Fillie what if I love you? by gracie11218
Fillie what if I love you?by gracie11218
Finn and Millie meet one day on the street and become friends and never see each other again until the day then Finn and his band hold auditions. Millie has an abusive s...
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  • cayden
  • fillie
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Imbue// Finn wolfhard  by SLASH___
Imbue// Finn wolfhard by SLASH___
19•9•18- "You imbue me in so many ways" "Well it's only the incipient to a great future" Social media/// finn wolfhard Nun of the characters are mine...
  • milliebobbybrown
  • wyattoleff
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Fin  by KylieAlkinburgh
Fin by Blondes4pits
A mysterious remote fishing town call Lucian off the coast of Alaska holds many dark secrets lurking in the waters nearby. The biggest is a very large and dangerous cove...
  • fish
  • alaska
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Lost Child by JfkRfk37
Lost Childby Only those who dare to fail g...
What if Elliott and Olivia had child? In 2005 they thought she died at birth. But she had been taken. In 2016 their daughter shows up will the truth be explained
  • carisi
  • daughter
  • svu
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Save me by JfkRfk37
Save meby Only those who dare to fail g...
Faith Deluca works for SVU as a victims counselor she is called in when she is needed when the detectives find out she needs help can they help her before it's too late
  • domnickcarisi
  • benson
  • rollins
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finn wolfHARD smut by httpwoldorf
finn wolfHARD smutby table salt
finn! smut!
  • mature
  • hard
  • fuckoffhesakid
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Desperately by SadieGonzalez2
Desperatelyby ?-.sadiegonzo.-?
. . . I can't really write anything else so I just pick fin fiction opinions are relevant and it's pretty much the only thing that come's on my mind!💫
  • fin
  • season
  • carisi
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J'en suis heureuse by AlaisRhodes
J'en suis heureuseby AlaisRhodes
Au fond j'en suis très inquiète, même triste de quitter ces lieux, mais pour autant très heureuse de vous faire mes adieux. Ne vous en faîtes pas, un jour, on se reverra.
  • choisis
  • oneshot
  • happy
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To My Love- A Open Group Roleplay by seastrxs-
To My Love- A Open Group Roleplayby S-Ē Å
To All the boys I've loved before Roleplay.
  • love
  • letters
  • toalltheboys
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ESTA ES LA PRIMERA parte en donde todo acabo
  • llego
  • ya
  • él
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Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
  • shelby
  • blinders
  • arthur
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 Tome 1 : Voyage dans l'univers   by LoupGarou2005
Tome 1 : Voyage dans l'univers by LoupGarou2005
La fin du monde approche à grand pas et les habitants de la planète Terre ne sont plus beaucoup. Les scientifiques et astrologues essayent de trouver une autre planète a...
  • fin
  • mort
  • famille
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Pacifique by Luciole_la_nuit
Pacifiqueby Une rêveuse
"Eliott, tu es une petite étoile paisible perdue dans un ciel guerrier. Tu es ma petite étoile, ne l'oublie pas." Senix est un univer vaste. Il y a un nombre...
  • fantastique
  • grandir
  • vie
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Star Wars Imagines by lalsted
Star Wars Imaginesby KNIGHTOFREN
Yay I'm finally doing Star Wars imagines!
  • macewindu
  • luke
  • skywalker
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De l'Amour à la Haine ~CHRONIQUE RÉELLE  by UneeBruuneDz
De l'Amour à la Haine ~CHRONIQUE UneeBruuneDz
Kahina,16 ans, je vis dans une cité dans Paris . L'impression d'avoir été trahie et abandonnée par celui que j'aimais le plus et le seul que je pensais qu'il ne m'abando...
  • chroniqueréelle
  • triste
  • rupture
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ciega de amor by vanezaarias
ciega de amorby vänësîtä
¿Hasta cuanto eres capaz de amar? ¿serias capaz de arriesgar tu libertad por el chico que amas? mi nombre es miranda, estoy sentada en una habitacion con un bombillo que...
  • muerte
  • fin
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High Tides by Beastflash49
High Tidesby Aiyanna Flores
This is based off the show, Stoked. This is definitely a love story with multiple love interest. Got to read to find out.
  • reef
  • broseph
  • beach
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Originals Fanfic by kellinquinnlover
Originals Fanficby Kimberly Howard
Sort of like a "What if'' had my OC from my vampire diaries fanfic had been born to Esther and Mikael Mikaelson. Audrey Mikaelson is technically the sixth child bor...
  • rebekah
  • elijah
  • henry
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Dos Dimensiones De Una Misma Linea Temporal Y Un Corazon Roto < 3 by AiraCharaS
Dos Dimensiones De Una Misma Holap :D
Aqui Se ra Hora De Aventura Con Los Ya Conosidos Gumall O Principe Dulce ,Marshall lee , Jake Y Todos X Finn XD Otra Vez jaja
  • marshall
  • aira
  • fin
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