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Iniquitous H.S by Jess_Hemmo96
Iniquitous H.Sby Jessica
"You know I can't just let you go." He says. "You have no choice" I weakly say with tears falling. "I'm not letting you go. I just can't allow...
Mine (Harry Styles Fanfic 2017) by OhYesStyles00
Mine (Harry Styles Fanfic 2017)by OhYesStyles00
"Your mine now." I felt his cold breathe mumble against my neck. I didn't feel his presence anymore so I opened my eyes but only to see his green piercing eyes...
mortality || h.s by harrywoops
mortality || h.sby penis
mortality mɔːˈtalɪti/ noun 1. the state of being subject to death, death, especially on a large scale. ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠
Harry Styles Imagines by stylesolgy
Harry Styles Imaginesby stylesolgy
- Range of angsty imagines - A couple fluff imagines - No smut - No personal imagines - Requests are taken
Temptation|H.S| by anababy1d
Temptation|H.S|by anababy1d
Addiction makes people do terrible things *Warning this story contains: foul invective, drug abuse, sexual content, dark harry
Taming the Fire by Jenni_Nugget
Taming the Fireby Jenni_Nugget
"Sweetheart you may put on this whole tough girl act but you don't fool me for a second. Please Amber I see right through you. Inside you are just a weak pathetic l...
Under his Influence | h.s. by verycherry4harry
Under his Influence | h.s.by verycherry4harry
"Harry," I say. I feel naked, even though I'm in my pajamas. I realize it's because I'm not wearing a bra. And my pajamas are thin. Harry realizes this too. Co...
Dark 1D Stories by imagine_rose213
Dark 1D Storiesby unknown
This is a book for Dark fan fiction that are written for the band One Direction. These are all the book I have read and I think deserve a lot of fame. I have written a f...
Trial 09    [ harry styles ] by Haroldthefish
Trial 09 [ harry styles ]by Haroldthefish
Harry Styles has an insatiable hunger for destruction and a past darker than the midnight sky he secretly loves to watch. Sage is a nobody, with scars so deep that they...
Softcore | H.S. by inatpwk
Softcore | H.S.by ina
are we too young for this?
Delicate//H.S by brownngirll
Delicate//H.Sby I Am
del·i·cate ˈdelikət/ adjective 1. easily broken or damaged; fragile. "delicate china" synonyms: fragile, breakable, frail; formalfrangible I told him I was del...
H+V | Harry Styles by glitter-bug
H+V | Harry Stylesby Romy
Just little things featuring the characters from The Northridge Ripper. Contains one shots as well as longer length short stories.
KING//H.S by xtwobirdsblack
KING//H.Sby you tell me.
"No matter how fast you can run, No matter how well you can hide, And no matter how far you will ever get away from me, I will always have full control over you. I...
And I Love Her [H.S] by star_no_star
And I Love Her [H.S]by unknown
Story Preview: "Do you know who that is?" Anna asked me with wide eyes. I shrugged, climbing back into the booth, my dress soaked and reeking of the spilt bee...
Get to survive |h.e.s| by LassyCow
Get to survive |h.e.s|by LassyCow
Холод из сырых коридоров, словно мертвое дыхание заполняет здание. Красочные пейзажи сказочных садов и фасадов лечебницы застыли в серой мгле. Слышно только меланхолично...
Aim [h.s] by _purgestyles
Aim [h.s]by A N N E
“He aimed at the wrong direction, but found a different target. And that's her.”
Criterion H.Styles au by Almighty-Amy
Criterion H.Styles auby Amy
They're like Angels sent from above but their wings are black and their halos must be broken. // Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2016 Almighty-Amy //
The black list  {H.S} by jailynnstyles
The black list {H.S}by Jailynn van Erk
~little do i know she's the one, but i dont care i have to kill her before she ruins my whole career. ~Smut ~violence ~read at your own risk ~One direction is not part...
Innocence by thatgirlthough2323
Innocenceby thatgirlthough2323
She was innocent, and he liked that. He was dark, and she was intrigued ---------------------------------------- Jessica Bridgewell was just a 19 year old girl livi...