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Waking Up With You: Homestuck X Reader by Toastergal
Waking Up With You: Homestuck X Toastergal
Cute little fluffs I wrote for a bunch of the characters! I do requests!
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios by StinkyPoopyBabies
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend Cannoli
Homestuck boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios (Requests are open so feel free to request) (Sorry if I offend anyone and there will be grammar mistakes)
Aquariumstuck Oneshots by KrakenArisen
Aquariumstuck Oneshotsby Helen Cuervo
A whole story of Aquariumstuck oneshots, what could be better?
Homestuck x Male reader by 5KU77C4NDY
Homestuck x Male readerby That-Fuckin-Duck
ᗯᗩᖇᑎIᑎG!!! ᑌᔕE Oᖴ ᔕᗯEᗩᖇIᑎG Iᑎ TᕼIᔕ!!!!! Reader is male and also bisexual but mostly gay. I might do some with a female reader just to make it even but we'll see. This b...
A taste for the 80's (cronkri) by Miya_Quake
A taste for the 80's (cronkri)by Miya_Quake
Cronkri in which Cronus is a superstar greaser and kankri is a fan who (which he thinks) has no chance of ever seeing his super star crush.
NitramsXreader by Bluerosethewriter
NitramsXreaderby Sapphire
This is a story about how (Y/N) meets the Nitrams, watch out because some crazy funny and interesting things occur! How will she/he react? What will happen? Read along...
mad clowns by Blu3monday13
mad clownsby Blu3monday13
Why did I let myself speak out of turn?
Homestuck fanfics by 6-kankri_vantas-9
Homestuck fanficsby Kankri Vantas
Mostly fluff and stuff. I do accept lemons. And. Dem lemons get sour -wonk-
[S] Terezi: Investigate by Some_One_Unimportant
[S] Terezi: Investigateby baby
You are Terezi. There has been a murder and the convict is out there and you just know you'll find him. So yeah. This was a school project from last year and it was wher...
It's just a Fairy-tale but in real life! (Homestuck males x Female!reader) by Sburbkind
It's just a Fairy-tale but in Sburb Kind
You were just and tiny girl, about 5 years old. You dreamed of Fairy-Tales to come true but one day, when you turn 13 something happens and your Fairy-tale suddenly com...
Ask Rufioh/Dirk by Rufioh_Nitram
Ask Rufioh/Dirkby Rufioh Nitram
If you have any questions, ask in the comments I will answer in character for both! I'll even do sad ones and 18+.
Such A Bore by meowinton
Such A Boreby Secretly Cronus Ampora
You're Cronus Ampora and you're a highschooler that just wants someone to love you. Who knew it'd be the star football player you fantasized about? This story contains...
~Hell-Bent Harlequin~ by AileesJackson
~Hell-Bent Harlequin~by AileesJackson
This is a Rufioh Nitram X Kurloz Makara Fanfic. I'll be updating whenever I can. This is in an AU I made up called Crimestuck All characters in this story belong to Andr...
In A Dream by notebookthief
In A Dreamby Jatta (Jet)
Karkat is upset; Rufioh makes him forget.
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven (Various! X Reader)~ by Hipster_Nepeta
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In xena™
Your name is (y/n) (l/n) and you, my fine friend, are being pulled to a party. Whom are you being pulled by to who's party? Well, by none other than me, Xena, to only th...
Crack ship one shots by meowinton
Crack ship one shotsby Secretly Cronus Ampora
So in this little book thing I'm gonna do a bunch of one shots! Some of them are billdip or ciphercest or reverse falls or I dunno something! I will post warning above e...
Racing Dreams by AltUniverse
Racing Dreamsby AltUniverse
BOOK 2 OF THE DREAM CATCHER SERIES~ The pointed striped tents of Circum Somnia, the Circus of Dreams, veils runaways in a silken sheet of color. Karkat and his group goe...