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Sinking Alphabets by Kihi-98
Sinking Alphabetsby KiHi
Let all these alphabets sink into your soul. ~ Book ranking so far #1 in #poem #2 in #poetry #1 in #shortpoems #4 in #randomthoughts #2 in #rhyme All rights are reserved.
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A Graveyard Of Words by Flightywords
A Graveyard Of Wordsby 𝚋𝚒𝚕 𝚐𝚊𝚛𝚌𝚒𝚊
A poetry collection ------------------- My words will just die without having been read My voice will only be swallowed by the cavern of thoughts without living an echo ...
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A small book containing some shit that I shouldn't say out loud out by Mv_NewbOrn
A small book containing some M.V NEWBORN
Another round of shitty poetry by an edgy teen
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Sold to Who?! by Free_Spirit8700
Sold to Who?!by ♡ Spirit ♡ (Hiatus)
[Highest ranking #92] "I can't loose anyone else princess. Promise me that you won't leave me" he said grabbing my face making me stay looking into his beautif...
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Lo nuestro comenzó por un contrato(Trueno)  by Novelasrapers
Lo nuestro comenzó por un Novelas Rapers
Lenguaje Castellano y Argentino. Léanlo no les voy a decir todo🥴🙂 Prohibido copiarse, adaptarlo ni nada👁️
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I Don't Dance, I Perform ~DanceTale!Sans x Reader by BanthaBug
I Don't Dance, I Perform BanthaBug
In this world, you dance for your life. But in your world, dancing is just a part of your act. When helping Frisk with their stamina by dancing up Mt. Ebott, you find yo...
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Dancing In His Arms by NotMyNameHere
Dancing In His Armsby NotMyNameHere
Aria dreamed about getting into the Nevada Performing Arts Center and dancing. It's what she lives for. Suddenly her best friend and dance partner is hurt and the first...
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Sin Lab (science lab) by Katelerz
Sin Lab (science lab)by Kate Livewire
A collection of poems. Mostly freestyle, enjoy. I also post song lyrics from time to time, and I hope you enjoy them too :) Highest ranking: #151 in Poetry © Ka...
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Yeah I was bored during quarantine.
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Yandere demon OC x male reader x Yandere OC demon by zombgirl12
Yandere demon OC x male reader x Yandere
Y/n l/n was a pure spirit that was given to a demon that will kill for him.
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favores; Replik by sophiaxtw
favores; Replikby -babygirl
- ¿trato hecho? -trato hecho- dije y él unió nuestras manos #1-FMS-29/12/19 #1-FREESTYLE-02/01/20
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moon || lit killah  by -rainconflict
moon || lit killah by 21334
❝-chαpe no αrruınα αmıstαd, ¿verdαd?❞ lenguaje argentino🖇
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My other half (Haru x Reader) (Free) by KingNanase
My other half (Haru x Reader) ( IkingNanase
Y/n Y/l/N was a normal 17 year old with strong passion and dedication towards swimming she's also the cousin Of 'Nagisa Hazuki by her mother's side. When Y/N gets reuni...
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Lyrical Love by InfintyInStars
Lyrical Loveby Vanisha
So, if you are reading this - It's Story time! So, on my 13th birthday, one of my friend gave me a journal. Now, now I'm not gonna lie, i did tried to do the whole &quo...
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The Diary of Her by FaithCosby98
The Diary of Herby FaithCosby98
"I let her go because I knew she could do better. And now she's gone. I wonder if I should've just been better."
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Life goes on by Lembmlm2003
Life goes onby Lembmlm2003
Life changes constantly so I'm just writing awful poems that portrays how I feel.
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far gone  by kaitbenjamin
far gone by Kaitlyn Jennifer
In which a 18 year old girl named Kelly meets her favourite rapper, ski mask the slump god Warning! Don't read If you're sensitive to violence, self harm, etc
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Dance; Ecko  by Oroesloquetoco
Dance; Ecko by Ca$h
Ella, una piba normal, de 17 años, enamorada del baile y soñando con algun dia llegar lejos. Él, en boca de todos, con 19 años ya recorre el pais entero por su musica y...
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Mi niñero Wos (Valentín Oliva) by jaquipimentel
Mi niñero Wos (Valentín Oliva)by jaquipimentel
Solo entra a leer.
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STOCHASTIC by Abiyasha
|stu'ka-stik| (statistics) being or having a random variable Human brain is a big storage of things. And I like to channel my cluttered mind into notes, fiction notes, s...
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