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ʙᴜɴɢᴏᴜ ꜱᴛʀᴀʏ ᴅᴏɢꜱ ║ 【Y/n Dazai】 ║ Book 2 by Hxll_Havxn
ʙᴜɴɢᴏᴜ ꜱᴛʀᴀʏ ᴅᴏɢꜱ ║ 【Y/n Dazai】 ║...by Hxll_Havxn
⚜----------❖---------⚜ This is a Book 2 and the continuation of the [Y/n] Dazai series. In where the Dazai Twins past will be shown while also the trouble the Agency wo...
The Executive Finds Love by MRayWrites
The Executive Finds Loveby M.Ray
Blaire Kent is an ambitious executive in the music industry. Work and her family are the most important things in her life. Even with determination and hard work, Blaire...
🌻The Alphas' Executive🌻 by Thundering_Love
🌻The Alphas' Executive🌻by Allie
"You can't do this." I groan, resting my elbow on his back and my head on my hand. Purposefully digging in my amazing boney elbow. "I can and I will, pum...
The Dark Era by ninasweet998
The Dark Eraby Nina
[Second Book] This is a time before Shiori ever found her twin. A time where she was all alone and struggling to survive. She even stood at death's door. That was until...
My Boss' Baby (The Forbidden Baby Tales Book 1) by kaym772
My Boss' Baby (The Forbidden Baby...by Kay McKnight
Like you, Alyssa Romany is fighting to survive in this crappy economy. Juggling two jobs on minimum wage isn't easy and every day is a struggle just to keep a roof over...
DEPTHS by DafeSean
DEPTHSby Blessa Dafe
I guided my waist over him....... throbbing fast up and down almost losing my breath. Fuck it was a.......
Baby Daddy by thaOddfangirl101
Baby Daddyby thatfangirl
#56 in desire - 28/05/2018 "What are you doing, up this late?" "I'm eating. I couldn't sleep" I said; taking a spoonful of my ice cream." You wa...
Under The Stars by Alphabet_Gurl
Under The Starsby 𝓙𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓮𝓮
Altaira Buenavides came from a wealthy family and people sees her as a star like her name came from the word Altair which is known as the brightest star in the constell...
executives [cth au] • fin by ALReids
executives [cth au] • finby blair waldorf
"and what would you know about any of this, miss alvarado?" he raises his eyebrow. "i know numbers, hood." i sigh. "that, and your company is go...
Smoking Gun by wingandaprayer
Smoking Gunby Nicole Knight
When I married Robby, he wasn't so bad. He was attentive, caring and my Prince Charming. Then the second we said I do, everything changed. He turned into an absolute mon...
Your Team Rocket Adventure!  by Pals4Ever
Your Team Rocket Adventure! by Pals4Ever
Wanted to be a Team Rocket member? Now you can,follow this story to be the best on your job,or will a certain kid and his friends get in your way? Time to find out.
Stay or Go by LyndaCoker
Stay or Goby Lynda Coker
Innocence meets Arrogance...Stormee Waters is a young woman with little money, loads of responsibility, and a new job in a new city. Her first assignment as a writer for...
Madame Lionheart 💎 by DarkAutors
Madame Lionheart 💎by Dark Autores
A woman with a murky past that left an incurable scar. She vowed to rise like the phoenix to fulfill her goal. Revenge. That is why he created a commercial empire to obt...
TheEccentric_Hub || Official Book  by TheEccentric_Hub
TheEccentric_Hub || Official Book by Eccentric
AWARD, a word of 5 letter which gives immense amount of happiness and proud to a person. Who doesn't wanna win an award once in lifetime or get rewarded for their hardw...
Unknown Sender | C. Hemsworth | AU by EyemBuddy
Unknown Sender | C. Hemsworth | AUby AM
Amanda Dimagiba don't know what to do. She was too bored; she decided to prank text someone. In just one text, she doesn't know how much in trouble she puts herself int...
Splintered Hearts (coming summer 2021) by strxwbxrrytea
Splintered Hearts (coming summer 2...by 𝐔. #blacklivesmatter
❤️ COMING SUMMER 2021 ❤️ ━ Emerson "Emma" King is hardworking, hardheaded, and hard to like. After losing her loved ones one too many times, she's learned to k...
Buy by deckrettaroli52
Buyby deckrettaroli52
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Couple by babetteunknown59
Coupleby babetteunknown59
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Mouth by jinnyglazebrook29
Mouthby jinnyglazebrook29
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