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Smut book (boyxboy) by lmao5soswhat
Smut book (boyxboy)by :-)
5SOS smut boyxboy
sexting || 5sos by shoyou
sexting || 5sosby shoyou
"I'm horny" "You're always horny" "Yeah but I'm extra horny"
5Sos BoyXBoy Oneshots // Requests Open :) by ohnomarie
5Sos BoyXBoy Oneshots // Marie
Just a bunch of 5sos boy x boy oneshots REQUESTS ARE OPEN Malum Mashton Cashton Cake Muke Lashton Contains fluff, depression, self harm, suicide, family, adventures but...
together [lashton] ✔ by sweetangelsmuke
together [lashton] ✔by m <3
in which luke and ashton are inseperable younger!luke older!ashton any chapters with tw's will be labeled as such started ; feburary 10th, 2018 ended ; august 19th, 201...
Into You (Luke Hemmings x Male Reader) by 1800dumbbitchjuice
Into You (Luke Hemmings x Male dreamer boy
"Got everyone watching us, so baby let's keep it secret. A little bit scandalous, but baby don't let them see it. A little less conversation and a l...
dear michael | muke by screwthestars
dear michael | mukeby screwthestars
CAUTION: I was 14 and depressed when I wrote this. HIGHEST RANK: #2 everythingIdidn'tsay #2 5sosmuke #18 gay5sos #19 mukefanfiction completed lowercase caps, luke writes...
Taken  2 ⁺ OT4 by writer_ganymede
Taken 2 ⁺ OT4by 。𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘳 。
The one where Luke gets taken. Again. ✵ ˚ * ✫ ✵ .  ✫ ✧ ·   Info ❁Swearing ❁Violence ❁Inappropriate Acts ❁Education (YIKES!...) jk ❁Consented/Un-consented Sexual act...
Fanboy // Luke Hemmings by Sophwrites72
Fanboy // Luke Hemmingsby Sophia
A story about Evan: The clueless fanboy who happens to fall into a Twitter follow, a few FaceTime calls, and some leaked photos.
Best Years • Cashton by CALMly-5sos
Best Years • Cashtonby mortem
"It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you" (Short Story)
HAIR » muke by arzaylea
HAIR » mukeby ᵃⁿˢ
[ C O M P L E T E D ] A story where Luke likes to play with Michael's hair.
Gay 5sos Smut by etherealhazza
Gay 5sos Smutby it's alright
Bunch of gay 5sos smut
5SOS BXB One Shots by playingmuke
5SOS BXB One Shotsby real life meme
all one shots are written by me and posted on my AO3 (@playingmuke) pm me for request
5SOS One-Shots || BoyXBoy by hiorgayrecords
5SOS One-Shots || BoyXBoyby kaaaaatt
Just some boyxboy one-shots about 5 Seconds of Summer! Hope y'all enjoy!
Kik Message || Malum by SkylarTwigg9
Kik Message || Malumby Skylar
Michael_Cliff : Hey its the boy from Walmart! Callum_Um_no: Oh um.. i think you have the wrong kik
"Hi, I'm Luke." || 5sos **process of being edited**  by intoxicated-Luke
"Hi, I'm Luke." || 5sos ** Jett
Hi, I'm Luke I'm 16 I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13 Hi I'm Calum, I'm 17 I have bulimia Since I was 14 Hi, I'm Michael I'm 18 I've been suicidal since...
You Should Be Here (Ashton Irwin x Male Reader)  by 1800dumbbitchjuice
You Should Be Here (Ashton Irwin dreamer boy
"Your body is here, but your mind is somewhere else." "So far gone, and you think I can't tell that you are disconnected, you've pulled away." ...
Hemmings Birds :||: Muke by Wildflowers_Death
Hemmings Birds :||: Mukeby Skylar
~Slowly being Updated~ Texting: Baby Penguin ❤ Luke: I'm really tired but I want to keep texting you. Mikey: :P :) Luke: I do! Mikey: Hehehehehehe I love it when you sa...
The Hole in Heaven|||ot4; 5sos by SxcialSxicide
The Hole in Heaven|||ot4; 5sosby Sleepful nightmare
"Baby boy, you can't leave this time. This time you're staying" *• -;or where Michael always seems to fall down the one hole in heaven and ends up somewhere he...
No Sex Zone // Muke by Sophwrites72
No Sex Zone // Mukeby Sophia
(Very slow updates) When sex is practically forbidden in their community and punishable by life in jail, two sex addicts find each other and a way to get their kicks in...
High School Boys       (Lashton) by attentionseeking
High School Boys (Lashton)by a
High school is about feeling on top of the world, then crying alone in the bathroom two hours later. It's throwing up in your best friends sink at 3am, wearing nothing b...