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Julius x Reader(Female) by AbbyWolf7
Julius x Reader(Female)by Abby Wolf
Julius finds love after Debbie dumped him, but will it be enough to satisfy his heart and pranks?? Disclaimer:I own none of the art, credit goes to the artists This is a...
Julius x Reader by ThatGirlWhoLovesArt
Julius x Readerby V3N0M ST0N3
I noticed that Julius doesn't have a lot of attention on here so I'm gonna do this for all the Julius Oppenheimer Jr fans out there! Any art shown here is not mine unles...
The Cat Life. by Nyxcynx
The Cat Life.by Nyxcynx
How you feel Gumball been pain and Hurt and sad. Well here the sad story of cat.
Who Could Forget You? TAWoG Rob x Reader by hundredpercenttrash
Who Could Forget You? TAWoG Rob x...by hundredpercenttrash
This story has a non-gender specific reader (because I'm personally very gay for this guy and I know you gals love this heartthrob of a cartoon villain.)
Just Follow Me! (Gumball x Chi Chi Story) by Cool3speon
Just Follow Me! (Gumball x Chi Chi...by Your Stalker, Angel
I know I'm weird for shipping this but I have no regrets writing this book So if this ship isn't really you're thing, don't read ;D 🐐 + 🐈 = ❤️
The Power by ImaginationStudios8
The Powerby ImaginationStudios8
It all started when Darwin questions why his brother hates his birthday. He.. Might not want to know the reason why. Turns out, it's because of a weird power thing insi...
"El libro del Gumrob"  【Rob x Gumball】 by GrANDkyman
"El libro del Gumrob" 【Rob x Gumb...by M08yDBGr
Análisis, teoría y fan arts de nuestro ship favorito #5 en Tawog
Transformation Tragedies [CoRIII] by BlackDogWrites
Transformation Tragedies [CoRIII]by Black Dog Productions
[IN PROGRESS] Taking a different form. Penny Fitzgerald knows all about it, but she never saw anything such as terrifying as what she witnessed her boyfriend's mother tu...
Dinner Disaster [CoR II] by BlackDogWrites
Dinner Disaster [CoR II]by Black Dog Productions
Richard has been bullied by Harold Wilson since he was a teen and has no other choice than eventually telling his wife Nicole about it, when the situation gets worse. N...
hot dog guy x gumball fanfic by shutgefuckup
hot dog guy x gumball fanficby pang concern
Reacting to TAWOG! by RoseIsANinja
Reacting to TAWOG!by RoseIsAWriter
This story takes place after the "movie" (It hasn't released yet. But they would probably find out that there on a TV show in it. ) Anyways, this is about Gumb...
You're my Hippie-A Larry x Mr. Small fanfiction  by Gamergirl_3221
You're my Hippie-A Larry x Mr. Sma...by Gamergirl 129
Larry always had to work hard to keep Elmore citizens happy, but what happens when his work becomes too much to handle? Will he give up, or will the guidance counselor f...
Rob X Reader   ||  Not finished Yet  ||  ( TAWOG ) by StillAPeace0fGarbage
Rob X Reader || Not finished Ye...by StillAPeace0fGarbage
This story is currently under development! It won't be finished for a while, since Im working on Rob x Reader oneshots and an entire book based off of my version of the...
Blind Love (Tobias X Ocho/ T. A. W. O. G fanfic) by CookieBunnyCat
Blind Love (Tobias X Ocho/ T. A. W...by Cookie
Ocho confesses his love to Tobias but, when they start dating, Tobias does something really bad that makes Ocho very sad: his mother also does something bad to Ocho as w...
Art Book Cuz I Can by NephaliMations
Art Book Cuz I Canby Nephalimus
Hi! I just post random pieces of art on here, some of them will be TAWOG, a lot of them will be sketches, some of them will be the Sock Gang! Honestly, who knows.. I'm r...
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me (Discontinued Look For Full Story On New Profile) by oneraincloud
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me (Di...by oneraincloud
Okay, so this is probably a crack ship and I'm really sorry. Warning: Updates are Random the story sucks I'm bad at this Homosexuality I'm sorry Also the cover art is fr...
Rob X Singer! Reader (Let Me Sing For You) by Hitoshimybeloved
Rob X Singer! Reader (Let Me Sing...by Hitoshi_Shinso
You are (Y/N) (L/N), the anonymous singer who recently moved to Elmore with their mother. (Y/N) already had friends who lived here, those friends are also the ones who...
Bloody claws by Yaoispecialist
Bloody clawsby Yaoispecialist
A step outside the door,was the biggest step of their life,even though hunting,running and hiding will be their hastened fate as they walk at the streets,they don't care...
[𝚆𝙸𝙿] 𝙱𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚠𝚎𝚎𝚝 𝙲𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢 by CoffeeTime0_
[𝚆𝙸𝙿] 𝙱𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚠𝚎𝚎𝚝 𝙲...by Tired__
(I have never seen one wattpad story just based off one of the Detention Gang characters from TAWOG so here I am. To bring it to other Rotten Cupcake simps. Enjoy!!) 𝙸...