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Peter Parker by spicymarvelstories
Peter Parkerby spicymarvelstories
A spicy Story About Peter Parker :)
teach me, sir by pzquady
teach me, sirby new smut lol
I am new to Barry University in Florida. I left everything behind to study philosophy. Fortunately, my family supports me. Many surprises await me here. Both good and ba...
A meeting with an unexpected twist by Lowkey_loveyson
A meeting with an unexpected twistby Hazel
Tony wants everyone to watch a movie he filmed. Loki isn't excited. He doesn't want a movie he wants---YOU Attention: spicy 😈😈🔥🔥🔥
I know you want it by baddiewitoutadaddy
I know you want itby baddiewitoutadaddy
Are you ready to test out your limits, find out what your desires are and what they mean? Take a seat and read into this story. Enjoy
CHOSEN 2 BE MINE~~~~~ by chiaraissodirtymind
CHOSEN 2 BE MINE~~~~~by chiaraissodirtymind
Stell dir vor du hast einen heissen Werwolf Vampir hybriden kennenglernt der nicht nur perversen Humor hat sondern auch genauso unlustig wie sexgetrieben ist. Und genau...
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CAMILO X Y/N [SMUT] by Aoylia
Hie guys! This is a story I made for my friends as a joke PLUS this is my first story too so BARE with me. I'm aware Camilo is 15 but in this story he's 19 so it's legal...
BAD LIAR - PART ONE by PerpetuaMemorias
ONLY GERMAN Hogwarts, 1995. Während für andere Schüler das erste Jahr an der Zaubererschule beginnt, so beginnt für andere das fünfte Jahr. Dies hier soll allerdings kei...
The snowboy by jessi_froggy
The snowboyby jessi_froggy
This book is about my two classmates who slowly fall in love. (I have consent)
Surreal Worlds: Stay Human by MyrxiaTech
Surreal Worlds: Stay Humanby MyrxiaTech
When God created humans and monsters, he gave them a spiritual essence or soul, so that after their physical bodies perished, they could move on to either be rewarded or...
Married by force by ElisaBartzSuhr
Married by forceby Nyx
Mystery, Fantasy, Sexyness and Love These are the best words to describe this book and Dana Steeles suddenly wild life. First her Company gets accoused of hiring ex pr...
Außerhalb der Spiel Regeln  (Undertale Geschichte) German by Splinter1405
Außerhalb der Spiel Regeln (Under...by Splinter1405
was wäre wenn der genocide run anders verläuft als üblich
[|"The truth behind the player"|] An Eren+F reader story by tupacsdrake
[|"The truth behind the player"|]...by naur
Two completely different people who actually appear to be the same
Trapped In Nowhere by Lilithofgermany
Trapped In Nowhereby Lilithofgermany
A Saw fanfiction, but this time, Marilyn Manson is another Chosen victim. He must play the sick, questionable Games that were made by...who? Would you go through hell t...
Und Plötzlich ein Mädchen by Leona_Laufeyson
Und Plötzlich ein Mädchenby Leona Frege
Lovestory.... Lest es selbst ;) Bewerten und Kommentar da lassen...
The Mafia is comming (Englisch) by AUnicornWriteAStory
The Mafia is comming (Englisch)by AUnicornWriteAStory
This story was translated into English by Germans ----------------------------------------------------------------- She is young, 18 and poor. She doesn't even work for...
Køn by SaIomeArtist
Kønby Salome Artist
Love, passion, FSK 18 Køn Estonian for Sex