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Squidward's Birthday Gift ( COMIC! ) by jesus_davito13
Squidward's Birthday Gift ( COMIC...by Abomination.
The original story was deleted and it's hard to find the whole comic now since it's broken into parts all over the internet, so I gathered as much as I could find and ad...
The Employee (Charleston x reader) || COMPLETED by reddiamondtulip
The Employee (Charleston x reader)...by Reena Daymond
After you were fired by mr. Slabs, you found yourself working for his rival, Charleston in the Crumb Basket. Will you help him succeed surpassing the Trusty Slab or dest...
SPONGENRONPA (A Fanfic) by Caronaroflipaclip
SPONGENRONPA (A Fanfic)by Caronaro flipaclip
The fellow Cartoon group has fallen into a killing game.... What will happen? Hello, and welcome to Spongenronpa! The Spongebob x Danganronpa crossover that nobody asked...
Neighbor Next Door ❤️ Spongebob X !FEMALE! Reader Human AU by gaywriterthings
Neighbor Next Door ❤️ Spongebob X...by gay idiot
hello and welcome to the only clean spongebob x anyone fanfiction in existence. i hate everything about this book. please note that i do not write stuff like this anymor...
Dinner at Mr Krabs - Pearl Krabs x reader by GoldWolf643
Dinner at Mr Krabs - Pearl Krabs x...by GoldWolf643
Pearl and Mr Krabs have been having a lot of conflicts recently and their relationship has got difficult. The young whale is angry at her dad, and when a boy proposes to...
𝖀𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖊𝖆|| SpongeBob SquarePants by ConnieSpringersWifey
𝖀𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖊𝖆|| SpongeB...by ~JJ~
A SpongeBob SquarePants x gender neutral reader please read, you won't regret it
(Squidward x Spongebob) I do care for you by Gaming_MusicOn
(Squidward x Spongebob) I do care...by Octi was here
this is only my ship but no hates tho you clicked to this -_- also sorry i havent been posting stuff i quitted so im gonna do my best... i think....
Godzilla and Friends Season 2 by Ro1052003
Godzilla and Friends Season 2by Riley Ohrt
Your favorite characters are back for another season! Ago and his army are still at large, but there's something else that he every oft jumpy: humans! That's right, our...
Pluto Rooms | Jikook by eremeunjungoo
Pluto Rooms | Jikookby ¡ z z ý
what are you afraid of? the advertisement demands. can you make it to the end of the virtual reality game that exploits your darkest, deepest fears and uses them agains...
Tentacles Entangled (Squidward x Reader) by WittleAngelicSquid
Tentacles Entangled (Squidward x R...by PiquantDino
Everything was falling perfectly into place for (Y/N), the new fish in town. Bikini Bottom was the perfect place for her, especially when a certain squid was her neighbo...
Shrek x SpongeBob  by CoffeePopTarts4Life
Shrek x SpongeBob by CoffeePopTarts4Life
100% my best creation. Shrek x SpongeBob they are together forever ps no one dies. Inspired by @juliakaplan1
Spongebob Characters One-Shots by Shyguylover238
Spongebob Characters One-Shotsby Shyguylover238
Spongebob and friends one-shots.
SpongeBob X Reader by spongebobbiggestfan
SpongeBob X Readerby Arya SquarePants
An adorable and touching short created by spongebobbiggestfan staring the one and only SpongeBob Squarepants. In this Fanfiction you will actually experience how a relat...
 This is a joke- by Mother_Neko
This is a joke-by ☽Satans Little Slut☾
Just me making you like weird ships and question your life choices😈 Feel free to recommend any you think of
only you // squidbob by johnfromspanglish
only you // squidbobby 🧍‍♀️
"sometimes it feels like you're the only one keeping me around" started: january 27, 2018 finished: n/a THIS IS BOYXBOY IF YOU DONT LIKE DONT READ!!!!!!!
spongebob photos out of context by xenonbloom
spongebob photos out of contextby mel !
if you want to laugh until you break your laugh box
Accidentally in Love by ShadowAngel56
Accidentally in Loveby Nadia Rahman
Squidward was the type of person who felt like that he didn't need nothing or anyone in his life. That is...until he decided to ask Spongebob for help when Squilliam's l...
SpongeBob vs. Miley Cyrus by CheesePlease111
SpongeBob vs. Miley Cyrusby Meatball McGlaze
SpongeBob has a rap battle with Miley Cyrus. When Miley finds out that SpongeBob has epic rapping skills, she wants her revenge. So what does she do? She uses her wrecki...
jon arbuckle x reader by thanospp
jon arbuckle x readerby thanospp
a very intricate story about a boy who falls in love with jon arbuckle and goes through many mysteries together