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The Broken Werewolves: The Alpha's Runaway Werewolf (BxB) by OralKel
The Broken Werewolves: The Alpha's...by Michael
For entire life, Leon Adler has already known who his mate is and he goes by the name Ethan Kennedy. For some unknown reason, Leon doesn't understand why he was paired w...
The Reality Of Nightmare (BxB) by OralKel
The Reality Of Nightmare (BxB)by Michael
As an angel of love, Hadraniel "Adrian" Stars doesn't really know how to do his job properly. His parents being the King and Queen of the Angels Association is...
Cambridge Falls - Incorrect TBOB Quotes 2 by starsandspells
Cambridge Falls - Incorrect TBOB Q...by Liz
They began giggling, Emma saying how a murderer seeing Michael simply wouldn't be able to help himself, he'd just have to murder him, he might even murder him twice, and...
Rise of the Guardian Alliance (On Hold)  by lionheart_writer
Rise of the Guardian Alliance (On...by Lionheart
When Luna Light discovers that her biggest fear is about to become reality-her old, superpower-stealing friend, Gunner Ellis, emerging from hiding to wreak havoc on the...
Wibberly - Incorrect TBOB Quotes by starsandspells
Wibberly - Incorrect TBOB Quotesby Liz
Together they will learn: 1. Magic is real. 2. Emma knows the word please. 3. Only they can save the world. - John Stephens. A separate place to store the incorrect TBOB...
Just hateful Beings | MHA Glitchtale Crossovers by Gailiga19
Just hateful Beings | MHA Glitchta...by Gailiga19
Izuku growing up never had a good childhood all the glares, beatings, loneliness, betrayal, everything it started to add and build up but he refused to give up and force...
Knights of the Golden Age - DARK OF THE MOON by Pagetree
Knights of the Golden Age - DARK O...by K.J. Jacobs
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The galaxy sits on the precipice of rebirth. Over one thousand years before the collapse of the Galactic Empire, the Mid Rim...
A Merry Little Christmas by rowanix
A Merry Little Christmasby rowanix
Part 3 of The Living Ghost extended universe. The gang all get together for Christmas Eve, 10 years on.
Star Wars: Afterlife by Fulcrum02
Star Wars: Afterlifeby Fulcrum02
People say the only way to feel saddened is when they pass to the afterlife. But for Ahsoka Tano, it's when she leaves the Jedi Order. When she leaves her Master Anakin...
Rainimator and extended universe stuff. by Battletrooper13
Rainimator and extended universe s...by Qceaps fan
Just a guide that hopefully answers all the fans of rainimator and kieran's questions...
Adventure in the Cosmos by OttoMoony
Adventure in the Cosmosby Rosewood
A story of love, discovery, and friendship, all aboard the USS Europa
Lâmina - historia de origem by dougwfp
Lâmina - historia de origemby Douglas Feu
Historia de uma das personagens de um mundo de super heróis que estou criando. aos poucos vou colocando o resto dos capítulos da sua historia de origem.
Star Wars: Vodran by 30Artist
Star Wars: Vodranby 30.Artist
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... 6 years after the destruction of the Second Death Star and the defeat of the Emperor, the Empire is in shambles, and severa...
Star Wars: Key To The Past by GolgariPower
Star Wars: Key To The Pastby GolgariPower
This is a story of a boy who will become one of the most famous and influential people in the galaxy and far far beyond
The Guardian's Light  by NeverL0seHope
The Guardian's Light by Irondragon
A new guardian is born. 270 years after war against the fallen priest known as Aksis. At that time, guardians fought against great enemies such as Atheon, crota, oryx...
Shadow Op by MuslimOtaku
Shadow Opby Shadowstrike
True Me & Yoru No Hikari extended Universe Come back when you've read True Me, Thunderstorm and Yoru No Hikari. The Shadow Queen has enamoured the super youth. She promi...
c r y p t  e d by kryptokaven
c r y p t e dby Winter
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Senior Special Agent Nathaniel Kastros, better known under the alias "Nexus". 39 years old, FBI agent for...
Nature by MadisonRiley_03
Natureby Madison E. Riley
The day Nature was born she fell out of a tree sapling, small and weak. She woke up to an empty earth. Nothing existed, nothing but she and her tree grew. When Nature g...