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c4t5 f0rk by W0rmgut5
c4t5 f0rkby w0rmy
In every world, there are flaws. . . Everyone has flaws. Including. . . Jupitur. Welcome the world of c4t5 f0rk... Well actually earth but in a universe where furson...
ticket to my heart by mcyt_fanfics123
ticket to my heartby mcyt_fanfics123
dream has always loved his friend george but not in the way he discovers. Just one little facetime and it can all change. Does goege feel the same way, is it just a sill...
Why The Fork Is BTR In Our Apartment?! | Carlos Pena - Big Time Rush by ilove4dorks
Why The Fork Is BTR In Our ilove4dorks
*This is one of my first stories and is very unrealistic, stupid, and is not well-written. I would delete it but I'm too chicken so please go read one of my newer stori...
Fuchsia Skyies [✧] BFB fanfic by Ashychu
Fuchsia Skyies [✧] BFB fanficby Ashychu
WARNING [✧] minor stibby stabby [✧] It was Halloween and Gelatin, Donut, Spongy and Barf Bag decide to go trick or treating together. On their way they run into Lollipop...
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time Rush Fan Fiction :{) by immaRUSHER05
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time amelia
Nathalie has spent years dreaming about anything and everything about her favourite band, Big Time Rush. When her dad receives a job at Paramount Studios in America, she...
Odd one out// Jasper Hale x OC by killthesparklingstar
Odd one out// Jasper Hale x OCby Killthesparkilngstar
"Maybe it's just in America, but it seems that if you're passionate about something, it freaks people out. You're considered bizarre or eccentric. To me, it just me...
The Lemonade Stand by _Queen_Courtney_
The Lemonade Standby ♥ CoCo♥
Charlie is a struggling freelance writer who's in need of money before launching her first novel. As a last resort, she opens a lemonade stand on the beach using her Gra...
The Silverware Chronicles  by saraheliza2024
The Silverware Chronicles by Sarah
Silvia Spoon and Kned Knifeton have been together for as long as they could remember, but everything changes when Silvia meets a tall, handsome man named Ferric Forkmen.
odd {forkyeon} by blondemina
odd {forkyeon}by ♡ ♡ ♡
Jeongyeon realizes the love she has for a plastic fork, knowing they can never be together, she still tries. Jeongyeon is a widely successful kpop star apart of the nati...
An UnOdinary chat by KeenShort125
An UnOdinary chatby KeenShort125
So this is a Unodinary texting and yeah! Characters belong to Uru-chan. There is also coarse language in this but it isn't any worse than the swearing in the WEBTOON its...
A Pizza  by Lynnbeauty
A Pizza by i write miracles
once upon a time there was a pizza
fork x spoon ‼️‼️‼️warning sex‼️‼️‼️‼️🐀 by ish_Midnight
fork x spoon ‼️‼️‼️warning sex‼️‼️ hey mamas😈
fork does sex with spoon but knife chan doesn't likey
Shrek luv story by friez1lla
Shrek luv storyby kaplopd
Dont get horny gets intence
Game On by XxSushiRoxX
Game Onby XxSushiRoxX
Katherine Stark is just one of the typical High School seniors. Her life was normal. Embarrassment, humiliation, awkwardness, heartbreaks, happy, sad, moody, any 17 year...
Fork by woopeheheh
Forkby Lol
Â̷̹̰̊̆̆a̴͈̭̙̖̋̐̈̈̉͠a̸̯͈͚͔̎ǎ̸̦͕̰̬̅̉̋͘͜͝ȧ̴̰̆ȃ̶̩̞̹̙̮̳̩̩̄͆̂͜͜a̵͍̼̝̫͂̓̍͂͒̇͐͘͝͝a̸̞̳̮̘̠̬̙̮͙͒́͂̔͒͛̍̈́̈͌a̵̠̖̟̔̏̿̉̈́̋͊͌͒͠ͅ Forks are better than spoons I swear I'm not trying to...
Smg4 retarded 64 x oc by Rvbandrwbyfan
Smg4 retarded 64 x ocby Rvbandrwbyfan
After bob lost everything he went to the dump to be left alone and sad but suddenly a portal appears and a person fell out.
Fork x spoon by dazaifatass
Fork x spoonby dazais wife
Fork and a spoon fall inlove
The Gayest (Lgbtest ) book Ever by Gaypatatoqueen
The Gayest (Lgbtest ) book Everby Gay memes
If you didn't understand read that title 59k more times k bye WARNING I'm not facing all these problems but ill cover them best I can and help is appreciated and if I do...
Leave by festakasser41
Leaveby festakasser41
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Spice by diaster1991
Spiceby diaster1991
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