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The Art of Learning to Breathe by ThatDreamChaser
The Art of Learning to Breatheby ell
COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT EDITING IN PROCESS Adelaine Colbert, a seventeen-year-old college dropout, family failure and socially awkward. After dropping out of college and d...
  • anxietyattacks
  • mistakes
  • friendship
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The Adventures of a Girl Who Should Not Exist (Doctor Who/ Harry Potter Crossover) by budding_writerx
The Adventures of a Girl Who Lord President Alexandria
Amelia- just Amelia. One year after the Daleks destroyed her planet, sending her crashing into Earth, she receives a mysterious letter in the mail- and suddenly, she is...
  • magic
  • harrypotter
  • ravenclaw
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Racing with the bad boy by ShannonBooth3
Racing with the bad boyby Shannon Sally
No. 1 in car! Amelia Banks isn't your typical girl, knowing all there's is to know about cars, racing and mechanics can make someone an outcast. Despite all of that she...
  • car
  • wattyawards
  • friendship
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Legea: The Extras by autumn_sunfire
Legea: The Extrasby Verity
There is so very much to Legea. This is a book for all the extras that belong nowhere: music, maps, poems, random lore, fun facts, the very first draft of "The Jou...
  • music
  • random
  • sarcasm
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Endlessly  by this___person
Endlessly by t h i s p e r s o n
"I'm really trying not to draw any attention to myself, so maybe you could be on your way, where ever that is?" I suggest. "Actually I was thinking maybe...
  • fairytaillike
  • woods
  • forest
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Dead Leaves by Nourhanely
Dead Leavesby Nourhane
Heaven can get a little boring sometimes. meeting countless souls and hearing them yap about their previous lives, caused Azraël , the angel of death, to be a little jea...
  • lgbtq
  • thriller
  • angels
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Red Violet (Draft 1) by IceRiver1020
Red Violet (Draft 1)by Gabrielle Causey
(This is a prequel/companion story to Dragons of Arillia, and one does not have to be read before the other. This is also a first draft, so it won't be super clean, but...
  • loss
  • arillia
  • grieving
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The Maiden Squad by OfTheWilds
The Maiden Squadby Of The Wilds
Amidst a world built from the ruins of old prison colonies, a trio of women bond while stuck working for the same obnoxious dragon. Before long, they're plotting to teac...
  • dragons
  • fantasy
  • lizardfolk
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Hidden Beneath Shadows by SharnieBrown
Hidden Beneath Shadowsby Sharnie Brown
Things are not what they seem. Sometimes our sense of security and rightness can be disturbingly distorted...
  • firstdraft
  • hopeyoulikeit
  • mustread
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In The Name Of Love by Sandra_Tacko
In The Name Of Loveby Sandra Tacko
Isabelle had made it through her first year of college and after a three month holiday with her family, she is excited for her next year especially since she just moved...
  • love
  • protectivefriends
  • partygirl
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First Spark by afteriwokeup
First Sparkby Ren 彡
What if I told you the world has burned? That a single flame erupted the whole earth in to ash? Chaos held the throne, greed stood beside him. Billions dead, millions mo...
  • youngadult
  • first
  • original
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Sometimes We Forget by ClaraNadine
Sometimes We Forgetby Clara Nadine
Thea Weston is chosen to attend an elite training camp in order to stop enemy forces. After living alone for so long, she has a difficult time fitting into the city life...
  • firstdraft
  • fiction
  • teamwork
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The African Child by KoredeOlawale
The African Childby Akorede
Efua, being a typical African girl had to face a lot of challenges to make it in life. She had determination and bravery in her blood and was on a mission to make it in...
  • education
  • nigeria
  • urban
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Through the Fog by savannadm
Through the Fogby savannadm
Elijah has always known he's different. He sees things move in the shadows, things no one else can or dares to see. He seeks these anomalies, these shadows with eyes and...
  • lgbt
  • demon
  • vampire
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Between Life and Death by Pandiabit
Between Life and Deathby Pandiabit
"I can't live with myself. I want to forget." In a world where humans have existed over a billion years, higher beings called gods and goddesses roam. Meet...
  • godsandgoddesses
  • firstdraft
  • cuteromance
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Vivisepulture by danebaker85
Vivisepultureby Dane Baker
I've been working on this first draft for my first book for several months now, but have struggled the last few weeks to continue on. Recently I was told about Wattpad...
  • relevance
  • firstdraft
  • mentalhealth
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Library of Alexandria by Nicole_Delacour
Library of Alexandriaby E. C.
Born with a mind full of weapons, Alexandria believes she finally has escaped the war her inventions began, but a soldier stumbles across her doorway. Unable to turn the...
  • scifi-
  • multiplepov
  • serial
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Rise by ElisaABonnin
Riseby Elisa Bonnin
Atasha Serrino was on the rise. A young mage in a country where magic is rare, Tash had everything he ever wanted. Magic, friends, love, a promising military career. Peo...
  • trauma
  • adventure
  • amputee
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Mark of Faith by latchkeyy
Mark of Faithby MP
I never intended to put Eden through so much. I was so focused on the Prophet that I never saw how things were lining up. By the time I noticed, it was too late. Everyth...
  • princess
  • prophet
  • ewa18
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