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My Boss' Baby (The Forbidden Baby Tales Book 1) by kaym772
My Boss' Baby (The Forbidden Baby...by Kay McKnight
Like you, Alyssa Romany is fighting to survive in this crappy economy. Juggling two jobs on minimum wage isn't easy and every day is a struggle just to keep a roof over...
  • rejection
  • drama
  • struggle
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The Alphas' Executive by Thundering_Love
The Alphas' Executiveby Allie
"You can't do this." I groan, resting my elbow on his back and my head on my hand. Purposefully digging in my amazing boney elbow. "I can and I will, pum...
  • executives
  • vampire
  • mxfxm
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Baby Daddy [SLOW UPDATES] by gossipqqueen
Baby Daddy [SLOW UPDATES]by xoxo
#56 in desire - 28/05/2018 "What are you doing, up this late?" "I'm eating. I couldn't sleep" I said; taking a spoonful of my ice cream." You wa...
  • henrycavill
  • babydaddy
  • boss
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The Executive Finds Love by MRayL08
The Executive Finds Loveby M.Ray
[Completed] Blaire Kent is a young and ambitious executive in the music industry. She works her way up and unexpectedly lands her dream job working for a famous Rapper a...
  • drama
  • cheating
  • poc
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Stay or Go by LyndaCoker
Stay or Goby Lynda Coker
Innocence meets Arrogance...Stormee Waters is a young woman with little money, loads of responsibility, and a new job in a new city. Her first assignment as a writer for...
  • romance
  • ceo
  • executive
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The Dark Era by ninasweet998
The Dark Eraby Nina
[Second Book] This is a time before Shiori ever found her twin. A time where she was all alone and struggling to survive. She even stood at death's door. That was until...
  • executive
  • chuuyanakahara
  • odasaku
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Your Team Rocket Adventure! by Pals4Ever
Your Team Rocket Adventure!by Pals4Ever
Wanted to be a Team Rocket member? Now you can,follow this story to be the best on your job,or will a certain kid and his friends get in your way? Time to find out.
  • grunts
  • teamrocket
  • admins
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The Red Lily(Bungou Stray Dogs X Oc) by KenaRi06
The Red Lily(Bungou Stray Dogs X O...by Kena Ri
"Hey.....what are emotions???? I want to know. Can you answer it for me?"-Lily Welp special THANKS to my friend @Funkid13Young for editing!!!!!!! . It's a fict...
  • nakajimaatsushi
  • abilities
  • bungoustraydogs
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Democrat by laughtonihaka60
Democratby laughtonihaka60
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  • âs
  • war
  • word
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Method by sorchastevenson19
Methodby sorchastevenson19
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  • young
  • public
  • executive
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Newspaper by morvenwolff95
Newspaperby morvenwolff95
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  • claim
  • along
  • true
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Free by kleinsteinbritz48
Freeby kleinsteinbritz48
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  • executive
  • probably
  • southern
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Special by amberlysalmaso27
Specialby amberlysalmaso27
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  • record
  • line
  • herself
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Drive by garebaconcini41
Driveby garebaconcini41
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  • start
  • relationship
  • choose
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The Anti Fever by GatedGardenHomes
The Anti Feverby Gated Garden Homes
2441 Paris, Texas A virus broke lose and killed almost everyone. Families were broken apart. Friends (quite literally) drifted away. The virus spread like wild fire. It...
  • paris
  • max
  • lgbtq
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Boss's Tempatation by Butterflyageha
Boss's Tempatationby Butterflyageha
"Wanna come over to my house on tonight, babe?"Maxwell asked in a seductive tone. Anna was blushed. Anna, a secretary of K.K.- a popular brand that is exclusi...
  • romance
  • ceo
  • drama
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Health by mychaellong51
Healthby mychaellong51
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  • executive
  • arrive
  • sexual
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Model by anchiefellows97
Modelby anchiefellows97
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  • floor
  • side
  • hear
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Red by flintdruesedau28
Redby flintdruesedau28
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  • left
  • clearly
  • stuff
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