaklover
Opposites attract | Entrapdakby ENTRAPDAKLOVER
This is my first story so please enjoy and send feedback!!