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Donny Pangilinan Imagines by shxwnjoao
Donny Pangilinan Imaginesby seah
posting donny pangilinan imagines originally made by yours truly because dreaming's free, right??? HIGHEST RANK: #533 IN FAN FICTION
  • donuts
  • imagines
  • donatopangilinan
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The Donut Girl by bookbabere
The Donut Girlby yan
The Spin-Off of Prank Caller, and the start of a new series. The Short Food series. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She liked Dunkin' Donuts. He worked at Dunkin' Donuts. "'Cause I'm...
  • sweet
  • humor
  • funny
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do you ever shut up by ellabyers
do you ever shut upby ella
hopefully just hopefully this is the one book i don't delete
  • rantbook
  • hate
  • ella
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STRAWBERRIES !  (spam) by writinghalia
STRAWBERRIES ! (spam)by gimme dem donuts ~
  • donuts
  • strawberry
  • cheese
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Donuts ⇢ Ian Gallagher • shameless by VioletMadisonScott
Donuts ⇢ Ian Gallagher • shamelessby Violet Madison Scott
"You can look, but donut touch Gallagher." - In which two coworkers argue over stealing pink frosted donuts. ⤷ Ian Gallagher ⤷ shameless u.s ⤷ season 3-?
  • carlgallagher
  • donuts
  • cameronmonoghan
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Sugar Rush || Completed by lovelightwings
Sugar Rush || Completedby unbelievable ☆彡
16 pounds of flour + 7 burned pastries + 1 business rival = 24 hour sugar rush { extended summary inside }
  • store
  • donuts
  • hour
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The Artist by izzyfilms06
The Artistby IzzyFilms
An awesome collection of some drawings!
  • thingsido
  • artisawesome
  • mandala
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Jeff The Killer X Reader 💖 by lillylove_rocker
Jeff The Killer X Reader 💖by lillylove_rocker
You are the daughter of the famous SlenderMan he was there for u and yr mother but one day he left and only your mother knew why she never liked to bring it up so u neve...
  • 78
  • maureen
  • ayaka
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Everyone, Everything, All Over Again by TheEmeraldLegend
Everyone, Everything, All Over TheEmeraldLegend
After everything that happened, the Tragedy, Hope's Peak, Jabberwock Island, Towa City and the Warriors of Hope, things looked pretty bleak. Makoto, Byakuya, Hina, Hiro...
  • yutaxkomaru
  • sondam
  • ishikuro
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Lady Loki: The Tale of two Frost Giants by swaglikeanerd
Lady Loki: The Tale of two Frost Haley
"But I love you." She stared at me with conviction. I wouldn't jump. Someone loved me, despite all that I have done. Despite what I was. I held her in my arms...
  • poop
  • zelda
  • ladyloki
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say what ( rants ) by -lxttlepieces
say what ( rants )by e & e
in which two girls rant about their sad life
  • cool
  • erin
  • bored
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how to jerk off with anything Part 1 by scoogfiction9
how to jerk off with anything papa corey
this is a informative series im starting showing that male masturbation is not restricted to the hand and fleshlights and also my experience with these tools
  • donuts
  • informative
  • masterbation
Fack smut by ReddiexFackdreams
Fack smutby Reddie is OTP (this is Richie...
o yeah yeah o yeah yeah yeah yea o yeah yeah o yeah yeah yeah yea come at me
  • urmomgay
  • gaysmut
  • fack
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I'm Innocent, I swear! by gerri_lights
I'm Innocent, I swear!by gerri_lights
Babel was arrested and turns out she has quiet the rap sheet, but did she really commit all those crimes? is it true that she's young, beautiful, but deadly? Will the th...
  • captain
  • girls
  • mrs
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Unfair ( mike x reader x Jeremy) by carmenotero12
Unfair ( mike x reader x Jeremy)by carmenotero12
This is my very first book so please don't be rude
  • donuts
  • cookies
  • jeremy
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Funny and dumb jokes by thebiggestswiftie
Funny and dumb jokesby TheBiggestSwiftie
Funny and dumb jokes. Trying for 1,000 reads by end of year. Joke 9: an Insulting Justin Bieber joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, farting fun!!!!!
  • omg
  • funny
  • awesomness
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Human Art 2  by Lanu-pseudo
Human Art 2 by L̶a̶n̶u̶s̶u̶ IX
Part 2 of human art/procrastination 101 (' ∀ ' *)
  • ocstory
  • ibispaint
  • anime
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Legos DC Super Villains/// Reader Insert/// by ToniTurtleAngel
Legos DC Super Villains/// ToniTurtleAngel
For all those who like the game but are to lazy and chicken to make a story about it... Following the recent capture of y/n /Rookie who had broken into the laboratory o...
  • lego
  • supervillans
  • dc
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Same Mistakes   (Harry Styles Fanfiction) by anniestyles98
Same Mistakes (Harry Styles Annie Styles
Nicole Jane Montgummery has been the perfect girl, every parent wants but this life has led to many difficulties and mistakes which are hidden under her perfection, she...
  • nialler
  • notice
  • party
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Doughnuts (Akashi x Kagami) by 7Savage7LS
Doughnuts (Akashi x Kagami)by Elise Castle
Kagami's making doughnuts/donuts. Akashi's getting horny. Doughnuts + horny Akashi = doughnut sex
  • kuroko
  • donuts
  • kagamixakashi
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