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My Hero Academia : The Day Everything Changed by ChildOfBeast13
My Hero Academia : The Day Sage of the 6 sayians
One day long ago in Qing Qing City, China, a luminescent baby was born with a unique power. Then, as time passed, the similar phenomena happened all over the world, and...
Multifandom Oneshots by DialDiva
Multifandom Oneshotsby DialDiva
[various x reader oneshots/ headcanons] requests: OPEN I do requests for all fandoms specified in [disclaimer]. enjoy :) [last updated: 2021] character on the cover is S...
Jaune the Tokusatsu hero and the United Hero Front by caloyantig29
Jaune the Tokusatsu hero and the VEGArush
The world of Jake, Randy, Danny, Ben, Rex, and Max are One and they are their own town's heroes making them unaware that a force of villains known as the Black Syndicate...
Naruto Otsutsuki the last of the nine by juubi-mage0327
Naruto Otsutsuki the last of the juubi-mage0327
Naruto after Sasuke tried to bleed out and drown him meets Kaguya, Shinigami, and Arceus. He is then informed of his entry into the eternal council of the dieties. He is...
Generator Bomb by Anime0CC0Manga
Generator Bombby Anime0CC0Manga
When A EVO Human Meets A Bomb Human~
In For Pound, In For A Penny by Anime0CC0Manga
In For Pound, In For A Pennyby Anime0CC0Manga
A Sensational Girl And Salutation Boy Having A Lot Of Fun Together~
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The Scarab, and the E.V.O by adamabyss12
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The adamabyss12
The SCP world has been known for housing a number of supernatural entities for the sake of humanity's normalcy and to keep them safe. And there is no exception of these...
Ask or Dare: SUPERHERO A Writer named V4
You ask We answer! You dare We follow! Welcome to Superhero All-Stars where your not-so-ordinary characters from TV shows, video games, or novels will answer your dying...
DC's Defenders (Ben 10 Male Reader x DC Comics) by Fireburnns22
DC's Defenders (Ben 10 Male Natale
(I don't own Ben 10, DC Comics or Generator Rex in the crossover. All Arts belong to the original creators) A few years after defeating Maultran, Ben Tennyson is sent by...
Ben 10: Between Aliens And Demons (shortened)  by thedarkebeka
Ben 10: Between Aliens And The darke Bika
Ben Tennyson, hero and savior of his city, planet, galaxy and even universe, finds himself aganest one of his strongest foes, and as expected every thing (only he) went...
Ben 10 Radiant War Part 2. Volume 2. by Misaka_Omnitrix
Ben 10 Radiant War Part 2. Mikoto Misaka
Long ago, a Vampire took over the country of Britain and all of Europe. Vlad, Lord of Vampires was unstoppable. But one day, a single servant rose up from within his o...
Cartoon House Volume 1 by TheHeroMasterx
Cartoon House Volume 1by TheHeroMasterx
What would it be like if Cartoon Characters from Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and other media hang out together in one big house? Characters that you gre...
Element Alien Crossover (Ben 10 X Crossover X Male Reader) by Sergil1612
Element Alien Crossover (Ben 10 Heisei Animeverse
When the world was created, The planet Earth is peaceful where humans and life is. Humans help other people, build things, and save others. But then suddenly everything...
Generator Rex Nanite Builds by ShippudenGenerator
Generator Rex Nanite Buildsby The Evo's Haven
This is a file of nanite builds I've made for Rex. And ones that others have made.
PITCH BLACK by GlampireRockstar
PITCH BLACKby HardcoreLonewolf
Felicity "Liz" Sarah Harmon aka Mouse was the Lucky Girl by her cosmic aura powers and being born with pure magic energy in her real family. Liz soon finds out...
Justice League x RWBY: A Hero Among Huntsmen  by GohanHArora
Justice League x RWBY: A Hero Gohan H Arora
Huntsmen Elite Warrior's Protector's of Humanity on Remnant but what If they aren't Enough, What if the world of Remnant needs more than Huntsmen and Huntresses, What th...
Rex Salazar in Scooby-Doo! and The Witch's Ghost by SDFan12435
Rex Salazar in Scooby-Doo! and SDFan12435
Rex and the Mystery Inc. gang meet a horror writer who invites them to go back to his hometown for the Autumn Fest, where they learn that one of the writers ancestors wa...
Ben 10, Multiverse Academy. Book 2: The Armor Of Magic by Omnitrix_Wielder
Ben 10, Multiverse Academy. Book Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson, sophmore at Rysen Academy, the number 1 school in the multiverse for heroes, has become a student advisor. While doing a mission for the school in a dimens...
Generator Rex: Stuck in the World of Titans by ShippudenGenerator
Generator Rex: Stuck in the The Evo's Haven
I know that some of you want my other stories but I've been having trouble cause I've had a writers block and trying to figure out where to take the story. So I'm dealin...
stories from Belwood: the twin invasions. by crystal_pro_2024
stories from Belwood: the twin crystalline productions 2024
5 years after the events of ben gen rex, rex has moved up to being part of providence's special forces team. however, when an encounter with a new Evo reviles some mind...