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The Little Kitsune by annelikeswritting
The Little Kitsuneby annelikeswritting
What will happen after a mob leaves 3 year old Naruto battered in an alleyway and he's found by Itachi? What will happen when he's taken to the Akatsuki? What will happe...
ll The Uzukage ll by IdkWhyiHaveW4ttpad
ll The Uzukage llby 69…
Naruto was banished from that terrible village konoha. Naruto is mistreated in his village. Naruto was falsely accused of doing something, and with his background being...
Alphas Only Omega by axiel-kun
Alphas Only Omegaby axiel-kun
Naruto is an omega and he wasn't telling anybody about it except kurama. Not until he found out, there's eight alphas who's currently chasing after him.
The Uzukage (Completed) by Lady-Anubis
The Uzukage (Completed)by Anubis
Naruto was accused of something he didn't do. His 'crush' managed to get him banished from the village. Where does he go and what happens after? Who will come with him o...
My mark(rewrite)  by ship_story_maker
My mark(rewrite) by
gaara and naruto meet at a young age when gaara was on a yearly visit with his dad after seeing naruto getting beat up shukaku(1 tails) tells him about the sand mark mak...
The Bond between two Jinchuriki- Gaara x Naruto by ryujiryuzaki
The Bond between two Jinchuriki- ryujiryuzaki
I've been searching like crazy to read more Gaara x Naruto and Sasuke x Sakura fanfics and sadly I finished them all, so I decided to create one :3 If you say Sakura is...
|| The Greatest Ninja || Gaanaru  by LGeniusYaoi
|| The Greatest Ninja || Gaanaru by L
Naruto meets Gaara coupe days before the chunin exam and really likes him because he has a beast inside himself just like Naruto. Gaara is cold and aggressive person who...
Abandoned Dragon | Rewrite by Lisa_Knisenko
Abandoned Dragon | Rewriteby Liza_Knisenko
(Rewrite) At a young age, Naruko was abandoned by her parents. Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. Ever since she was born. The reason was with her look. Her skin was...
A Second Chance(Femnaruto FF) (Haitus) by redWisteria
A Second Chance(Femnaruto FF) ( Tats_manzo
So basically it's one of the stories where Naru gets blamed for Sasuke's injuries. However in this story she doesn't get banished she "dies" buts gets a second...
[naruto] [memes] SHIPS pics I found somewhere by obikaka-kakaobi-simp
[naruto] [memes] SHIPS pics I -Alise-
just ships pics I have on my laptop and more mostly ships ofc [characters in this do not belong to me they belong to Masashi Kishimoto ] [cover art not mine] [pictures i...
Kitsune clan, and last kitsune by Lisa_Knisenko
Kitsune clan, and last kitsuneby Liza_Knisenko
The Kitsune clan is known as Uzumaki clan. All who is from the Uzumaki clan is hidding their nine tails and their fox ears. And one of them is Naruko Uzumaki who hidding...
Naruto of the Sand ( editing in progress ) by naruto_fan23
Naruto of the Sand ( editing in naruto_fan23
What if Naruto's parents never die but instead the lord third did in they're place?? What if they neglect Naruto for his two younger siblings that had the Nine tail char...
Reacting to Gaara and Narutos life(Gaanaru) by wolfqueen27
Reacting to Gaara and Narutos wolfqueen27
Konoha 12,The sand siblings and their father,Tsunade,Jiraiya and the 3rd Hoakge are mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown entity that claims they are to watch Naruto and...
naruto- leader of the village hidden it the soul by ThatDemonicFangirl
naruto- leader of the village Sasugay UwUchiha
Naruto became an ANBU at the age of 6, and has never been defeated since. one day the hokage tells him to attend the academy to keep an eye on the possible traitor mizuk...
forever and always  by ship_story_maker
forever and always by
Gaara and rasa went to stay at the leaf for a couple of years to have the leaf to help the leaf until rasa had to go back. during than gaara met naruto at first sight h...
Vehemence ➵ | NaruGaa by candy-bonez
Vehemence ➵ | NaruGaaby ✿
Naruto and Hinata divorce. Since Gaara is unable to visit the Hokage too frequently, he hopes this visit will cheer him up for a while. ⇘ TW: Smut One shot.
I'm Your Mate by aquillaruiz
I'm Your Mateby slythindor
Vampires, Wolves, Wizards, Demons and Fairies. They are all mortal enemies. They hate each other's gut. Countless wars, countless death that goes to waste. Why do they...
Enough Is Enough by pandalover817
Enough Is Enoughby pandalover817
Naruto finally had enough of everything. Just read it. To find out what it's about. Disclaimer I don't own naruto. Boy love, cussing (bad words)
In His Eyes **Naruto Fanfiction** by xNataliex3xNataliex
In His Eyes **Naruto Fanfiction**by Natalie
After three years of being together, Sasuke suddenly breaks it off with Naruto. Our young little bundle of joy is suddenly pessimistic and depressed. He finds something...
Attraction  by neko38
A blonde with a heart of gold, goes to a new school. He makes some friends, but sometimes thy can be a little too... grabby with the blonde. OOC Hinata Main: Gaanaru