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The Hidden Genius by noelicoan
The Hidden Geniusby Noël
I hope you like it! Read, Enjoy, Comment Vote, Follow!
  • narutoxshikamaru
  • boyxboy
  • seiryuu
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Loving the Nara.  by Amiyah198
Loving the Nara. by Amiyah198
I don't own Naruto or its characters. If I did, Naruto would be a Yaoi Harem. This is my OTP ShikaNaru. Naruto and Hinata OOC. Side pairing KankKiba This is a Shika...
  • kiba
  • inari
  • kankuro
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~Forbidden Love~ |Kakanaru by Jack_Hyuga
~Forbidden Love~ |Kakanaruby Jack Uzumaki
Kakashi and Naruto fall deep into each others arms during the 4th great ninja war.
  • shikanaru
  • shikamaru
  • yaoianime
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(Naruto fanfic ) Dear whoever cares ~COMPLETED~ by LaciHoughton
(Naruto fanfic ) Dear whoever Bittersweet_tragedy
Naruto writes a suicide note addressed to everyone he cares about. Will his loved ones stop him or will they be helpless to stop him? Also, this is a Shikanaru.
  • ino
  • naruto
  • iruka
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Rewind Rewind by cvkagaminerinlen
Rewind Rewindby Kristia
The future takes a turn for the worst. The enemy has been slain and yet no one was alive to celebrate. Naruto, being the only man alive, decides to leap back through tim...
  • shikanaru
  • naruto
  • bxb
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A different type of ninja by DarkSlytherin35
A different type of ninjaby Tabitha Nara
Naruto didn't use his 'bloodline' often, but when he did he was nearly impossible to get stop. I mean it is one of Newton's Laws, a body in motion tends to stay in motio...
  • naruto
  • notopnaruto
  • malexmale
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The Exposed God by noelicoan
The Exposed Godby Noël
The sequel to 'The Hidden Genius' Naruto and Shikamaru has left Konoha, in the means to never come back, though ten years later, Tobi/Madara/Obito wages war. Will Narut...
  • shikanaru
  • kakaita
  • sasuino
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My little Kitsune-hime by ninjacig
My little Kitsune-himeby ninjacig
A 6 year old Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage and got attacked. Shikamaru was walking down the shopping district when he heard a scream. He ran into the alleyway...
  • pervy-sage-jiji
  • smartnaruto
  • asumakurenai
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Attraction  by neko38
A blonde with a heart of gold, goes to a new school. He makes some friends, but sometimes thy can be a little too... grabby with the blonde. OOC Hinata Main: Gaanaru
  • nejinaru
  • gaanaru
  • sasunaru
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The Calm Before The Storm by LadyMunchQueen
The Calm Before The Stormby LadyMunchQueen
Shikamaru is tired of his mom's constant nagging and wants a bit more privacy so he decides to move out. The problem is ninjas don't actually make that much money so he...
  • slowbuild
  • shikamaru
  • narutolovestory
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Being Blonde! (Naruto Fanfic/ShikaNaru) by DarkWolf991
Being Blonde! (Naruto Fanfic/ Lily
When there's a rumor going around Konoha that Shikamaru has a thing for blondes, Temari and Ino started arguing which blonde it is. When they don't know is that everyone...
  • blond
  • shikamaru
  • hinata
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The Genius's Observant Crush by kjstarrett
The Genius's Observant Crushby koalajmama
AU from tumblr: "Naruto, my entire clan's been turned into deer! Stop laughing!"
  • shikamaru
  • boyxboy
  • one-shot
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Naruto-The Lovable Hardworker by Matiriuk
Naruto-The Lovable Hardworkerby Matiriuk❤️
What if Naruto was in high school? What if his parents were dead? What if he had to take care of a little brother and sister? What if he was ill? What if he was loved by...
  • narugenius
  • sakuino
  • nejinaru
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Troublesome blonde by riley123baines
Troublesome blondeby Riley Baines
An incident occurs, to which Shikamaru stumbles across our favourite blonde, but not the one the Nara thought he knew. This Naruto has been hidden from the world. Hiding...
  • fluff
  • pain
  • kyuubi
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Naruto - Hidden Talents  by Foxy-Anbu
Naruto - Hidden Talents by Megan
This is a ShikaNaru fanfic... Naruto was mistreated and misjudged all his life. Most people hated and ignored him. People called him names, did some pretty unforgivable...
  • kurama
  • sasuke
  • smartnaruto
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It's Okay by ZonameUchiha
It's Okayby Luna Ackerman
naruto confessed his love to shikamaru, but his love was not accepted. he was hurt but he only asked for one night with him. and that one night he found a new love.
  • naruto
  • badromance
  • shikamaru
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(DISCONTINUED) Rewind (Naruto fanfiction) by ship-shit
(DISCONTINUED) Rewind (Naruto not a pasta
(IN THE PROCCES OF BEING REWRITTEN) the fourth great ninja war. they lost it. thinking everything is done. that is until..... I DONT OWN NARUTO, the only thing I own are...
  • kiba
  • hinata
  • nejii
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ships i love by ship-shit
ships i loveby not a pasta
this book is about naruto ships i absalutely love. ill put the ones i hate at the end of the book You can put allll the hate comments you want. Idc
  • itanaru
  • lolsotrue
  • favorite
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NARUTO YAOI PICTURES!! by mishiki4ever
  • yaoi
  • nejinaru
  • inuzuka
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Naruko x shikamaru by emmalnicholson
Naruko x shikamaruby ✿Izanami-chan✿
This is my first fanfic on naruto so if this sucks don't read this has fem naruto and shikamaru in it, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Shikamaru is good friends with naruko, shikaku wa...
  • strongnaruto
  • hokagenaruto
  • shikamaru
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