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The Little Kitsune by annelikeswritting
The Little Kitsuneby annelikeswritting
What will happen after a mob leaves 3 year old Naruto battered in an alleyway and he's found by Itachi? What will happen when he's taken to the Akatsuki? What will happe...
Alphas Only Omega by axiel-kun
Alphas Only Omegaby axiel-kun
Naruto is an omega and he wasn't telling anybody about it except kurama. Not until he found out, there's eight alphas who's currently chasing after him.
Facade (Naruto Fanfiction)  by Snake_Slithers
Facade (Naruto Fanfiction) by Snake
Uzumaki Naruto was abused by the citizens of Konohagakure. Sarutobi Hiruzen didnt do anything to help him, and Naruto developed a hate for the village. He met the jinchu...
My mark(rewrite)  by ship_story_maker
My mark(rewrite) by
gaara and naruto meet at a young age when gaara was on a yearly visit with his dad after seeing naruto getting beat up shukaku(1 tails) tells him about the sand mark mak...
Gaara x Naruto Lemon by TheLemonsAreHere
Gaara x Naruto Lemonby TheLemonsAreHere
Just some Gaara and Naruto smut here, read if you dare Mature Content!
The Uzukage by Lady-Anubis
The Uzukageby Anubis
Naruto was accused of something he didn't do. His 'crush' managed to get him banished from the village. Where does he go and what happens after? Who will come with him o...
Naruto of the Sand ( editing in progress ) by naruto_fan23
Naruto of the Sand ( editing in naruto_fan23
What if Naruto's parents never die but instead the lord third did in they're place?? What if they neglect Naruto for his two younger siblings that had the Nine tail char...
naruto- leader of the village hidden it the soul by ThatDemonicFangirl
naruto- leader of the village Sasugay UwUchiha
Naruto became an ANBU at the age of 6, and has never been defeated since. one day the hokage tells him to attend the academy to keep an eye on the possible traitor mizuk...
Bonded By Blood by CrazyAnimeLife1
Bonded By Bloodby CrazyAnimeLife1
Naruto and Gaara are close friends. And gaara wants to try something he once heard about. Blood Binding. Supposedly is deepens any bond. But there was a bit of a catch...
|| The Greatest Ninja || Gaanaru  by LGeniusYaoi
|| The Greatest Ninja || Gaanaru by L
Naruto meets Gaara coupe days before the chunin exam and really likes him because he has a beast inside himself just like Naruto. Gaara is cold and aggressive person who...
Letters To My Prince (Gaanaru) by Deamiel
Letters To My Prince (Gaanaru)by Deamiel
Sealed with the conscience of the demon fox, Kurama, Naruto only wished for acceptance. After searching long and hard he could only find it in his Ouji-sama under the na...
Reacting to Gaara and Narutos life(Gaanaru) by wolfqueen27
Reacting to Gaara and Narutos wolfqueen27
Konoha 12,The sand siblings and their father,Tsunade,Jiraiya and the 3rd Hoakge are mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown entity that claims they are to watch Naruto and...
Expulsion( Naruto x Gaara ) by _i_dont_know_myself_
Expulsion( Naruto x Gaara )by Phoenix
What would happen if naruto gets kicked out of his village for a crime he didnt commit, where would he go? Who finds him? will he get to be a shinobi again? Well you'll...
my sun by ship_story_maker
my sunby
oof a story about how gaara was lonely but then meets naruto after he ran away from his abusive village afterwards they became best friends and training becoming the str...
Watching the future ( Naruto x Gaara) by efuapromise
Watching the future ( Naruto x efua promise
So basically Konoha 12 plus their sensei's, the sand shinobi and their sensei and Jiraya,Tsunade and the third Hokage reacting to Naruto's and Gaara's past, present and...
A Secret To Keep by Crimson__Gone__Red
A Secret To Keepby Crimson__Gone__Red
I don't know why I wrote this, but enjoy!! I adopted this story from @L1F35D3D There are mature scenes. Don't like, don't read.
Flowers for a killer. by JellyPear
Flowers for a Sleepless Meadows
AU Naruto x Gaara Gaara realizes he's developed feelings for the ramen crazed wannabe hokage of konoha and naruto feels the same. The only thing keeping them from being...
Boys React To Naruko Uzumaki  by LilithWritesThings
Boys React To Naruko Uzumaki by Tobi Is A Lollipop
Boys React To Naruko Uzumaki! But Kushina, Minato and Hashirama are here for entertainment purposes only. Pictures aren't mine they belong to their original owners datte...
A Second Chance(Femnaruto FF) by Tats_moonrose
A Second Chance(Femnaruto FF)by Eclypse
So basically it's one of the stories where Naru gets blamed for Sasuke's injuries. However in this story she doesn't get banished she "dies" buts gets a second...