Death of a King

Death of a King

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Carebear! By The_Queen_97 Completed

Sadie Caster is a good girl with a bad attitude and the mouth of a sailor to match. Though she pretends life is perfect, her family is falling apart, shredded by death and illness. She has never known the type of dangers that lurk on the other side of town after nightfall but one mistake puts Sadie on the streets after sunset, a time when everyone knows to stay indoors. A time when the Tribe rides.
The Tribe, a motorcycle gang of barbarians with a bad reputation nearly a nation wide. From the east coast to the west, the tales of their bloodshed and nightmarish members wreak havoc on those unfortunate enough to cross their path. It's been said that this troop from hell is led by a man none outside the Tribe has ever seen, and his devil of a nephew.
Dustin King, a living sin wrapped in leather, marked by scars, and so sexy that you'd sell your soul for a taste. With myths of his power spreading far and wide, pissing him off might land you six feet under. As second-in-command and fresh out of prison, he's in line to take over for his aging uncle but not all want to see Dustin become leader. Some would prefer to see him dead. And Sadie has seen it happen, in her dreams. Dreams that seem to warn her of events ... before they happen, in the most cryptic ways imaginable. Dreams she didn't start having until she met Dustin.
Now held prisoner as Dustin's rider, Sadie finds herself learning the ways of The Tribe from the inside. And maybe, just maybe, they aren't as bad as everyone seems to think. With the target on Dustin's back growing day by day and as their feelings for one another blossom, Dustin and Sadie are against the clock to restore order and prevent catastrophe before it's too late. But with peace comes price, and the cost of war might be too steep. What is the price, you ask? The death of a king.

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PG-13: strong language, gory scenes, and whole lot of heartache

Highest rankings: #35 in teen fiction, #13 in Danger, #1 in Suffer

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When she said come back i instantly thought of rose and her hoarse voice in titanic lol
BeckyBola BeckyBola May 29
Me reading the prologue knowing the book might or is gonna end bad but my curiosity won't stop.
okay...I'm doing this to myself again...reading a book knowing that it would have a sad ending..
                              why do i do this to myself again?
If it's not a goodbye what is it??? Do not close your eyes duuuude. D:
drunksauce drunksauce 6 days ago
man i really want to read this but knowing that he will die i dont want to.
                              he better come back alive through some supernatural shitt because im going to read this.
itzleilei itzleilei Jul 08
Oh my shįt I just realized this wasn’t the chapter I was on and that wattpad brought me back, bįtch I was about to cry