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foresight | e.d by captivatingethan
foresight | e.dby lily ❃
in which ethan dolan is able to see a girls' future through dreams - #1 IN GRAYSON DOLAN ! tysm #1 in dreaming #3 in dolan #9 in dolan twins
  • ethandolan
  • future
  • foresight
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The Angel of Vengeance | ✓ [EDITING] by ReneeShantel
The Angel of Vengeance | ✓ [ Renée Shantel [hiatus]
Zoe Halsman has had the dreams for as long as she can remember -- the dreams that show her all manner of terrible things before they happen. As a child they tormented he...
  • yaparanormal
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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The Cast by redfae
The Castby Ally Aldridge
Do you wish you had Gwyn's foresight, to look into a crystal ball and know someone's probably future? Do you wish you could know someones past, their strengths, weaknes...
  • fortunetelling
  • probablefuture
  • characters
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The Eighth Emperor by QuantumParadigmShift
The Eighth Emperorby MechanicalRomance/HappyMassac...
Shark's life has been thrown out of balance. Is he Human, or Barian? And who is this Oracle he has heard about?
  • nasch
  • oracle
  • shark
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Divination by Heather_Dianne
Divinationby Heather Dianne
Prudence Woodhouse has a specific envisioned future for herself, and she wouldn't want to change it for the world. But it becomes distant when she returns to her hometow...
  • mystery
  • family
  • occult
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The Last of My Kind by Duckgirl34
The Last of My Kindby Duckgirl34
What would you do if you had no memories of your past... or even what you were? If your life fell apart one day, and you woke up in the middle of no where, with nothing...
  • moment
  • rave
  • regions
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All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
  • crying
  • rude
  • flower
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Covers by Foresight18
Coversby ***
Covers to contests I've entered and requests♥
  • requests
  • romance
  • contest
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Whispers Across Glass by Becca_Lynn98
Whispers Across Glassby BexWritesStuff
Mallory Blake's life makes a complete U-turn when her Aunt becomes terminally ill and her Mom has to work longer shifts to pay bills and spend her free time caring for h...
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • love
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Agate Mountain Academy | WoF Roleplay by m_rderousm_st_rb_t_r
Agate Mountain Academy | WoF wave man ahegao face
A school for supernaturally powered dragons. Here you can find rare varieties of dragons from all tribes, from moon-gifted NightWings to animus MudWings, Agate Academy t...
  • wings
  • skywing
  • animus
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A Dreamscape by lunarlantern
A Dreamscapeby Andre Stolk
  • prophecy
  • wish
  • heaven
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Sweat and 20/20 by MetallicBeaste
Sweat and 20/20by MetallicBeaste
  • life
  • family
  • learning
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Arda Zafni - Adventures of a Hockey Lover. by engerek01
Arda Zafni - Adventures of a Engin Demir
"If he knew what would happen to him in the future, he would understand that this dream was a warning and maybe he would give up from his hockey desire." This...
  • foresight
  • hockey
  • arda
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Where has my brain been? by NatashaCarmon
Where has my brain been?by Natasha Carmon
  • staying
  • fit
  • thanksgiving
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I love The Rain. by SGB124
I love The SGB124
i love the rain.
  • foresight
  • nature
  • rain
Awesome Dream by NatashaCarmon
Awesome Dreamby Natasha Carmon
  • foresight
  • premonition
  • television
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burn [unedited] by disunite
burn [unedited]by disunite
Cora Danvers' perfect idea of senior year is interrupted by a series of murders, which had previously appeared in her dreams. Is she reaching a point of mental collapse...
  • premonition
  • highschool
  • supernatural
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