Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
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  • tommy
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Stiles Mikaelson *TW, TO AND TVD*  by haxxamaria
Stiles Mikaelson *TW, TO AND TVD* by haxxamaria
ON PAUSE // SLOW UPDATES Scott Mccall's pack consists of: A true alpha - Scott A banshee -Lydia A beta - Liam A beta - Isaac A werewolf - Derek (beta) A were coyote -Mal...
  • kol
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Law and order SVU Oneshots (FROM TUMBLR) by electricblake
Law and order SVU Oneshots (FROM k :)
{COMPLETED} These are just SVU characters x reader imagines that i got from tumblr. i will put the author of the imagine in the beginning of each chapter. I will also pu...
  • sonnycarisi
  • icet
  • oliviabensen
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Intruder by LexaDelTaco
Intruderby Flavored Tap Water™
Elliot and his family have been put into witness protection. Elliot seems to have ticked off people in some high up places. Those same people attack Olivia and she has t...
  • intruder
  • cragen
  • elliotstabler
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Trouble( it + stranger things) by TheMrsWolfhard
Trouble( it + stranger things)by Notme
Your a normal 16 year old girl. You grew up in the town of LA with all of your friends. Your friends with all of the stranger things cast and it cast but in this book no...
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Bad end Friends by KaoriChan12
Bad end Friendsby ❤❤ ~~|°°Girl Player°°|~~❤❤
Querias ver terror? entra XDXDXD querias ver a tus personajes favoritos de disney versión mala? entra... aqui encontraras la mejor historia de terror (voy a tratas de qu...
  • terror
  • gore
  • drama
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Falling for Santana Lopez by KeepingUpWithFanFics
Falling for Santana Lopezby KeepingUpWithFanFics
There is the new girl at Mckinley High School named Bella Moore. Bella is Sam's cousin who just transferred from Florida. She has major stage fright but an amazing voice...
  • santanalopez
  • spanish
  • highschool
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Insta;School of rock by Princess_Geek_101
Insta;School of rockby Aanyeleexoxo
What happens when SOR gets insta??? Fremmer Freedy Zamika [COMPLETED]
  • completed
  • lesme
  • freddy
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Imaginas de F.W. R.T. y M.W.
  • mike
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  • wolfhard
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Voyage dans l'univers   by LoupGarou2005
Voyage dans l'univers by LoupGarou2005
La fin du monde approche à grand pas et les habitants de la planète Terre ne sont plus beaucoup. Les scientifiques et astrologues essayent de trouver une autre planète a...
  • monde
  • fin
  • science
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Limitless| The Originals by dancingwithahybrid
Limitless| The Originalsby Bella
Our love knew no bounds and no restrictions, we were simply limitless. Kol fell in love over nine hundred years ago. She's back and is not quite the same.
  • neworleans
  • hayleymarshall
  • heretic
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Gaining Water  by abbyn13
Gaining Water by abbyn13
"It's like you're on a ship, and your gaining water. You're gaining water, but you can't sink. You're just slowly drowning in a still capsule that can never be br...
  • irwin
  • boy
  • ashton
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Role-playing OCs by -sinxng
Role-playing OCsby ♡Aubri♡
down in the forest, we'll sing a chorus.
  • characters
  • crestive
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♕Princess♕ boyxboy | FIN by vesikorento
♕Princess♕ boyxboy | FINby vesikorento
-'Jimin, musta sä oot tosi kaunis.' ©vesikorento 2017
  • kpop
  • jimin
  • taehyung
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Change of Heart [Percival Graves x OC Fanfiction] by Eljion
Change of Heart [Percival Graves Eljion
Lorraine Adkins has a very special place in Percival Graves heart but will she notice if his place is taken by dangerous wizard Grindelvald? And what if the new man wil...
  • fin
  • fantastic
  • harrypotter
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Unpopular Opinion| RANTS by Charlottequeenflair
Unpopular Opinion| RANTSby WWECaitlyn💙
Heyy b*tches!!! I wanted to make a rant book because people on Twitter are too sensitive and negative, and I need somewhere to share my thoughts.😂 This book will be my...
  • balor
  • raw
  • sashabanks
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Figure It out  by DTfuzzyfacefluffball
Figure It out by Emma Kiser
Hey, I have to tell you something. Nobody knows who I am or where i came from. Truth be told, neither do I. I woke up in a Hospital bed. I couldn't Even remember my name.
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Avant la fin by DjangoRouge
Avant la finby Captain D
Les pensées et les réflexions d'un homme arrivé au bout des rails de sa vie, et dont la mort approche à grande vitesse.
  • regrets
  • pensées
  • rails
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