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Homestuck Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by SoundzGood
Homestuck Boyfriend/Girlfriend SoundzGood
Hello ✨ This is my first boyfriend/girlfriend scenario book and I'm pretty darn happy with how it's going Sorry if the characters are OC Also the book has just the bet...
Sober Gamzee x reader by aloistrancyandciel
Sober Gamzee x readerby aloistrancyandciel
So this is a yandere gamzee x reader its not a lemon sadly so yeah
[Beta kids Homestuck BF scenarios] by Candy_Puffz
[Beta kids Homestuck BF scenarios]by Candy_Puffz
So hey efurry body I'm doing a Homestuck boyfriend scenario thingy! Yay so this is the first of 3. I will be doing beta kids and beta trolls. The next one I will do is d...
Homestuck x reader oneshots  by EridansUglyAssCape
Homestuck x reader oneshots by I ❤️ m @
Short stories were I ship you and your favorite characters together! I will be taking requests, rules will be at the first chapter!
Homestuck One-Shots by neonlinen
Homestuck One-Shotsby .........
Exactly what it sounds like
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios by SomeRandoWeirdo
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenariosby The Real Cringe
Well, this is really self explanatory. Basically it's a collection of the guys of Homestuck who are being written in as your boyfriend. Obviously the story lines wont ta...
Servant (Gamzee x Reader) by RyleyisGay
Servant (Gamzee x Reader)by YukiNori
Okay this is my first so dont laugh. Unless theres a funny part. But still. I wrote this because i was just bored really. And after reading a few others i got some ideas...
Karkat (and others)x reader (lemon/normal oneshots~) {REQUESTS} by oofjoseph
Karkat (and others)x reader ( aaaA
I'm not a huge homestuck fan but I know enough about it to get some stories done, and since I'm smut queen, anywho I'm thirsty for reads so lmaooo HOW TO REQUEST- commen...
Karkat and Dave React to Ships by KarkatVantabulous
Karkat and Dave React to Shipsby Karkat Vantabulous
This is exactly what the title says. Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider reacting to different ships, you can request a ship here, on my announcements book, or you can PM me...
Little Bitty Miracles {Gamzee x Tavros} by x_golgothasTerror_x
Little Bitty Miracles {Gamzee x ABANDONED ACCOUNT
BOOK DOES CONTAIN ADULT LANGUAGE!!!!! ~Lemon Free~ It was getting harder and harder to take a single breath. She would've stopped by now, but Vriska's nails just dug dee...
Gamzee X Reader Lemon - My Miracle by irkenkin
Gamzee X Reader Lemon - My Miracleby irkenkin
hey what's up here's a gross fic for all the clown fuckers out there 💕💕💕 Warning for : knifeplay, dubcon/noncon, praise/worship, breeding
The Makara Maid by Anuyushi
The Makara Maidby Anuyushi
The highbloods wanted a small weak little woman to do all their housework without complaints. What they got, was you. And you weren't that. ((Mild language warning)) //R...
Little Miss Highblood (Makara Family X Grub!Reader) by HighbloodLowblood
Little Miss Highblood (Makara Meh
A bunch of adorable preferences and short stories about you and the Makara family :3 TRIGGER WARNING: Cursing!
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenario by Moon-Of-Death
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarioby MoonOfDeath
This is mostly the Beta trolls but if you want to request someone you can.
MiRaClEs (Gamzee x reader) by drowsyPaleontologist
MiRaClEs (Gamzee x reader)by ReAve
When you were walking around comic con, enjoying the scenery and fellow nerds, you see an extremely good Karkat cosplayer. He introduces you to his friends... and you fi...
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various trolls) by MistressOfTheVoid
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various Mistress
Your troll friends aren't used to your 'human illnesses' so it's up to you to nurse them back to health. (cover art isn't mine. It belongs to
Lost, with you by Dyystopia
Lost, with youby 🌹Cas🌹
(Gamtav human stuck AU) ((tw: harsh language)) --> be the sad, half a boy: Your name is tavros nitram. You are half a boy. Literally and figuratively. When you were...