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Jasper Hale's Little Sister. by MrsRathbone1
Jasper Hale's Little MrsRathbone1
Texas Volturi. Jasper Whitlock Hale's Little sister. A member of the Volturi for over a century. What happens when she goes to Forks and meets her brother? *set at the e...
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Odd one out// Jasper Hale x OC by killthesparklingstar
Odd one out// Jasper Hale x OCby Killthesparkilngstar
"Maybe it's just in America, but it seems that if you're passionate about something, it freaks people out. You're considered bizarre or eccentric. To me, it just me...
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My Days To You by TheOneWaiting
My Days To Youby Måchø
These are my days patiently waiting, for you, my Queen
Broken age by Kitty-Woods
Broken ageby Uraza 2007
Broken age after meeting
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Fuchsia Skyies [✧] BFB fanfic by Ashychu
Fuchsia Skyies [✧] BFB fanficby Ashychu
WARNING [✧] minor stibby stabby [✧] It was Halloween and Gelatin, Donut, Spongy and Barf Bag decide to go trick or treating together. On their way they run into Lollipop...
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Insect by premanufacturer1953
Insectby premanufacturer1953
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Why The Fork Is BTR In Our Apartment?! | Carlos Pena - Big Time Rush by ilove4dorks
Why The Fork Is BTR In Our ilove4dorks
*This is one of my first stories and is very unrealistic, stupid, and is not well-written. I would delete it but I'm too chicken so please go read one of my newer stori...
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Smg4 retarded 64 x oc by Rvbandrwbyfan
Smg4 retarded 64 x ocby Rvbandrwbyfan
After bob lost everything he went to the dump to be left alone and sad but suddenly a portal appears and a person fell out.
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Restaurant by pruniferous2015
Restaurantby pruniferous2015
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Game by neorama2019
Gameby neorama2019
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Popular by bournemeier56
Popularby bournemeier56
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X-Ray by fip1952
X-Rayby fip1952
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-FoRk-  by Fork_Leader
-FoRk- by ForkisdeadBitch
YeaH soRry Im verY lazY
Unordinary fantasy AU by KeenShort125
Unordinary fantasy AUby KeenShort125
When you turn 18 you have a massive choice. And with a war on the way the young kids must face many challenges.
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Seem by elfstanshiro11
Seemby elfstanshiro11
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Fruit by fisked1914
Fruitby fisked1914
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An UnOdinary chat by KeenShort125
An UnOdinary chatby KeenShort125
So this is a Unodinary texting and yeah! Characters belong to Uru-chan. There is also coarse language in this but it isn't any worse than the swearing in the WEBTOON its...
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Hieroglyph by artefac1996
Hieroglyphby artefac1996
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Life of a Fork. by Hayzjune
Life of a June
There is a fork. He has to be made. He has to be bought. He has to be eaten with. this fork might die, but no one cares. Enjoy this fanfiction i made with my cousin. ~...
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