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اولین ها‌، آخرین ها by Dreamer_cupcake
اولین ها‌، آخرین هاby sᴇᴛ
مجموعه پرسش های اولین ها و آخرین های شما.
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THOUGHTX  by nikkibelaya
THOUGHTX by nikkibelaya
Poetryyyyyy -own poem- -I just want to share my thought's- -hope youll enjoy and like it-- -thank you ---♡♡♡♡
  • poetry
  • thoughts
  • thoughtx
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Famile by Watdaflip
Famileby Watdaflip
"Gosh, I wish this high school life isn't dramatic like in the movies." -Few Months Later- "Why?! Why is my high school life so dramatic now?! I jinxed it...
  • first
  • sophomore
  • friendship
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Random Things My Friends Say by _Depressinq
Random Things My Friends Sayby _Depressinq
This is basically a book of quotes I got from my friends. Warning, some are a tad rude while others are just stupid.
  • inspiration
  • quotation
  • mylife
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U n d e r w o r l d by Extra__Ordinary
U n d e r w o r l dby Extra__Ordinary
"Why aren't you scared of me? Why won't you fear me already?!" Ares was a man to be feared. He was leader of one the biggest mafia and killed with no mercy so...
  • 18
  • gay
  • mafia
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Try Again - Ongoing by PrinsesaHeremiah
Try Again - Ongoingby pj
Walang panahon si Penny upang mainlove at mag-asawa, yan ang lagi nyang mungkahi sa kaniyang mga magulang at sa kanyang mga ate. laging inuungot nito ang kaniyang edad n...
  • promise
  • romance
  • first
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Last Seats | Ongoing by SankalpD000
Last Seats | Ongoingby sankalp
Hello readers, Technically, last seats are considered as worst seats in any vehicle especially in a bus. They are the most bumpy ones whenever you apply break...
  • new
  • india
  • yourstoryindia
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Things I didn't tell you.. by RSorana
Things I didn't tell RSorana
  • shortchapters
  • loveletters
  • universe
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Butterfly and Flame (Alina and Evan) previously "Please Stay with Me" by MaritzaSolanoLazar
Butterfly and Flame (Alina and MSL
Alina Salvatierra is a loving daughter, a protective big sister, a trusting and loyal friend and a daydreamer. She's also is dealing with PTSD and hides a secret that ca...
  • romance
  • ballet
  • lovestory
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City Hunter:The Dark Lady by AstralynBlack
City Hunter:The Dark Ladyby Lady_in_Black
Sa isang di maipaliwanag na dahilan,nilatagan ng isang batas ni Alexandra ang sarili. 'BAWAL NA BAWAL KANG MAGMAHAL' Paano niya naman masasabing bawal siya magmahal?she...
  • dark
  • first
  • past
Kidnapped Hero by JuniorWriterChris
Kidnapped Heroby Junior Writer Chris
While taking a shortcut through the woods back to your village, you are jumped by a fox, shortly after you wake up to find yourself kidnapped by royalty. Who will you m...
  • skeleton
  • wolfgirl
  • foxgirl
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Entangled Threads by raininwinter
Entangled Threadsby El
"Between her and the world, there is no deciding. To me, she is the world." YuYi eyes tell of a deep affection. "Will you regret this?" Siming asks...
  • pastlives
  • immortals
  • chinese
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Her Lightning Love by ImTheDarkMuse
Her Lightning Loveby Dark Muse
The cover will just be temporary dahil wala pa akong mahanap na cover. Tsaka hindi rin ako marunong gumawa eh. First story po kasi
  • first
  • lightning
  • love
Dorks: season one by I_identify_as_a_box
Dorks: season oneby Iamadork Gacha
Dorks are just short story's about their daily life together. it was also inspired by eddsworld
  • first
  • idkwhatimdoing
Thyme's Beginning by KimberlyPeden
Thyme's Beginningby Kim Possible
Young Amber Thyme thought she knew the history of her family until one day a monk hobbled into her village with a map and a letter he died to give her. Her days of innoc...
  • fighting
  • unexpected
  • paladin
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Soul Writer: Words From Within by iero_bookworm
Soul Writer: Words From Withinby Diana
This book is a collection of thoughts and feelings in the form of poems. I share my words with you because they show that we are never alone with what we truly feel. T...
  • sadpoems
  • amateur
  • poems
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little red riding hood by AAlireP
little red riding hoodby Andres Alire
my take of the little red riding hood, enter the confusing and creepy world of this story. [This is my first time ever doing this please drop some feedback.]
  • help
  • creepystories
  • woods
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First Spark by afteriwokeup
First Sparkby Ren 彡
What if I told you the world has burned? That a single flame erupted the whole earth in to ash? Chaos held the throne, greed stood beside him. Billions dead, millions mo...
  • youngadult
  • firstdraft
  • romance
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art book (ongoing) by myrainobsessiop
art book (ongoing)by ♫
my first art book - and hopefully there won't be anymore. in this art book you'll find a lot of fantasy, a lot of faeries and basically anything artsy that i happen to b...
  • draw
  • drawing
  • random
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Transformation, the beginning by RKaitlynn
Transformation, the beginningby RKaitlynn
It's a cliche, ordinary girl meets a good looking guy and they fall in love. Well, they would have if she let herself and if he wasn't a creature she thought only exist...
  • magicalcreatures
  • themintys2019
  • highschool
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