For you, I'd do anything {GamTav} by Writerfox_1
For you, I'd do anything {GamTav}by ArtisticLemon
(Oh boy here we go) {Humanstuck} «• Gamzee is on the verge of being thrown into a mental asylum. To stop that from happening, he opts to have a caretaker instead. Tavros...
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  • gamzee
  • humanstuck
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We Are Gods by trashofdirkjake
We Are Godsby TrashOfDirkJake
I know, I know, people may disagree that gods don't exist but how do you explain fires just starting around you? It only gets worse when your brother can make objects le...
  • godstuck
  • homestuck
  • johndave
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Davekat Oneshots  by _Davekatt_
Davekat Oneshots by ❤️
DavexKarkat oneshots- contains fluff, sadstuck, smut, other random stories. Trigger warnings are listed in hashtags. Have fun reading my trash- (I do not own any of the...
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Captorcest Humanstuck by tenura
Captorcest Humanstuckby tenura
Seriously? I just wrote a description of this, and I forgot to save it... Oh well. round 2. My otp is mituna x latula, but ive recently been reading a lot of captorcest...
  • mitunacaptor
  • mituna
  • sollux
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Cronkri: I won't let you down by just_a_homestucker
Cronkri: I won't let you downby M&M
Cronkri humanstuck church AU in which Kankri's dad is the preacher and is most definitely not okay with Kankri having a boyfriend. Will Kankri be able to escape from his...
  • fanfic
  • ampora
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My Knight Will Save Me by AddictiveCatnip
My Knight Will Save Meby Bean
Karkat Vantas, 17 years old, has been in an abusive relationship with his manipulative "lover" Gamzee Makara for almost 3 years.. Until the night things got ba...
  • karkatvantas
  • davestrider
  • humanstuck
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Is It Worth It? [Davekat] by AddictiveCatnip
Is It Worth It? [Davekat]by Bean
Karkat Vantas is suicidal and depressed because of school. He has been bullied his whole life because of his ginger hair and freckles and it just got worse when he dyed...
  • davestrider
  • davekat
  • suicide
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Royal Commoner (Erisol)  by erisolshipper
Royal Commoner (Erisol) by ESS
Eridan Ampora, Prince. Feferi Peixes, Princess. Sollux Captor, Prince. These three have just learned that they are betrothed to someone from another kingdom to stop a...
  • fluff
  • humanstuck
  • eridanampora
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Erisol~ big bully giant crush by fishnuggets
Erisol~ big bully giant crushby fishnuggets
Sollux bullied eridan because he secretly really like him. Sollux is a tall nerdy computer geek who has a lisp and eridan is a shorter book worm who's also pretty nerdy...
  • erisol
  • sollux
  • eridan
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Davekat One-shots by Karkit_Vantass
Davekat One-shotsby Your Queer Peer.
These are some old and new Davekat one-shots I wrote. Enjoy ig. :) These can also be found on Quotev. The link to my QuoteV is in my Wattpad bio. :)
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Coffee {Gamzee x Tavros} by Psiioniic
Coffee {Gamzee x Tavros}by Nel
HUMANSTUCK! Tavros is a barista at gamzee's favorite coffee shop. Gamzee didn't even know why it was his favorite shop until he saw him. Tavros. The man that always seem...
  • homestuck
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With Eyes to Hear and Hands to Speak by hckin_nerd
With Eyes to Hear and Hands to On Other Sites
John is the new kid, with everything that comes with that title; awkwardness, shyness, and attempts to make friends. Except all of this is made even worse with the fact...
  • transjohn
  • davestrider
  • homestuck
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Monsterstuck by whynotship
Monsterstuckby whynotship
Basically, the sburb kids are divided between demons and hunters. The Striders and Lalonde's are hunters Jane, John, Jake, and Jade are all demons. Jane and Jake are...
  • humanstuck
  • davestrider
  • rosemary
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Book Covers by buriedsecret221
Book Coversby The Story Fox Goes Gobble, Go...
Karkat has had a shitty life and has had to bust his ass for everything he has. He has no patience for spoiled, delusional, lazy people and this is exactly what he think...
  • homestuck
  • brostrider
  • custodybattle
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They Don't Understand (Asylumstuck One Shots) by twistedGenesis
They Don't Understand ( Verity
A Humanstuck/Asylumstuck collection of one shots written by yours truly. I got the inspiration for these One Shots from a Tumblr post, so the idea isn't technically mine...
  • asylum
  • homestuck
  • humanstuck
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The Colour of You (Humanstuck!Highschool!Davekat) 《Completed》 by Fxxxing_Fandoms
The Colour of You (Humanstuck! Elise
Due to an irrational fear of blood, Karkat hates the colour red. So what will happen when the new kid, who just so happens to wear that colour a lot, becomes intent on m...
  • davekat
  • humanstuck
  • fanfiction
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New Kids: Season One (A Humanstuck Fan Series) by macethemaniac
New Kids: Season One (A Macy
Join John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley as the four of them take on the challenges of middle school! Follow these four online friends as they host...
  • fanfiction
  • homestuck
  • humanstuck
Ever After by buriedsecret221
Ever Afterby The Story Fox Goes Gobble, Go...
The job will be nearly impossible. Karkat Vantas - as skilled an assassin as he may be - has never been assigned such a high risk target. But the pay drives him to accep...
  • prince
  • karkat
  • humanstuck
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Erisol Shit by KillerFruitcake
Erisol Shitby Trash
Sollux is the new kid, he finds himself fitting in better than the rich kid, eridan ever did, and he lived there all his life. They instantly hate each other. But what h...
  • humanstuck
  • erisol
  • sollux
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Dave X Reader X Dirk (Editing And Complete) by NickyDieos
Dave X Reader X Dirk (Editing Nicky Dieos
When you transfer from London to a new school, in the states, you find two very attractive boys. One boy hates your guts and the other is trying to get closer to you. Ha...
  • reader
  • editing
  • humanstuck
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