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Annabelle's Will

Annabelle's Will

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Lily Orevba By LeeleeKez Completed

(Highest ranking #1 romance and interracial)

"You will go with this new master of yours," Josephine spoke through clenched teeth. "And you will serve him until he has found no more use for you." She gripped Annabelle's chin, burying her fingers in her skin. "And when this happens, Annabelle, you shall... You must end your life, for the world would be a much better place without you in it." She finished, releasing her hold on Annabelle's chin. 

As the coach drove further away, her heart began to regain its rhythm. The air around her felt different, and as she watched the coach disappear, she took in a breath of fresh air, for the first time in two years. 


Born a slave, Annabelle is forced to live under the roof of a cruel master for many years, until luck smiles upon her, and she is purchased by a new master; Elijah Finley. 

Soon, she finds that Elijah is nothing like her previous master, and the two form a bond that sends rumors of an affair between them flying around town.

Unbothered by the rumors, Annabelle finds solace in the home of Elijah, until tragedy strikes, and Elijah suffers many weeks with an illness that eventually leads to death.

Devastated, she knows what is expected of her; she must ready herself to vacate his home, and to hand all that he once owned to a son who had been estranged from him up until his death.

What Annabelle is not expecting however,  is being named in Elijah's will. Or worse, being given the full power to dispose of his entire fortune as she wills. 

Henry is not surprised by his father's decision to practically disown him and leave him to the mercy of his slave. He should have known to expect this of the man who lied to him his entire life. 

But Henry is unwilling to accept his father's will. Least of all, Annabelle's will.

Determined to regain his rightful position as the heir to the Finley estate, he is willing to go to any lengths to be rid of Annabelle...

Even the lengths of seduction.

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