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Be With You ni NothingJustNobody
Be With Youni nanaue
An ordinary student love story. Take risk or lose a chance.
Untameable Passion ni Dyosaleciously
Untameable Passionni Laarnie Jalober
I only live for my siblings. Salitang bumubuhay at nagiging dahilan para nagpatuloy sa buhay si Tael. Nagtatrabaho sya hindi para sa sarili kundi para sa kanyang mga kap...
You Changed Me || Kim Junkyu ni multifangirlie06
You Changed Me || Kim Junkyuni watanababe
"Thank you for coming into my life and for turning my depressing life into a rainbow one" Wherein a brat bitchy type named Kim Aria meets a kind and cute named...
Belle (Seventeen Hoshi's FF) ni lrrallrsn
Belle (Seventeen Hoshi's FF)ni lyrakwon17
Circe's daughter Princess Isabelle Woods also known as Belle wanted to make Jaemin to be her boyfriend. She planning to trap Jaemin in the school storage and stealing he...
The Story ni ljryll
The Storyni ljryll
This is about a story dedicated to someone written by me when I was 14 in a notebook. Date Started (in Notebook): 11/20/2016 Date Finished: 12/30/2016 Date Published (on...
The Star's Solace (T) ni eraeyxxi
The Star's Solace (T)ni thirds
A joy & happiness that once disappeared, when will Khiel find his solace again?
Play for your life  ni Jnnsxyy
Play for your life ni JA NI NE
If want to live, play with me. If you want to die, then die. Fight for your lives, Fight for your life. In this world no one will help you but yourselves. Kaya't kung...
eight letters {narrations} ni enheefics
eight letters {narrations}ni Eli 🧃
being a man of his words, ysmael lawrence the captain of the growling tigers finds it hard to find a girl he'll spend her life with. none of them fits his standards nor...
Until You Fall Inlove  (Edited Viceion)  ni dnatellabanana
Until You Fall Inlove (Edited gagaxreginaG
(edited version of UYFI) Jacee has a crush on Ion, were jacee wasn't know that ion had a crush on her too, they had a amazing relationship but someone had a plan on the...
Hoontis » soonhoon ni peekassboo
Hoontis » soonhoonni ash
"Hoy ikaw si Hoshi diba? Nabuntis mo ko gago ka."
Spring ni AeLiag
Springni aevi⭒
(Fanfiction Special) The story of friendship between seven boys and a girl. Will it last? Or just like spring, it will pass? Date started : April 23,2021 Date finished...
Bedroom Negotiations ♥️ ni nothinginexcess
Bedroom Negotiations ♥️ni Kennah Bandibas
Bedroom Negotiations #Wattys2021 by Two_toys🤣 Some battles are better fought in bed. Lia Carbonel's story. ================= Bedroom Negotiations I am a wild child. I d...
Seoktis » seoksoo ni peekassboo
Seoktis » seoksooni ash
"Wag ka mabibigla pero Seoktis ako." seoksoo | svt
TARGET. ni just_doomed Dominique Monaghan
is making her the target a big mistake?
Ang Pagkalulong ng mga kabataan sa Kabayaniwa ni jey_yap
Ang Pagkalulong ng mga kabataan Jey_Yap
Ang Magkakaibigan na nalulong sa adiksyon sa isang applikasyon na kung saan napunta sila sa kakaibang mundo na tinatawag na "Kwatros".
She's My Ex-husband? ||JenLisa||(tagalog) ni XxPRANPEYAxX
She's My Ex-husband? ||JenLisa||( K H A Z Y
may isang babaeng pumasok sa isang paaralan bilang isang grade 12 student sa yg high at ang babaeng ito ay si Jennie kim,siya ang simpleng babae na kilala sa yg high dah...
Broken Compass (SKZ Series #2) ni EyysieeYOU
Broken Compass (SKZ Series #2)ni YANA
Lee Minho/ Lee Know ~~~
Music Was My First Love ni ZyreenJanBenosa
Music Was My First Loveni Scarlette
The Girl who has a mystereus Personality will soon meet her soulmate. She was the girl who Love's to perform and a music lover will soon conquer the world together with...