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Jealousy - Tom Kaulitz by 1nLov3W1thT0m
Jealousy - Tom Kaulitzby T0K10 H0T3L <3
Eleanor has known the Kaulitz twins for as long as she could remember. They even started a band together, called Tokio Hotel, which has strengthened their bond even more...
When Your Eyes Meet Mine - Tom Kaulitz丰 by TomKaulitz91736
When Your Eyes Meet Mine - Tom Tom Kaulitz wife❤️
It was the first day of school and a new music teacher comes around who happens to be a hot, rich boy that's just a few years older than you. Throught out the story some...
Hate, love, cars and mafia together in Tokyo /Tom Kaulitz story/ by JosxGbgX
Hate, love, cars and mafia JosxGbgX
Taylor decides to move to Tokyo with her best friend Mellie. While there, they get invited to a street racing party by their friend Hirato. Unexpected they get to meet...
FWU. || Tom Kaulitz. by l0vesucked
FWU. || Tom l0vesucked
Adriana just got dumped by her boyfriend. In an attempt to make him jealous, she finds a rockstar to help her with that. Being the perfect Victoria's Secret model she is...
Adeline | Tom Kaulitz ✓ by nneptunussz_
Adeline | Tom Kaulitz ✓by nneptunussz_
Book 1 of The Adeline Series Tom Kaulitz X Oc " what's your name, pretty girl? " He asks, a small smirk forming on his face as decides to take a step forward c...
Black question mark by Majorboy_addiction
Black question markby Majorboy_addiction
My name is Morgan. I grew up in fosters care where I met 2 boys. We were all 10 when we met. as rime went on times only got harder. Morgan runs into them years later...
Hunted by the mafia, memories and secrets in Rome/Tom Kaulitz story by JosxGbgX
Hunted by the mafia, memories JosxGbgX
Sequel to Hate, love, cars and mafia together in Tokyo /Tom Kaulitz story/. Please read before reading this. However you can read this story by itself if you want to. __...
I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU || Tom Kaulitz by Cazziopea
what happens when a band's make up artist becomes a soloist singer but the question is? what will happen when the Guitarist and Singer had a big issue will the fans supp...
the boy next door ||Tom Kaulitz  by qz_tom
the boy next door ||Tom Kaulitz by qz_tom
After finally 7 years of leaving Germany Lily came back to Germany with new features, new personality, and a ton of new other stuff 😜 Enjoy and please vote 🫶🏼
Love at first sight, Tom Kaulitz by slvtfor3ll1ewilliams
Love at first sight, Tom Kaulitzby TLOU 😍
You are an exchange student from Madeira, a small island in Portugal. One day, while beating up a guy, who was creep towards you, you see a very handsome guy who catch...
2 Windows - Bill Kaulitz by georgsgyat483
2 Windows - Bill Kaulitzby 丰Hol丰
idk what goes on in the story anymore but i love it sooooooo shit urself. also check my new stories out they ve up on my page This takes place in leipzig,Germany in 2004...
Tokio Hotel imagines  by whoknowscapsicle
Tokio Hotel imagines by whoknowsfreak
i take requests and i write stories and imagines. Every band member is in this story, Bill,Tom,Gustav and Georg. Please give requests if u want more stories or imagines.
The racers choice by beetutube
The racers choiceby xaj
Blair Vandeleur is 21 years old her parents died in a car accident and she grew up with her aunt since she was a baby ever since her aunt has been very abusive towards h...
Hell is our girl // tom kaulitz  by randomstories2023
Hell is our girl // tom kaulitz by randomstories23
come join us on the bumpy start to tomorrow kaulitz daughters life! faceclaims: all tokio hotel as themselves lily baker: random girl off pinterest baby kalen: maddie...
Lost in Time a Bill Kaulitz x Reader story by Beccuwu
Lost in Time a Bill Kaulitz x Becca Rose
What happens when a fan gets their wish granted and ends up stuck in the past with their favorite band from the early 2000s? was once #7 in #Bill
Love Lust Lies. by moonlightlitskys
Love Lust moonlightlitskys
Hi I am Angel and I grew up in a abusive and toxic family. All my life all I wanted was to get out of my home and start a new life in Germany. As soon as I turned 18 I b...
Tom Imagines by Qvietlover
Tom Imaginesby Qvietlover
Some sweet, happy, and sad Tom Kaulitz imagines Rank #1: 2000s 5/26/23 Rank #1: Gustav 6/3/23 Rank #1: Monsoon 6/26/23
fall in love with the fame. || Tom Kaulitz. by get222knowme
fall in love with the fame. || livvy 🌟
Jade just moved to Los Angeles, California where she ends up meeting someone by the name of Tom Kaulitz. Will she give into his cheesy act and end up falling for him too...
Tom Kaulitz - One Shots  by clawdelrey
Tom Kaulitz - One Shots by clawdelrey
Just one shots with young Tom Kaulitz (we're all delusional) keep in mind the lewd ones are when he is 18 or 20!!
Bill imagines by Qvietlover
Bill imaginesby Qvietlover
Just some sweet and sad Bill Kaulitz imagines