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No One Really Understands by Censored4YourSafety
No One Really Understandsby Peach
Karkat felt alone. Friendless. An outcast. He thought he was alone in the world. Until he met Dave. He understood. They weren't so different, the two. They understood ea...
Cutie And The Clown A Humanstuck Gamzee x Reader by StevonnieEliza
Cutie And The Clown A Humanstuck Just Trash ^-^
Heyo! This is my first "x Reader!" I hope you like! Anyways, you are a teenage girl that attends Alternia Highschool. It's the last marking period and you need...
EriSol One-Shots by TyrianNoChill
EriSol One-Shotsby Done With Life
A series of one-shots about everyone's favorite couple EriSol.
With Eyes to Hear and Hands to Speak by hckin_nerd
With Eyes to Hear and Hands to On Other Sites
John is the new kid, with everything that comes with that title; awkwardness, shyness, and attempts to make friends. Except all of this is made even worse with the fact...
Sollux X Reader ~Nerds~ by heir_of_windsock413
Sollux X Reader ~Nerds~by GT: Wind sock??
Tbh idk what I'm doing with this rn this is just boredom so if it's good yay if not idc read if you want I can't tell u wtf is gonna happen I'm probably not gonna have l...
~Davekat~ MERSTUCK by johnegboii
~Davekat~ MERSTUCKby spaghetto
Karkat's entire life was going to change after his father won the lottery. "A private island", he said. He never said they weren't alone. I'm updating the stor...
JohnDave-Love Forbidden by Rumination_Runaway
JohnDave-Love Forbiddenby Killer
A story, filled with jealousy, hatred, desperation, discrimination, beauty, lovers, ships, heartaches, swearing, abuse, judges, and so, so much more. Read about how John...
Erisol Shit by KillerFruitcake
Erisol Shitby Tez
Sollux is the new kid, he finds himself fitting in better than the rich kid, eridan ever did, and he lived there all his life. They instantly hate each other. But what h...
Mi Admirador Secreto by Sommno
Mi Admirador Secretoby Joputas
Kankri es un chico Estudioso, inteligente, poco sociable, de castidad y sobre todo el mejor de la clase. Un dia comienza ah tener mensajes de un desconocido, era un a...
Behind the Shades [davekat] by decidowolf
Behind the Shades [davekat]by ??????
Humanstuck! High school davekat AU. Karkat Vantas is the new kid in town and is a social outcast. He's struggles with his life at home, and can't seem to find his happin...
The Roommate I Never Expected ( Davekat ) by Hello-how-are-you
The Roommate I Never Expected ( Pooplord
Karkat has left the house and is looking for a place to live. He finds a place with a roommate who is a total douche, but the rent is cheap and the apartment is better t...
Homestuck X Readers by like_a_sopor_pie
Homestuck X Readersby MiRaCuLoUs VaNtAsS~
Hey there, miraculous reader! I have some amazing Homestuck X Reader ideas, so I've decided to type them up for your entertainment! {I'll make sure to tag necessary trig...
Dave X Reader X Dirk (Editing And Complete) by NickyDieos
Dave X Reader X Dirk (Editing Nicky Dieos
When you transfer from London to a new school, in the states, you find two very attractive boys. One boy hates your guts and the other is trying to get closer to you. Ha...
Being Karkat Vantas: A DaveKat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Being Karkat Vantas: A DaveKat ~Lexi~
Karkat Vantas knew ever since he was little that he was actually a she; she always dreamed of finding a love who accepted her for who she was. After the betrayal of her...
The HomeStuck Burn Book by PinkerthanPoland
The HomeStuck Burn Bookby Erina
[S] >open the burn book [S] >learn the secrets •homestuck crack for fan enjoyment! I do not own Homestuck and all rights go to Andrew Hussie.
New Kid- Gamtav by scribblw
New Kid- Gamtavby scribblw
Human!stuck. High school AU. Tavros is a new student at Gamzee's high school. Really fluffy for now.
Erisol~ big bully giant crush by fishnuggets
Erisol~ big bully giant crushby fishnuggets
Sollux bullied eridan because he secretly really like him. Sollux is a tall nerdy computer geek who has a lisp and eridan is a shorter book worm who's also pretty nerdy...
Must you? by FinsAndPsionics
Must you?by BeetleDrool
Eridan is very sensitive when it comes to Violet Popsicles. Good thing Sollux is aware of this. (WARNING: THERE MAY BE SMUT)
Humanstuck EriSol by KaseyMcShouty
Humanstuck EriSolby KaseyMcShouty
Eridan and Sollux have had quite the past story, has it finally come back to haunt them?
Drunk Kisses (Kurloz X Cronus and Gamzee X Tavros) by RunRunMeToLove
Drunk Kisses (Kurloz X Cronus Lovely weirdo
This is gangstuck and humanstuck mixed into one this is Kurloz x Cronus but I'll also have Gamzee x Tavros.