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Me | SKAM Jonas Vasquez by Eleriaa
Me | SKAM Jonas Vasquezby Eleriaa
"In today's society, people value a very specific type of person. And then they want you to be like that. It's important to them how you dress or talk. They care ab...
Takes one to break one// Chris Schistad by heartbreakwriter27
Takes one to break one// Chris It’s ya boi
"Who here has been personally victimized by Christoffer Schistad?" "No, but I sure victimized him." THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK IVE EVER WRITTEN WHEN I W...
Ragnarök Imagines and Preferences  by breyerluver48
Ragnarök Imagines and Preferences by Fiona
I tried wring a fanfiction and it didn't go well. Plus, I'm better at writing short stories with the characters of tv shows and movies, anyways. I'll include all the ch...
Eelia -{ Thor's Sister }- by Slytherin_Pop_Tart
Eelia -{ Thor's Sister }-by söup
Eelia Odindottir is the goddess of Botany. She has two brothers, Thor and Loki. She is the youngest in her family and the least problematic.
It Will Be Better (Eddsworld X Child!Reader) by BlueBerryVSE
It Will Be Better (Eddsworld X BlueBerryVSE
You'd never really been treated like a kid before and especially not by your parents. However, after an incident occurs one day at the local mall and you're left practic...
WRONG NUMBER ;; SKAM by xprinny
WRONG NUMBER ;; SKAMby xprinny
in which a connection is made; Via simply mistaking a six for a seven in a phone number [JONAS NOAH...
Skam Imagines/ Preferences by schistadbby
Skam Imagines/ Preferencesby schistadbby
The title pretty much sums it up! Message me if you have a request. Please comment and vote if you enjoy!
skam by -bekind
skamby 𝓶𝓮𝓵
all you need to know about the series. clips, pictures, texts and more... (including all ships) cover by @blushkun
Beautiful quotes in different languages  by Filippo_Matteo_Akon
Beautiful quotes in different >Ak0n<
I write some quotes in different languages. If you have an idea, write me :D (I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I try to speak Portuguese and I know something) For e...
player [CHRISSCHISTAD] by vancuover
player [CHRISSCHISTAD]by saruh!
"if this were american soccer field; he would be the goalie, and i would be the one scoring" •i do not own skam, or chris, or any plot revolving around skam...
Chris & Eva - Is it desire or is it love? by mymindagalaxy
Chris & Eva - Is it desire or is Rebekka
❝I'm a player, we don't fall in love.❝ Chris said reserved. Eva realised that he wasn't lying to her, he was lying to himself. 20.01.17: #168 in #fanfiction 27.01.17...
Broken and gone// Chris Schistad (book 2) by heartbreakwriter27
Broken and gone// Chris Schistad ( It’s ya boi
"What happened?" "We broke each other."
Frost by EdgemoonPR
Frostby Edge
Gerda never expected to be dumped in a Wonderland of Snow after her boyfriend disappeared. Far from it. Now stuck in 19th century Sweden, she must resort to asking for h...
EUPHORIA ➣ SKAM by 80scastiel
EUPHORIA ➣ SKAMby mia .。:+*
❝You're a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart.❞ *・゜゜・. - in which the good girl causes trouble, and seeks something she didn...
the title says it all... it will be about: -Jonas -P Chris -Isak -William I also do imagines so request in the comments please
Same words with different meanings by MrsAlderson
Same words with different meaningsby MrsAlderson
In this "story", I'm collecting all the words that share the way they are written with words from other languages, but have totally different meanings. P.s. Fe...
Soft // Blaise Zabini by GeniusFangirl
Soft // Blaise Zabiniby Coffee Addict™
∆ "There's bravery in being soft." ∆ After cheerful Espen Hattestad and his smart best friend, Willow Bjornson, were taken out of the Nordic School of Magic by...
 °▶🅃🄾🅁🄳 🅟🅘🅒🅢 ◀° by Sxnshine_Boi
°▶🅃🄾🅁🄳 🅟🅘🅒🅢 ◀°by •🌾🌻🌾•
⚠THE ARTIST SIGNATURES ARE THERE ⚠ To those who are in the eddsworld fandom or knows Feel free to look at tord pics This was back in 2018 And i got warned by wattpad- (...
SKAM by zayyum_
SKAMby muse
SKAM, that's it.
Finding Freya by CMarv1
Finding Freyaby CMarv1
Aasta Eriksen always had an easygoing life with only her dad. Aasta also loved everything and everyone, even the Norwegian Elkhound that always barked at her down the st...