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Olivia's Secret Daughter by Benson4015
Olivia's Secret Daughterby Benson4015
Olivia has a daughter no one knew about not even Elliot.
The Girl with a secret Life (A Sonny Carisi Fanfiction) by CherrySkul818
The Girl with a secret Life (A CherrySkul818
Mia Martinez is a 12 year old girl with a big shot attorney father. Looks can be deceiving though, Mia on the outside sometimes can look and seen Normal but on the insid...
Hush by PrincepAngulusLapsus
Hushby PrincepAngulusLapsus
A female detective has a past that she refused to tell, until she has to because her life depends on it
Constellations (svu Fanfiction) by justMikaylaT
Constellations (svu Fanfiction)by justMikaylaT
Olivia's past comes knocking in the form of a set of teenage twins.
Before You by bensonboone69
Before Youby bensonboone69
Y/N meets Benson at a Grocery store and he asks for her number. What will happen next?
Regular Show Boyfriend Scenarios *under editing* by MILLER550
Regular Show Boyfriend Scenarios * Shadow
Hello everyone, thank you for reading this. This is a complete story now and there is marriage scenarios for this now
Bed Bugs: A Bee Movie fanfic by PoppySaphire
Bed Bugs: A Bee Movie fanficby PoppySaphire
Barry x Venessa----WARNING: SMUT #1 TheBeeMovie Barry and Venessa have been together for a while now and they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Tog...
Rebel (SVU Fanfic) by BenslerForever1
Rebel (SVU Fanfic)by Gean Bean ❤️
Olivia Benson transfers from Special Victims in Jersey to Manhattan, meaning she has to move her 15 year old daughter, Nicole, her 9 year old son, Zach, and her 3 year o...
Undercover  by carnivore9034
Undercover by carnivore9034
Elliot and Olivia navigate their feelings for each other when he leaves to go on another case. Liv ponders the true meaning behind Elliott's kind gesture with the compas...
Don't Let Him Take Me by briellepuleo
Don't Let Him Take Meby .
Maya is a 12 year old girl who is in the 7th grade. She is abused by her father. One day she goes to school where the SVU detectives are putting on a presentation. They...
Back to You by cheercclu15
Back to Youby cheercclu15
This is a Law & Order SVU fanfic and it starts at the end of season 15, picking up where it left off. Has 3 years been to long or can love outlast any measure of time? W...
Read His Mind  | ✓ by Sunlene
Read His Mind | ✓by Sunlene
What if the people around you- from your classmates to your best friend- were hiding their true feelings behind their smiles? And you found out? Abbie Lee used to think...
Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction) by buttaz_
Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction)by buttaz
Sergeant Olivia Benson goes to a high school with the SVU squad for a presentation. What happens when she crosses paths with Bradley Collins? There is smut in this, its...
Summer Storms (Scarlemagne x Reader) by ShadowPrincessX
Summer Storms (Scarlemagne x ShadowPrincessX
"Look at me Scarlemagne!" Scarlemagne flinched turning his head, taking a step back hearing the sudden raise of your voice. (Y/n) took a stance as she pointed...
Instagram. // N.H by Nonthelooseh
Instagram. // N.Hby Diana
niallhoran started following you niallhoran liked your post niallhoran left a comment on your post ---- - Thank you for having write such a beautiful story, I really lo...
We Stick Together (Rollisi Fanfiction) by CherrySkul818
We Stick Together (Rollisi CherrySkul818
Emily Parker age 10 and her brotherSimon Parker age 16 have been in the foster system for 6 years now. Between group homes, foster homes, and Simon even spent some time...
RaccoonInnit is Pog at Villainy by AJ_is_Anxious
RaccoonInnit is Pog at Villainyby AJ
Tommy likes making chaos. Tubbo likes planning chaos. Ranboo secretly loves chaos. They are the perfect team. Tubbo has a big plan to cause lots of trouble for the heroe...
Just Say It by benslerlovin
Just Say Itby Bensler Lovin'
Elliot ends up crashing with Olivia for awhile after his divorce is finalized. There have been so many almost moments. Will it ever amount to anything?
Kidney Close (A Law & Order: SVU Fanfic) by carrieswift13
Kidney Close (A Law & Order: SVU Carrie
This fanfic is set before captain Cragen retires, and before Olivia's incidents with Lewis (Which in this story never exist). This is all from my imagination and 100% fi...
Regular show x reader | the 8th member by mylittlestoriez
Regular show x reader | the 8th laina
this story is basically a reader insert. It's just how and what you would do at the park, there will be everything from drama,action,flirting and much more. Its basicall...