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Written in Ink by BellaGrace568
Written in Inkby Bella Grace
" I peer behind him to see a woman laying bridal style unconscious in one of my father's security guard's arms. She wears an involuntary frown. "For what reaso...
My Life In Ruins by writeon27
My Life In Ruinsby Ansley
Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, internati...
The Gryffindor Gala | #DRAMIONE ✓ by jetstar1098
The Gryffindor Gala | #DRAMIONE ✓by Matilda Grace
#DRAMOINE || SEQUEL || COMPLETE Hermione Granger is asked to complete a task that has never been done by a muggle-born before, but comes with consequences that will chal...
The Things You Do For Love by TeaBagsUnderMyEyes
The Things You Do For Loveby JessicUH
Gabriel Agreste is given two options - he hands over the butterfly miraculous to Ra's Al Ghul - in order to gain access to the Lazarus Pits to revive his late wife, Emil...
The Setup by WhyDontWeSunSet
The Setupby Rae x
Fighting a battle of addiction is hard, it's harder when you know you're going to lose. Stumbling into an AA meeting was one hard step but meeting a dealer, offering fr...
A Charitable Scandal by sylviaNgould
A Charitable Scandalby Sylvia N. Gould
*COMPLETE* Alexis "Lex" Jeffries has survived her fair share of quick spin stories and opulent company events during her years in Quinto Technologies' Public R...
Tik Tok Mafia x Reader by ginapatalano1
Tik Tok Mafia x Readerby Gina Patalano
Just various one shots and short stories of all the favorite mafia OC's from Tik Tok. Please send me requests of prompts or characters from the Tik Tok Mafia Universe th...
Mafia Royale's by FallWithMeAmor
Mafia Royale'sby Mi Amor
Anastasia "Ana" Prescott is the girlfriend to Leonardo Bianco, one of the most feared Mobster's in Italy. After 3 year's of dating, Leonardo is still clueless...
Princess Cultivator by OO1376
Princess Cultivatorby OO1376
انتقلت لي مي ، المرتزقة من الدرجة الأولى من العالم الحديث ، إلى جسد الأميرة فينغ لي شيوى. و هي شخصية جانبية من كتاب تعرضت للإذلال من قبل البطلة وتم تحويلها إلى أضحوكة. ل...
Un giro inesperado by rosadelia1223
Un giro inesperadoby Rose JK
Polos que no son tan opuestos, pero que chocan sin parar, esta es la historia de Sam, una chica rebelde odiada por su madre y que desde tiempos inmemorables saca de quic...
He's a Keeper by Starrynights76
He's a Keeperby Starrynights76
Long-time couple Adrienette attend Gabriel Agreste's annual Gala. Warning: Includes Akumatizations, Impersonations and Marriage proposals. 8 Chapters -Updates Daily EPIL...
My Bias [Concurso BTS] Abierto 2021 by TaeConAlmendras
My Bias [Concurso BTS] Abierto 2021by Tae Con Almendras
Un concurso para que las armys demuestren su talento
I will always choose you,  Timothee Chalamet love story by the_twinswifey
I will always choose you, Maraudershoe
I don't really know what to Wright here so? Read to find out! #3 in gala #6 in Pugh #8 in oscars #11 in met
Spencer by mysteriousMacc
Spencerby Mac
Spencer Octavia spencer, or better known as Avia, is sixteen years old and leads the perfect life, she's a relatively well behaved student and has exceptional grades, s...
𝐤𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫 𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧. spencer reid by punygawds
𝐤𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫 𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧. spencer 𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒆
killer queen ❝caviar and cigarettes, well versed in etiquette❞ criminal minds seasons six - eight spencer reid x original character in which a con artist on the payrol...
We All Have Secrets by _Marionette_Puppet
We All Have Secretsby Goin Ghost
Haru had his reasons for disliking people who flaunted their wealth. One of them being that fact that most of his family did it.
I remember. by Notoriousxxx
I Notoriousxxx
Aaron and Adrianna. Adrianna and Aaron. Their names were once heard always together. Best friends. But Aaron betrayed her, left her and broke their Friendship when they...
the Devil wears Armani by chromic7sky
the Devil wears Armaniby chromic7sky
When it comes to fashion industry, Rachel Roth decided to use an alias, Raven as her identity as she wanted to have private life from being find out by snobby reporter a...
i favor the villainess by OO1376
i favor the villainessby OO1376
"أنا بطلة لعبة اوتومي،لذا هل من الخطا أحب الشريرة" تقمصت دور البطلة ري تايلور في عالم لعبة اوتومي إنا لا افضل امراء القابض بل الشريرة (كلير فرانسوا) انها تقب...
My Life Of Evasion by writeon27
My Life Of Evasionby Ansley
Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfriend...