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The Game || BOOK 1 || by karin_is_bae
The Game || BOOK 1 ||by KARINJUICE🥵
stud x female book . ?? [ this book was made : december 13 , 2016 ]
Zeno's Sapphire  by angeleafyy_
Zeno's Sapphire by angeleafyy's
She's a shy and soft girl who only finds comfort as long as she's next to her family but when she got lost and found by him. She felt new feeling that leads her to wanti...
Let's Be Lowkey Mr. Mayor by WorthyCurious18
Let's Be Lowkey Mr. Mayorby WorthyCurious18
Status: COMPLETED!!! Love is unpredictable.. Love moves in mysterious ways they say.. She is Princez Dione Ramirez a college business administration student and a schoo...
Gay series#1: Pretenders [COMPLETED] by Itsj0yj0y7
Gay series#1: Pretenders [ J0yJ0y
Aliyah Vien Contez is good at pretending all of her friends thought she's from a rich family in Asia except her best friend. She knew Aliyah's identity but she still acc...
She Plays Bass by GeekyOptimist
She Plays Bassby McDaisy
Blake and I have been neighbours since the beginning of time, she annoys me with her loud music, I annoy her with my bickering, but one day that changes, she's not just...
When Gay Fall In love To The Girl by SiYumekoKo
When Gay Fall In love To The Girlby Asuna Yuuki
"I want to see you happy being my friend but how? When the time I saw you happy to the another man make me man too!" -Erick Allstate...
My Heartless Husband by kenesmei
My Heartless Husbandby kenesmei
Isn't it weird that just on one night stand all things changed i get married because of one mistake. Mistake that turned into 5 stages of griefs. Inshort a sinful love. ...
Girls Gone Gay (A Bit Of Smut) by mollsds
Girls Gone Gay (A Bit Of Smut)by mollsds
A lonely nerd, you gets bullied countless times, you're coming to terms with your sexuality when the new girl comes and sits at her table. Almost instantly you guys have...
Lost Then Found by Taleth
Lost Then Foundby Taleth
~The SEQUEL to 'Alex's Girl' is finally here~ It has been seven years since the events of 'Alex's Girl', where Alexis Sterling loved then lost Valerie Greco, a troubled...
Unlikely Happenings (Lesbian Stories) (girlxgirl) by TheSelfProclaimed
Unlikely Happenings (Lesbian TheSelfProclaimed
Casey McDonald is not your typical high school teenage girl. She is the star quarterback of the Oakdale High School football team. She crosses paths with Amy Summerfield...
Crossroads (Lesbian Stories)(gxg) by TheSelfProclaimed
Crossroads (Lesbian Stories)(gxg)by TheSelfProclaimed
Christy Johnson is the school's star basketball player. Kayla Owens is the school's soccer star. When these star athletes are paired together for a project, the feelings...
LGBTQ+ memes by jupiters-star
LGBTQ+ memesby Jup
Hi I'm pan 👋🏻 Gay? Great. Starts off as just bi memes, turns into various. Updates every Friday, or just whenever. Take a looksies inside this, bc you'll find: -lots o...
Home Is Where The Heart Is by MadisonJ30
Home Is Where The Heart Isby Madison Jennings
Natalie Ross has a lot of things to be known for at school; being student body president, being a softball superstar, or even the way she is able to Ace every test. But...
Is It Worth The Risk? by mwasiess
Is It Worth The Risk?by mwasiess
Talia Woods and Mia RedField are sworn enemies meant to hate each other. But when they end up having to spend more time with each other due to their families, could some...
My Everything by tasha112244
My Everythingby tasha112244
Dawson's life revolves around lacrosse she doesn't care about anything else. Her life is perfect at the moment she has the perfect boyfriend, grades, popularity and most...
Her Abused Mate by mystical-mutt
Her Abused Mateby Eve
ALERT!!!!!!! THIS BOOK IS BEING REWRITTEN AND PUBLISHED UNDER A BOOK CALLED FATED LOVE AND WAR!! As I post the new chapters there I'll be deleting the chapters here! So...
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Wattpad Recommendations by jhonamaebriones
Wattpad Recommendationsby neverlove
To those who don't have stories to read this is for you.
LOVE at First Sight with DA-GAY? by shyinggirl26
LOVE at First Sight with DA-GAY?by Gremarie06
Naranasan mo na bang mainlove sa Isang LALAKI at worst sa Isang BAKLA? Yong Hindi mo sinasadyang makita Siya ng magaganda mong mga mata ay Hindi mo na mapigilang tingnan...
Incredibles: Connection Lost, A Hevelyn Fanfic by kerrykaffeebean
Incredibles: Connection Lost, A KerryKaffeeBean
This takes place after the events of Incredibles 2, warning for Incredibles 2 spoilers. After Supers have been legalized, Helen and Eveyln struggle to move on after what...
Taming Summer (Summer Trilogy #1) by riyui_
Taming Summer (Summer Trilogy #1)by rsndyui
Summer's hot welcome. Summer Trilogy #1