Stay or Go

Stay or Go

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Innocence meets Arrogance...Stormee Waters is a young woman with little money, loads of responsibility, and a new job in a new city. Her first assignment as a writer for a Houston social magazine lands her in the clutches of CEO, Dirk Savage. Will Stormee decide to STAY OR GO...


"What's this guy doing messing in our business? I'm telling you, he has the look of a Wise Guy." Josh mimicked a gun with his hand and pulled back on his thumb as though cocking a revolver.

Stormee shrugged. "I'm sure he wouldn't be the powerful man he is without a high degree of intelligence."

Josh threw up his hands. "I don't mean brain smart. Haven't you noticed he has a razor-sharp edge just like those characters in that movie we watched about the crime syndicate?"

"Don't exaggerate."

Josh grabbed her by both arms, lifted her out of his way, and strode off in the direction of the bathroom. "You never listen to me anyway. But I'm telling you, he's trouble."