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A Room with a View: Oxford in the times of Covid by whendreaming
A Room with a View: Oxford in Leda May
The financial-burden-of- my-deep-rooted-need-for-academic-validation got me up in the morning. Worked better than all the 9 alarms that I set. As mandatory lectures wen...
World of Fiction  by FantasyWorldForest
World of Fiction by Dawn
His life was torturous, he wanted to escape his own life. He was jealous of fictional characters, they always meet the end of their sufferings, but his sufferings of lif...
Xiaolumi Oneshots by MomsKitchenKnife
Xiaolumi Oneshotsby YourMom'sKitchenKnife
A bunch of Xiaolumi short stories that I've written and compiled together. The stories may be related in some ways but can be read as standalones. If any of them are OO...
empty lines by RarelyReadFanfic
empty linesby RarelyReadFanfic
Third collection of my shitty poems
Ghost Stories  by Localdreamer416
Ghost Stories by Localdreamer416
A collection of poems and prose capturing my journey learning to love, falling out of love, the unwavering ups and downs of mental illness, and the ghost stories that ha...
Reliance by adroite
Relianceby Frankie
reliance (n.) dependence on or trust in someone or something. © adroite 2017
The thing that connects us by _tay_tay_2000_
The thing that connects usby Tay
Poetry and works that I've done recently and in the past, a mix of old and new. They are all pretty much a stream of consciousness, freshly written. Raw works yet to be...
edge of the mattress ✓ by heartworms
edge of the mattress ✓by abi
tugging at the seams 2020
-Guatemala City-  Days 1 to 5 by Soul_Steves
-Guatemala City- Days 1 to 5by Sam
Food. The Streets. Shotguns. McDonalds security .Parks & Palaces. Fruit. Uber Drivers. Family Tragedy. Chicken Bus. Marketplace. Cockroaches & Mosquitos. Corruption.
cyanide heart by moonlid
cyanide heartby ♰
when i look at you, i see what i imagine the inside of a bone might look like 2022 © moonlid
phantoms & wraiths by ssheralle
phantoms & wraithsby sheralle
These are the thoughts and struggles of a pre-medicine student going through an existential crisis. There is no place for creativity in medicine, and it suffocates me. ...
Quetzaltenango by Soul_Steves
Quetzaltenangoby Sam
Leaving comfy San Marcos de La Laguna, one night in Panajachel and bus journey to Quetzaltenengo, the second most populated city in Guatemala. Beautiful thermal springs...
Clouded Thoughts by armunbrar
Clouded Thoughtsby The Kuddly Krab
"Head in the clouds been meaning something different lately". - Armun Brar A mixture of fictional and nonfictional thoughts, that cloud my mind. A collection o...
Never Said by warm_cuppa
Never Saidby warm_cuppa
A fictional series of OffGun inspired one-shots and ficlets featuring thoughts and internal monologues about love, lust, friendship, and trust. Each chapter is a short s...
poems and rambles on the fragility of life and heartbreak and love by uptownpapaya
poems and rambles on the uptown papaya
this is where all the messy beautiful drafts go. the ones that I feel a pounding pull in my heart about. that i need to share, but have nowhere to keep. they go here. ar...
-Antigua 2.0- by Soul_Steves
-Antigua 2.0-by Sam
Back in Antigua for a couple days longer than the last 40 minute trip.
arcane magic by astrophile
arcane magicby wren arrior
a book of poetic ramblings, where words have the power to make us feel both lost and found all at once. an exploration of what it means to be alive and feel things and w...
Not Love Poems by Vyllraen
Not Love Poemsby Hevel Brown
Poems to myself. Poems to the moon. Poems about anything that I want.
-Flores & Tikal- by Soul_Steves
-Flores & Tikal-by Sam
Left the south of Guatemala after almost two and a half weeks and found my self on the Island of Flores. The place feels tropical, the people are relaxed and there is an...